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Business Networking Coach

"I was hesitant about addressing legal support in my business before working with Heather. I used to assume legal stuff was over my head or that I couldn't afford it. Thankfully I was wrong about both of these issues. Through working with Heather, I received the documentation, training and hand-holding I needed to feel confident. Now, I feel protected and knowledgeable in my business."

Talya Lutzker

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Author & Advocate for your Awesomeness

"Having Heather on my side is exactly how it feels to work with her - like you have someone on your side who has your back and totally cares about your success and safety. As an entrepreneur with big dreams, it's been a huge support to have Heather on my support team. She rocks and her work reflects her knowledge and integrity."

Dr. Saida Désilets

Founder of The Désilets Method

"Heather is my go-to Lawyer for all issues dealing with having an online business. She's smart, savvy, and clear in her recommendations and support. Definitely a worthy investment for anyone who is serious about succeeding online and minimizing any possible legal troubles that comes with leading a business."

Wes Kennedy

Brotherhood Life

"My past experience has taught me that not all lawyers are created equal and that it was important to work with a lawyer who was familiar with the legal requirements involved in a business such as my own. Talking to Heather is always a pleasure but also to the point. I have always had a sense that she cared not just about my business and the work being done well but also about my well-being as an entrepreneur. Heather makes you feel as though she deeply cares about doing quality work that will support the clients she works with. Lastly, Heather always makes sure to make sound recommendations based on her experience working with many other entrepreneurs. She was able to address common issues before they came up."

Sally Hope

Renegade Life Coach & Leader of the Wildheart Revolution

“There's one word that comes to mind when I think of working with Heather...IMPRESSED. She took a subject matter that previously gave me headaches, and explained everything in a way that was so easy to understand. Not only that, she taught me how to read the documents, so that even when I'm left to my own devices, I can go through them all with confidence. There were many times when I needed extra help from Heather, or I had extra questions, and she always understood where I was coming from and always came to the rescue. She places a high value on commitment to her clients and quality of work. I always felt like I could come to her for help. Legal stuff is not the most enjoyable part of business, and it's usually not the first place we all look when we're excited about creating something. The biggest thing I learned through working with Heather is that legal protection doesn't have to be hard and scary. It can be fun and easy. I have never felt so good about the legal aspects of my business as I do now.”

lana shlafer image

Lana Shlafer

Alignment Coach

“I’ve been looking for someone to help me improve all of my client and membership participant agreements and working with Heather turned out to be so much more. I believe in setting up clear boundaries that allow me to function at my best and feel safe, and with Heather’s help I was able to do just that. Now I feel confident that my business is totally up to snuff from a legal perspective! Heather is knowledgeable and responsive. I look forward to working with her again!”

Corrine DOBBAS

Registered Dietician, Wellness Coach & Self-Love Guru

“Heather is caring, kind, and super smart. She really truly gets to know you AND your business. She sees you and your business as unique. There’s a HUGE element of human touch and care that she brings to her work that is soooo refreshing! Plus, she’s fun to work with. I highly recommend Heather and her services.”

Wendy Weiss

President, Salesology®, Sales Training Consultancy

“I’ve worked with Heather on a variety of projects and I can’t recommend her enough. She is thorough but practical, and has helped me understand my business in new ways that also support me in being a better business owner and leader. Her legal support has saved me thousands of dollars and she has helped me resolve legal headaches in a straightforward and confident manner! If you are looking for support that will protect you and help you scale your business with greater ease, I highly recommend The Legal Website Warrior®.”

Brandon Fong

Curiosity Catalyst, Podcast Host

“Heather, The Legal Website Warrior®, is a legal ninja with a huge heart. I had a legal issue I needed support with and she got right to work. Solved a problem within 30 minutes that had been a cloud hanging over my head for months! She’s a brilliant strategist and she really cares about helping you protect yourself. I highly recommend her services.”

Andrea Scher

Artist, Life Coach & Workshop Leader at Superhero Life & Mondo Beyondo

“I loved working with Heather Pearce Campbell. Thinking through the legal pieces for my website was something I had avoided for a decade! It's such great peace of mind knowing that I had wise support in handling something so important (and so confusing to me previously) So happy I found her!"

Heather K. Jones

Dietician, Author & Founder of "Smaller Size Bigger Life"

“I really can’t recommend Heather enough! Heather not only helped me get up to speed with what it takes to keep my website and program content legally protected (thank goodness!), she also made the entire process a breeze. She took the time to explain things thoroughly, making the legal jargon something I could both understand and practically apply. Thank you, Heather! It’s such a relief knowing that I have done what I can to protect my online business.”

Ashwin Krishnan

TechPrivacy & Cybersecurity Expert, Podcast Host

"Heather Campbell is THE BEST. She is responsive, thorough and has pricing packages that work for any budget. As a newbie freelancer in 2018, she provided me with step-by-step guidance on how to navigate the laws (that apply to my business). She is very well versed with the digital world and its mandated must-dos as well as best practices - that is priceless."

Brad Martineau

Chief Baller and Founder of SixthDivision

When it comes to running a business, the legal aspects can be pretty intimidating. Heather made the process simple for us – she walked us through exactly what it takes to protect the online portion of our business, and helped us get the necessary legal documentation in place for our website, online content and programs. If you want to free up time to focus on scaling your business and not dealing with legal stuff that pretty much every entrepreneur doesn’t want to have to worry about, you should definitely contact Heather to get your protections in place.

Susanne Biro

Coach to C-Suite Executive Leaders, Syntrina Leadership Co-Founder, Forbes, CEO Magazine Contributor, TEDx Speaker

“I found Heather in 2016 as I was launching a new business and I both liked and trusted her immediately. It was instantly clear to me that she knows her stuff and more so, I loved how clearly she was able to educate and advise me. Several times she went above and beyond to connect me with others in her network to assist with needs beyond her scope of practice. I continue to work with Heather and could not recommend her and her expertise more highly. I feel like I am in great hands and that no legal ball will be missed or dropped. I also really enjoy any time I connect with her. She makes the legal aspects of my businesses so much more enjoyable!”


Jay Fiset

Founder of JVology, The Perfect Mix of People, Fun & Profit

"I have known Heather for years now, and am so glad we crossed paths. Heather has helped me to put numerous protections and strategies in place for my business, my online content, and my intellectual property. She is an attorney that truly cares about the success of her clients and helping them aggressively grow their business. If you are an online expert, coach, consultant or other personal brand, you need to talk to Heather. If you have legal questions, talk to Heather. If you are not sure if you have legal questions, talk to Heather. If you have a long list of things that require legal support, talk to Heather. Getting her support felt like taking off a 50-lb backpack I didn’t know I was carrying around. I give her my wholehearted recommendation."

Erin Loman Jeck profile picture

Erin Loman Jeck

CEO of Transformational Speakers Agency

"Heather is an amazing resource for protecting your most valuable asset, your ability to make money! Business professionals seek her programs and guidance so that they are prepared, protected, and proactive in their business needs. She really sees the big picture for your business and makes plans for you as you grow. I highly recommend Heather as an Attorney, Coach, and Speaker."


Director of Digital Development, Daymond John's THE SHARK GROUP (Former)

“I have always avoided getting legal work done for my projects because I never knew where to start or what I actually needed. But Heather made the whole process comforting. She spent time explaining how I was exposed and provided exactly the legal support I needed. She also gave me additional information to protect my work that I hadn’t previously considered. Heather provides the highest quality legal support, and in stellar time. She is extremely detailed oriented and truly cares about her clients and the success of their businesses.”


Founder, Mindfulness Exercises

“I was scared and intimidated about the legal side of growing my own online business. I didn’t want to stick my head in the sand; nor did I want to feel burdened by bureaucratic rules and harsh regulations. After one call with Heather, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly she identified which legal steps were optimal for achieving my short-term and long-term goals. I followed her recommendations and now I feel super confident that I’m doing the right thing for me, my business and my family. I was ready to pay 4-5 times more than what she charged, given the value of everything she provides, not to mention level of personalized care. She is the real deal. Now I have her website bookmarked and her phone number in my “Favorites” … I’ll be working with her for many years to come. ” 


Introvert Advocate & Leadership Coach

“When seeking an attorney to help me with my business formation as well as contracts and legal coaching, I asked around. Heather’s name came up again and again. Now I know why. Working with Heather has been straightforward and comprehensive. She is so knowledgeable on the subject matter and has impeccable follow-through. Her work is first class in every way. As a result of working with Heather I have peace of mind and the confidence of knowing I have somewhere to turn to get my questions answered. I’m fortunate to have learned of Heather at the formation of my business and now have this amazing resource going forward. I highly recommend her services without hesitation.”


Marketing Advisor, Speaker, Author

“Heather Pearce Campbell is a must-have for the business person who is in the coaching, speaking, consultation, or online information business. She really knows this industry. I knew I needed some legal contracts and disclaimers for my website, but I was hesitant to work with a lawyer. The cost was out of reach and they can make things so complicated. Heather is different. She’s a top notch lawyer who took the time to educate me on the tools that I need to protect my business and to be successful. She tailored them to fit my exact needs and her fees are more than fair!! I felt empowered to make the decisions that were right for me. Heather took the time to go through the contracts and explain what each section meant. Heather is not just a lawyer… she is a business advisor, someone who is in my corner, providing me with the legal tools that I need as my business grows. She knows what I’m trying to achieve and I can tell that she cares on a personal level. That’s rare. I highly recommend her!”


Entrepreneur, Business Coach & NYT Best-Selling Author (School of Greatness)

“Heather, The Legal Website Warrior®, has been a lifesaver for my online business. It can be so stressful to make sure we are protected as online entrepreneurs. And with all of the changing legalities that apply to doing business online and offline, it is so important to protect yourself and your business. Heather provided me with the coaching and the documents necessary to protect myself, my website, products and services. If you are an online entrepreneur, I highly recommend using her as well.”

Ryder Carroll

Creator of The Bullet Journal® & NYT Best-Selling Author of The Bullet Journal Method

"Heather far exceeded expectations. This is not a passive relationship where she simply executes my requests (which she does exceptionally). She thinks outside the box, and surfaces things I haven't considered. In other words she's been a legal partner who is genuinely interested in the well being of my work."

Tara Mohr

Author, Playing Big, & Founder of Playing Big Leadership Program for Women

"Working with Heather was a true pleasure. She is extremely knowledgeable about the challenges creative entrepreneurs face, and the legal issues they can proactively address so that both their businesses and their customers are well cared for. She is thoughtful in her approach, great at explaining complex concepts that all business owners should understand, and also wonderful to work with. I'd recommend working with Heather to any entrepreneur who wants legal advisory support."

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Jay Fiset, Best-Selling Author, Founder of Mastermind to Millions & JVology


Daymond John, The Shark Group, ABC’s The Shark Tank

Susanne Biro, Coach to C-Suite Executive Leaders, Syntrina Leadership Co-Founder, Forbes, CEO Magazine Contributor, TEDx Speaker


Ryder Carroll, Creator of The Bullet Journal® and NYT Best-Selling Author of The Bullet Journal Method

Brad Martineau, Chief Baller & Founder of SixthDivision (Infusionsoft Experts)

Heather K Jones, Dietitian, NYT Best-Selling Author (Skinnytaste Cookbooks), & Founder of “Smaller Size Bigger Life”

Kyle Cease, NYT Best Selling Author, Comedian & Transformational Speaker

Tara Mohr, Author (PLAYING BIG), Founder – Playing Big Leadership Program for Women

Emmy Wu, Brand Storyteller & Video Marketing Strategist

Lewis Howes, Entrepreneur, Business Coach & NYT Best-Selling Author, School of Greatness

Rosalyn Fung, Founder of Bold Sexy Warrior™, Intuitive Mindset & Visionary Business Coach

Jordan Harbinger, Creator of The Jordan Harbinger Show

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