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You’ve done the work.
Now you want to Soar

And you know that you can only go as high and
as far as your legal foundation lets you go.

And you know that you can only go as high and as far as your legal foundation lets you go.

What is the right level of support for you?

I want easy access to essential legal support in the form of DIY templates & bundles.

I want ongoing legal support and strategy with access to additional tools as needed.

I want fast, comprehensive brand protection and high level strategic legal support tailored to my business.

There are 3 ways that I can help you achieve peace of
and accelerate your business growth.

I work with experts, industry leaders, and disruptors in the online space to implement essential legal support in their business that will support them as they scale: catalysts who want to build freedom into their business adventure. It does not happen by accident.

Tara Mohr

“Working with Heather was a true pleasure. She is extremely knowledgeable about the challenges creative entrepreneurs face, and the legal issues they can proactively address…”


lewis Howes

“Heather, the Legal Website Warrior, has been a lifesaver for my online business. It can be so stressful to make sure we are protected as online entrepreneurs. “

Attorney. Legal Coach. Entrepreneur. Mom. Nature Lover. Speaker. Podcast Host.

The adventure of entrepreneurship is one of the greatest opportunities we have for self-expression and for the expression of our greatest good in the world. Choosing this path takes a heap of guts.


And yet the traditional legal industry fails so many entrepreneurs.

But when entrepreneurs build successful businesses, they can support themselves, their families, give back to their communities and contribute to causes in the world that they care about. When they build successful businesses, their influence reaches even farther.


If you want to reach new heights in your business, you have to plan for freedom. It doesn’t happen by accident.


I protect the work and businesses of world-changing entrepreneurs (experts, professionals, coaches, consultants, industry leaders, authors, speakers, personal brands). I help them reduce their risk, accelerate business growth, and create more freedom in their business that will support their entrepreneurial adventure so that they can soar.

Heather Pearce Campbell

Join the Legal Website Warrior® client list

Jay Fiset, Best-Selling Author, Founder of Mastermind to Millions & JVology


Daymond John, The Shark Group, ABC’s The Shark Tank

Susanne Biro, Coach to C-Suite Executive Leaders, Syntrina Leadership Co-Founder, Forbes, CEO Magazine Contributor, TEDx Speaker


Ryder Carroll, Creator of The Bullet Journal® and NYT Best-Selling Author of The Bullet Journal Method

Brad Martineau, Chief Baller & Founder of SixthDivision (Infusionsoft Experts)

Heather K Jones, Dietitian, NYT Best-Selling Author (Skinnytaste Cookbooks), & Founder of “Smaller Size Bigger Life”

Kyle Cease, NYT Best Selling Author, Comedian & Transformational Speaker

Tara Mohr, Author (PLAYING BIG), Founder – Playing Big Leadership Program for Women

Emmy Wu, Brand Storyteller & Video Marketing Strategist

Lewis Howes, Entrepreneur, Business Coach & NYT Best-Selling Author, School of Greatness

Rosalyn Fung, Founder of Bold Sexy Warrior™, Intuitive Mindset & Visionary Business Coach

Jordan Harbinger, Creator of The Jordan Harbinger Show

How to plan for your adventure

Fast, Done-for-You Brand Protection Sprint & Highest Support for Clients Making $1-5M / yr in Revenue

The LWW Catalyst Club

Ongoing Legal Support & Strategy to Reduce Risk & Build Out Foundation Over Time


Easy Access DIY Resources for Scrappy Entrepreneurs (early 6 figures)

DIY Resources: Bundles & Templates

Guts, Grit & Great Business® Podcast

Wish you could sit down every week with industry leaders and innovators who share insights, advice and strategies that got them to the top of the mountain? Want to spend an hour each week in a powerful conversation that will support you in building your mindset, endurance, a life you love, and an extraordinary business? You can! 


Join me and entrepreneurs at the top of their game every week by subscribing to Guts, Grit & Great Business® (in the top 2.5% of podcasts in the world!) and meet innovators who provide actionable advice that may change your business and your life. 

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Brad Martineau

Chief Baller and Founder of SixthDivision

When it comes to running a business, the legal aspects can be pretty intimidating. Heather made the process simple for us – she walked us through exactly what it takes to protect the online portion of our business, and helped us get the necessary legal documentation in place for our website, online content and programs. If you want to free up time to focus on scaling your business and not dealing with legal stuff that pretty much every entrepreneur doesn’t want to have to worry about, you should definitely contact Heather to get your protections in place.

Susanne Biro

Coach to C-Suite Executive Leaders, Syntrina Leadership Co-Founder, Forbes, CEO Magazine Contributor, TEDx Speaker

“I found Heather in 2016 as I was launching a new business and I both liked and trusted her immediately. It was instantly clear to me that she knows her stuff and more so, I loved how clearly she was able to educate and advise me. Several times she went above and beyond to connect me with others in her network to assist with needs beyond her scope of practice. I continue to work with Heather and could not recommend her and her expertise more highly. I feel like I am in great hands and that no legal ball will be missed or dropped. I also really enjoy any time I connect with her. She makes the legal aspects of my businesses so much more enjoyable!”


Share essential, empowering legal education with your audience so they don’t get left behind.

Heather’s Favorite Speaking Topics:

  • Bite-Sized Legal Basics for Brilliant Entrepreneurs
  • The Five-Bucket Framework for Business Protection
  • The Top 10 Legal Mistakes by Online Entrepreneurs
  • Boldly Lead Your Business with Legal Basics

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