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THE Website Protection Package

For Coaches, Consultants, Educators, Speakers & Authors


A bundle for protecting the online businesses of experts, consultants, coaches and other personal brands. Designed for entrepreneurs serious about success.

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The Website Protection Package is a bundle that every online entrepreneur needs. 


For those who:

  • publish information via their website, share expertise, tips, or information that others might rely on;
  • collect any information including via a lead magnet, opt-in, email or newsletter signup, etc.; or
  • sell digital programs, courses or memberships, or have online sales funnels for their services.

The Website Protection Package is essential. It fulfills your legal obligation as a business owner to notify your website visitors of certain of your practices and policies. It helps act as the gatekeeper to your online intellectual property and services. It protects your merchant account(s). It protects your sales and income streams. And it also protects your client relationships! This is often where my clients begin with protecting their business. The importance of online protection cannot be overstated if you care about your business. 

It’s like I have told my clients for years: “If you don’t treat your business like a business, nobody else well.” (Not the IRS, not the court system, not your clients!) 


What you receive in this package that is super challenging to get elsewhere in the marketplace is essential legal documentation (built for your business), and education that will support you in implementing best practices in regards to the documentation and inside your business. Most entrepreneurs that seek legal support end up with documentation (that may or may not be a fit for their business) with no additional education to transform them into a better, more competent and strategic leader of their online business. 


If you want the outcome of feeling confident, at ease (knowing you have taken care of your online business), and capable of leading your online business without stepping into legal potholes, the Website Protection Package is for you. It is so much more than just the documentation. And, if you have any future questions, you can pop in to one of my monthly Ask Me Anything LIVE sessions to get support. No ongoing fees, no upgrades, no “lower level and upper level” clients – you get the full package designed to protect what you’ve got and give you loads of room to grow. 


Elevate your perceived professionalism, put proper legal supports, contracts and structure in place that will improve the way you do business, improve the perception your clients have of you, and support your entrepreneurial success! 


Ready to Protect your online business?


The WEBSITE PROTECTION PACKAGE Includes the Following Documents and Resources:

  • Key Mistakes to Avoid as an Online Entrepreneur (Video)
  • Introduction to Your Core Documents (Video)
  • Website Terms & Conditions 
  • Website Privacy Policy
  • SMS Policy (Privacy Policy Add-on)
  • Disclosure of Data Processors
  • Website Accessibility Statement
  • Trademark Policy Website Disclosure
  • Online Terms of Purchase
  • Earnings Disclaimer
  • Other Sample Disclaimers
  • How to Plug Your Documents Into Your Business (Best Practices) (Video)
  • How to Maintain Your Documents
  • What if Someone Steals your Content?
  • The CAN-SPAM Act (U.S. anti spam law)
  • Testimonials – How To
  • Affiliate Relationships
  • Merchant Accounts
  • Data Breach / Cybersecurity
  • How to Protect Against Friendly Fraud
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Overview
  • 10 Biggest Legal Mistakes Made by Online Entrepreneurs (Report)
  • Bonus Guides (DOCS)

Frequently Asked Questions ...

Is there a timeline for this bundle?

You will have access to everything immediately, and can review and utilize the tools offered at your own pace and in the order you prefer. 


The bundle is “all access” and so no refunds are available for this purchase. Please contact me if you have any questions before you purchase. 

Is this legal advice?

The bundle includes numerous resources to support you in your early stages of starting and growing a business, including a 10-page Business Acceleration Guide, sample templates (as described above), articles, and educational videos, but it is not legal advice. These resources are designed specifically for coaches, consultants, online educators, speakers & authors, and similarly situated entrepreneurs. 


However, if you have questions that pertain to your unique business, you are always advised to seek the assistance of a lawyer to review your specific scenario. 

How long do I have access?

You will have unlimited access to this bundle for as long as it is available. (Of course I think you should implement these resources immediately!)

Can I get 1:1 Support?

If you need additional 1:1 help, you can always contact me for custom support options. Many people are able to implement the documents “as is,” once they have filled out their own information, but some individuals would like additional support customizing the documents  to work for their particular business or way of delivering their services. 


I have clients around the country and the world and would be happy to connect with you to explore whether I might support you and your business further. Contact me through my contact form (link below) if you would like more information.

Does this bundle give me room to grow if I am just starting out?

This bundle is designed to help you build the right business foundation from the start (primarily if you are a coach, consultant, online educator, speaker or author). However, selecting a business structure is a decision that may be unique to your scenario, including your financial scenario, and you are always advised to consult on this topic directly with an attorney licensed in your state of domicile.  


The documents are yours to use in your business, but they are protected by copyright which means you cannot sell them to others, loan them to friends, or in any other manner use them for commercial purposes outside of building and protecting your own business.

Lewis Howes

Entrepreneur, Business Coach & NYT Best-Selling Author (School of Greatness)

“Heather, the Legal Website Warrior, has been a lifesaver for my online business. It can be so stressful to make sure we are protected as online entrepreneurs. And with all of the changing legalities that apply to doing business online and offline, it is so important to protect yourself and your business. Heather provided me with the coaching and the documents necessary to protect myself, my website, products and services. If you are an online entrepreneur, I highly recommend using her as well.”

Ready to protect your online business?

Ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs who are focused on establishing and growing their online presence, database, and services. 
  • Entrepreneurs who are building a database or list, who are engaging in online advertising (or plan to), or who are otherwise using online platforms and websites to conduct business.
  • Entrepreneurs who are concerned about the exposure of their online content, IP and services, and want to protect their content, services and IP from theft and duplication. 
  • Entrepreneurs who are serious about their success and want to become better, more strategic leaders of their business, especially coaches, consultants, online educators, industry experts, digital information marketers, authors and speakers.
  • Entrepreneurs who are fast action takers and are willing to implement new information quickly.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to elevate their perceived professionalism, and better understand what it takes to create a secure business foundation. 
  • Entrepreneurs who want greater freedom and peace of mind in their business.
  • Entrepreneurs who are scaling or preparing to scale and don’t want gaps in their legal foundation.

DIY Templates, BUNDLES and more

Bundles for each stage of business, or ...

Business Builder Basics Bundle

The Website Protection Package

The Working Package

The Business Evolution Package

Get the most value! (Below)





This includes ALL FOUR BUNDLES above – together it is a database that includes over $30,000 in resources and documentation designed specifically for thriving, information entrepreneurs. 


Business builders and catalysts for change in the world who are sharing their information online, delivering a variety of services, publishing information in a variety of ways, speaking, and more. 


These resources were created for industry leaders and innovators at the top of the mountain, and are designed to accelerate business growth, save you and your business against lost income, chargebacks, intellectual property theft, lost clients, lack of clarity in business relationships, and more. 

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Lana Shlafer

Alignment Coach

"I've been looking for someone to help me improve all of my client and membership participant agreements and working with Heather turned out to be so much more. I believe in setting up clear boundaries that allow me to function at my best and feel safe, and with Heather's help I was able to do just that. Now I feel confident that my business is totally up to snuff from a legal perspective! Heather is knowledgeable and responsive. I look forward to working with her again!”

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Ryder Carroll, Creator of The Bullet Journal® and NYT Best-Selling Author of The Bullet Journal Method

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