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It was November 1999

I had just started law school a few months earlier, and was home for Thanksgiving.

I walked through my parents’ entryway, the hallway, and into the kitchen. There was my mom under the bright kitchen lights. She stretched out her long arms and gave me a hug. There was so much sorrow, so much uncertainty, so much love in that hug. 


There was life before that hug. And life after that hug.


Two days later on Thanksgiving Day, my mom would have a grandmal seizure and end up in the local ER. 


Late that night she received a diagnosis of glioblastoma. We were devastated to learn she had a tumor the size of a golf ball growing in the center of her brain. 

Three days later, we were in Salt Lake City, sitting in a waiting room next to a vending machine, preparing for emergency surgery the following day with one of the top brain surgeons in the world.


“Mom, do you want something to drink?” 


“Yes. Earwig.” 


Life would never be the same for our family. Mom had ten months to live. I was 22, and my youngest sibling (of six) was 13. None of us were ready. Those were ten, gut-wrenching, life-altering months.


They changed my perspective on so much. 


The reason I’m here, Doing this work, is because of my parents.

Both my mom and my dad taught me lessons.

My dad taught me entrepreneurship

My mom taught me how to enjoy life.

Small Business Attorney


What mom’s death meant for me when I graduated law school was that I was not willing to do someone else’s work. 


I was not willing to sign on to the belief that you have to “put in the time” and follow a traditional career path in order to gain experience that eventually allows you to pursue work you love. 


I didn’t want a cubicle or closed door office in a big law firm. I didn’t want to be told who I would be working for or what I would be doing. 


I didn't want to never have the chance to pursue work I loved.

And so i launched my own practice. Right out of law school.

Up until that point, I was a hustler, because of my dad. It started at age 5 after getting his college talk: you want to go to college? You gotta figure out a way to get yourself there. This set me on a path of entrepreneurship young: odd jobs, paper routes, saving, working, saving, working …

But after law school, it all came into focus.

It became really clear to me that entrepreneurs and small businesses were one of the most underserved groups of legal consumers. I saw how frequently they are taken advantage of, and how much it costs a small business to go without adequate legal support. 


I saw myself in all of these entrepreneurs. 


It takes guts to build something that didn’t exist before. 

It takes guts to be an entrepreneur.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs create successful businesses and greater influence in the world, and to leverage the resources I have to change the world for the better. 

To protect the environment. To support children with special needs. To take care of neighbors and the disenfranchised who need our support. To support organizations on the front lines of tragedy, medical missions, and supporting vulnerable populations.

Entrepreneurship is one of the greatest opportunities we have to express our greatest good in the world & influence change.

So I protect the businesses, brands, online content and intellectual property of leading experts, consultants, innovators, and thought leaders in the online, entrepreneurial space. 

They are mission-driven entrepreneurs whose work is bigger than themselves. 

Entrepreneurs who understand what they have to lose, and what the world has to lose, if they don’t take care of their business.

Some of my clients include Lewis Howes (School of Greatness), Tara Mohr (Playing Big), Daymond John (The Shark Group), Ryder Carroll (The Bullet Journal), Brad Martineau (SixthDivision), Heather K Jones (Skinnytaste and Smaller Size Bigger Life), Kyle Cease (NYT Bestselling author & comedian), and numerous others.

If you are a heart-centered, mission-driven entrepreneur, I’d love to support your work and mission as well. 



Heather Pearce Campbell is a warrior mama, nature lover, and dedicated attorney and legal coach for world-changing entrepreneurs. Based in Seattle, she is mom to two little, wild munchkins, and founder of Pearce Law PLLC, home to her legal practice. She is also the creator of The Legal Website Warrior®, an online business that provides brand protection, legal education and support to information entrepreneurs (experts, coaches, consultants, online educators, speakers & authors) around the U.S. and the world.


She hoards information, paper, and books while secretly dreaming of becoming a minimalist, and relishes an occasional rare night with her hubby when the kiddos are miraculously asleep and she can soak up HGTV without guilt. She is  is also the host of the Guts, Grit & Great Business podcast.


WHAT I Believe IN

  • Equality for all.
  • The power of communication.
  • Saying I love you a thousand times a day to my children. It took me 7 years and lots of trauma to get them here, and some days I still can’t believe they are here!
  • Entrepreneurship as a path to some of our greatest opportunities for personal expression in life, and the expression of some of our greatest good and influence in the world.
  • Accepting and building in support for our businesses and lives. It really does take a community!
  • Taking care of the planet in all the ways we can.
  • Sharing openly so that others can benefit from collective experience, heartache and wisdom, and experience greater self-acceptance.
  • Supporting other people’s economic engines in an economy that we create ourselves.
  • Clear boundaries. Especially with bullies and toxic people.
  • Using way too many exclamation marks when I write, because I’m enthusiastic like that!
Showing up.

Standing up.

Speaking up.

  • Talking daily to my sisters because it just makes me a happier person. (THERAPY).
  • Celebration!
  • Giving no flips about what people think of me, my parenting, my body, or the way that I use my voice.
  • Being real, & showing up as we are. (Including with my fake tooth that yellows faster than the rest of ’em and drives my son crazy).
  • The independence of our neighbor’s chicken, who we’ve named Maggie. A beautiful redhead who wanders into our yard for visits!
  • Letting go. Of so much.
  • Coffee as a love language. Though I have had to give it up, not because I overdosed, but because of its sneaky relationship to cortisol, adrenal fatigue, or otherwise jacking with my nervous system even on 1 cup a day! Boo. Bring on the B vitamins!
  • Vitamins!
  • The journey.
  • Our children are here to teach us, and rewire our brains, and not the other way around.
  • We are all here to learn and grow together.
  • Also, chocolate.


Founder, Mindfulness Exercises

“I was scared and intimidated about the legal side of growing my own online business. I didn’t want to stick my head in the sand; nor did I want to feel burdened by bureaucratic rules and harsh regulations. After one call with Heather, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly she identified which legal steps were optimal for achieving my short-term and long-term goals. I followed her recommendations and now I feel super confident that I’m doing the right thing for me, my business and my family. I was ready to pay 4-5 times more than what she charged, given the value of everything she provides, not to mention level of personalized care. She is the real deal. Now I have her website bookmarked and her phone number in my “Favorites”, since I’ll be working with her for many years to come. ” 


Introvert Advocate & Leadership Coach

“When seeking an attorney to help me with my business formation as well as contracts and legal coaching, I asked around. Heather’s name came up again and again. Now I know why. Working with Heather has been straightforward and comprehensive. She is so knowledgeable on the subject matter and has impeccable follow-through. Her work is first class in every way. As a result of working with Heather I have peace of mind and the confidence of knowing I have somewhere to turn to get my questions answered. I’m fortunate to have learned of Heather at the formation of my business and now have this amazing resource going forward. I highly recommend her services without hesitation.”

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