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Do You Serve Experts, Thought Leaders, Coaches, Consultants, Online Educators, Online (Information, not product) Marketers, Authors or Speakers? If so, please continue!

About The Legal Website Warrior® and My Offers:

As an attorney and legal coach, mission-driven entrepreneurs hire me to protect their businesses with essential legal armor. You can learn more about me here.


As a way to provide greater access to legal education, essential information, guides and templates, I have created a series of legal bundles, which I am now offering up for Affiliate & JV opportunities with Promotional Partners who also serve conscious entrepreneurs building their businesses.


We could be great promotional partners if you support or work with entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, online experts/educators, information marketers, speakers & authors) who are committed to the success of their business and mission in the world.


They are committed to building a business of excellence, care tremendously about their work and those they serve, and understand that their business requires structure and essential legal supports (like legal contracts). If you serve an audience made up of these people, please apply to be a promotional partner, or connect with me if you have any questions – however, please finish reviewing this page first. I have Tier 1 and Tier 2 Affiliate Partnerships available. (30% and 10% commissions respectively, see below). 

On Tier 1 / Tier 2 System: A Tier 1 Affiliate is someone who shares my offerings directly to their audience or end consumers. They receive 30% commissions on the sale, except for the Ultimate Legal Toolkit which provides a flat affiliate fee of $1000. A Tier 2 Affiliate Partner is someone who introduces me to Tier 1 Affiliates (i.e. a power connector). There are many Affiliate Partners who will be both Tier 1 and Tier 2 in my system – meaning that they will collect commissions on offerings made directly to their own audiences, and then they will also be in the Tier 2 spot, collecting additional commissions on sales that occur through Tier 1 Affiliates that they introduce me to. 


The Offers.

The Website Protection package.

Website Protection Package for online entrepreneurs coaches consultants product image

The Website Protection Package is a bundle that every online entrepreneur needs. For those who publish information via their website, share expertise, tips, or information that others might rely on; for those who collect any information including via a lead magnet, opt-in, email or newsletter signup, etc.; or for those who sell digital programs or courses, or have online sales funnels for their services, The Website Protection Package is essential.

Cost: $1497

Your Commission: 30% (with a parent-level partner, where applicable, receiving 10%)

For 2-Tier Commissions: Tier 1, 30%; Tier 2, 10%

The WORKING package.

The Working Package is a bundle designed to protect the work being done by information entrepreneurs. From 1:1 client services, to consulting, to speaking, to conducting or providing interviews, to hosting workshops, events or retreats, this bundle provides the essential legal documents you need to have in place to protect the various ways you deliver your services. It includes 14 essential legal contracts to cover these areas of work, as well as bonus guides and additional education to support you in implementing these contracts in your business.  

Cost: $1997

Your Commission: 30% (with a parent-level partner, where applicable, receiving 10%)

For 2-Tier Commissions: Tier 1, 30%; Tier 2, 10%


The Business Evolution Package is a bundle designed to protect entrepreneurs growing their businesses through independent contractors, Joint Ventures (JVs), affiliate relationships and programs, and other 3rd party relationships.

It includes key contract templates including an independent contractor agreement and guide, a detailed JV Agreement (and planning guide) that includes an Intellectual Property Agreement to deal with the IP you create in the context of the JV, an Affiliate Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement & Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, a Brand Ambassador / Social Influencer Agreement, and Referral Agreement. It also includes bonus content including additional guides & educational content.

Cost: $1597

Your Commission: 30% (with a parent-level partner, where applicable, receiving 10%)

For 2-Tier Commissions: Tier 1, 30%; Tier 2, 10%


Business legal support for online entrepreneurs
The Business Builder Basics bundle is a packaged designed to make sure that those who are just starting out do so on the right foot!

This bundle includes the Business Builder Basics Quickstart Guide, a guide and checklist that on its own is valued at $297. It will save hours of research and false starts for those trying to map their business building journey and make sure they have considered key legal requirements and protections. It also includes an LLC Formation Guide and Sample LLC Operating Agreement, guides on creating business policies and best business practices, and numerous additional reports, articles and educational resources, including short video trainings.

Cost: $497

Your Commission: 30% (with a parent-level partner, where applicable, receiving 10%)

For 2-Tier Commissions: Tier 1, 30%; Tier 2, 10%



Ultimate Legal Toolkit for Online Entrepreneurs product image
The Ultimate Legal Toolkit for Online Entrepreneurs contains all four bundles above.

It is for entrepreneurs who want to get legal protections in place that will support them in all areas of their business: building their business foundation, protecting their online platform, content and programs, supporting and protecting their offline work, client relationships and income streams, and supporting their business as they grow through third party relationships, including hiring help in their business, establishing JV relationships and affiliate programs, and more. The Ultimate Legal Toolkit for Online Entrepreneurs is valued at over $20,000 in resources and contracts (what clients have actually paid!)

Cost: $4997 for the whole kit & caboodle! ALL THE GOODS.

Your Commission: $1,000 flat fee

For Tier 2 CommissionS: $250 flat fee

If you decide to apply, please note that I will take the time to review your application and get back to you. If it looks like our efforts and businesses would complement each other, you will be receiving follow up information that includes the items mentioned below. I am honored that you would consider supporting my work and business. I look forward to being in touch!

Ready to submit an application?


Once your application has been approved, you will receive your Affiliate link/s via a welcome email, and additional update emails.

We want to make this process easy for you, and so all necessary information and materials will be delivered directly to your inbox. Please watch for those followup emails and whitelist the following email address by adding it to your contacts: info [at] legalwebsitewarrior [dot] com. Thank you!


All swipe copy and promotional materials will be sent directly to your inbox. 

Please be mindful that as part of the application process you will be required to sign an agreement stating that you will not send any materials to your list, including images or copy, that did not originate with The Legal Website Warrior®. 

This is both to make the process easy for you, and to reduce liability for me as part of the process. 


If you have any additional questions, please reach out so that we can support you to better support us with a successful launch!

If you did not receive your email with your link/s and materials, please first check your spam or junk folder and run a search for info [at] legalwebsitewarrior [dot] com, and then please whitelist this email.

Current & Past Promotional Partners

Jay Fiset, Best-Selling Author, Founder of Mastermind to Millions & JVology


Loral Langemeier, NYT Best-Selling Author,  Founder of Live Out Loud

Jay Rooke, Start Up Grind Business Coach, Podcast host – Know Pain Know Gain


Doug Sandler, Podcast Host, Nice Guys on Business, Founder – Turnkey Podcast

Melanie Benson, Amplify Your Authority Podcast Host, Business Coach

Bushra Azhar, 

Founder of The Persuasion Revolution

Kimra Luna, Online Business Strategist, Riot Doll Founder & Podcast Host 

Alina Vincent, Founder of Business Success Edge, Business & Technology Strategist

Emmy Wu, Brand Storyteller & Video Marketing Strategist

Lewis Howes, Entrepreneur, Business Coach & NYT Best-Selling Author, School of Greatness

Rosalyn Fung, Founder of Bold Sexy Warrior™, Intuitive Mindset & Visionary Business Coach

Amy Yamada, Speaker & Mentor for Coaches