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THE Exceptional
Entrepreneur VIP DAY

For Coaches, Consultants, Educators, Speakers & Authors


A {Legal} Deep Dive for Quickly Scaling Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses. Designed for entrepreneurs who are Serious about their Success. Plus 1 year of access to the Ultimate Legal Toolkit for Online Entrepreneurs.


Are you scaling quickly? Are you experiencing success and need to backtrack a bit to implement more support? Do you have a lot of irons in the fire? Are you delivering a variety of services in a variety of ways? Workshops, masterminds, 1:1 client services, speaking, publishing information, creating online offerings? Are you growing your business in interesting ways and taking on more risk in the process? (These things are related). 



Have you grown quickly and because of the focus on your mission, not spent as much time as you’d like on your business {legal} foundation? 

If so, then The Exceptional Entrepreneur VIP Day is for you. We will spend an intense, but interesting (!) day together, do a deep dive into your business, dig through where you’ve been and look at where you are headed. We will review your legal supports, assess their adequacy, put new ones in place, and map out what comes next! This offer is ideal for clients making multiple six figures or more, or who are quickly scaling to multiple six figures. 


Get access to the same level of support provided to clients like Daymond John, Lewis Howes, Tara Mohr and others building thriving businesses at a fraction of the cost. 


The bonus (access to the Ultimate Legal Toolkit for one full year) is alone worth the price of the VIP Day!!

Ready to accelerate your Business growth?

$10,997 includes THE U.L.T.

The Exceptional Entrepreneur VIP Day

Includes the following: 
  • Some advance preparation to help me get the information I need before our day of work together. I want to have a good understanding of your business, your current level of support, and your biggest gaps or needs. We will kick this off with a detailed questionnaire. 
  • A bit of homework! (Not hard, but essential). 
  • A phone call or two to prepare for our time together. 
  • Time together on your VIP Day. We will spend 6-8 hours addressing legal strategy and protections in your business and helping you put a legal roadmap in place for your business to help you with your legal foundation and current needs. 
  • A summary, i.e. “Legal Roadmap” & assessment of your business to help you move forward. 
  • Plus, as a current BONUS: Access to The Ultimate Legal Toolkit for Online Entrepreneurs (“The U.L.T”) for a FULL YEAR following your VIP Day. This toolkit alone is worth over $30,000, sells for $4997, and is chock full of resources created for entrepreneurs building phenomenal personal brands. 
  • Ongoing support via monthly Ask Me Anything LIVE sessions where you can continue to get spot support and get pointed in the right direction towards resources that will help you build your business. 
  • Creating freedom and peace of mind in your business because you are finally tackling your legal needs and stepping up the leadership of your business! (CONGRATS!) 

It also includes educational videos on a variety of topics to support your use and implementation of these resources in your business




The VIP Day comes with some homework.


The homework is designed to get you organized so that we can make the most of our time together. You will be provided a questionnaire and some assignments in advance so that we have everything that we need to create a powerful day of progress for your business. 


This preparation will help me to 1) examine what you already have by way of legal supports in your business, 2) to assist in assessing your current business risk and the adequacy of your existing supports based on your current business activities, and 3) to get to know your plans for growth to better understand where you are headed so that we can determine the legal tools and supports you will need in place to protect your business as it grows. 


We will spend some time together on the phone before your VIP day to do a bit of planning and to make sure that we connect so that I fully understand your priorities, even after receiving your paperwork. 


There is no refund for the VIP day experience. Please be sure that it is a fit for your business before you purchase. And of course, contact me with any questions. 

Is this legal advice?

This is a mixed “bundle”, meaning that a portion of the services includes legal advice, and a portion of the services includes access to the Ultimate Legal Toolkit which technically does not constitute “legal advice” but provides you with loads of additional resources for growing and building your business. 


These resources are designed specifically for experts, coaches, consultants, online educators, speakers & authors, and similarly situated personal brands and entrepreneurs. 


However, if you have questions that pertain to your unique business, you are always advised to seek the assistance of a lawyer to review your specific scenario. 


This is an in-person day of work, strategizing, reviewing information and going wide and deep into your business. {We can also work remotely, though I much prefer in-person work}. 


You will bring your laptop, all of the requested documentation covered in your homework assignments, a list of your key questions and topics to be discussed, as well as a clear outline of your plans for what is next in your business in the coming year or two.


The goal of this day is to help you understand what it takes to get your legal foundation solidified so that your {business} house is built on rock, and not sand! We will review business assets, discuss personal asset protection strategies, legal essentials that apply to your unique business, and more.


And then we will put a legal roadmap in place so that you understand what comes next for your business from a legal perspective, based on your growth plans, so that we can get you connected to those resources and feeling prepared for what’s to come! 

Can I get Additional 1:1 Support beyond the VIP Day?

If you need additional 1:1 help, you can always contact me for custom support options. These range from consultation or strategy sessions, to [FREE] monthly access to my Ask Me Anything LIVE call that is available only to members of my list. 


Regarding use of the templates inside of the Ultimate Legal Toolkit, many people are able to implement the documentation “as is,” once they have filled out their own information, but some individuals would like additional support customizing the documents  to work for their particular business or way of delivering their services. 


I have clients around the country and the world and would be happy to connect with you to explore whether I might support you and your business further. Contact me through my contact form (link below) if you would like more information.


CURRENT SPECIAL. To make this deep dive work session a no-brainer, I have decided to give you access to my entire Ultimate Legal Toolkit for Online Entrepreneurs following your VIP Day for one full year.

This is a bundle of resources, contracts and templates that contains over $30,000 worth of value (what clients have actually paid!), that on its own is priced at $4997.    You get the entire value of this VIP Day back in additional resources to support your growth over the next year.    When an issue comes up that requires one of the tools, resources, or educational pieces that I have built, you will be provided immediate access. You also get access to my monthly client calls to ask questions and get additional guidance. In addition to the VIP Day work we will do together, I want you breathing easy in your business, knowing that you have done what you can to protect what you are working so hard to build! This includes having access to resources to call on for the following year as your business continues to grow.   


The documents are yours to use in your business, but they are protected by copyright which means you cannot sell them to others, loan them to friends, or in any other manner use them for commercial purposes outside of building and protecting your own business.

Jay Fiset

Founder of JVology, The Perfect Mix of People, Fun & Profit

"I have known Heather for years now, and am so glad we crossed paths. Heather has helped me to put numerous protections and strategies in place for my business, my online content, and my intellectual property. She is an attorney that truly cares about the success of her clients and helping them aggressively grow their business. If you are an online expert, coach, consultant or other personal brand, you need to talk to Heather. If you have legal questions, talk to Heather. If you are not sure if you have legal questions, talk to Heather. If you have a long list of things that require legal support, talk to Heather. Getting her support felt like taking off a 50-lb backpack I didn’t know I was carrying around. I give her my wholehearted recommendation."

Ready to protect your business growth?

Ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs who are utilizing relationships to help build and grow their business and want to protect their IP in the process as well as the relationships. 
  • Entrepreneurs who are serious about their success and want to become better, more strategic leaders of their business, especially coaches, consultants, online educators, industry experts, digital information marketers, authors and speakers.
  • Entrepreneurs who are fast action takers and are willing to implement new information quickly.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to elevate their perceived professionalism, and better understand what it takes to create a secure business foundation. 
  • Entrepreneurs who want greater freedom and peace of mind in their business.
  • Entrepreneurs who are scaling or preparing to scale and don’t want gaps in their legal foundation.

Tara Mohr

Author, Playing Big, & Founder of Playing Big Leadership Program for Women

"Working with Heather was a true pleasure. She is extremely knowledgeable about the challenges creative entrepreneurs face, and the legal issues they can proactively address so that both their businesses and their customers are well cared for. She is thoughtful in her approach, great at explaining complex concepts that all business owners should understand, and also wonderful to work with. I'd recommend working with heather to any entrepreneur who wants legal advisory support."

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