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I believe legal support should be easy.

I also believe that business building should be fun. And that chocolate is a love language. And I wanted to end the year on a *fun* note — and then I went and got pneumonia! Well, technically I got RSV in November, and right before Christmas it turned into pneumonia and then my hubby brought the flue home at the same time. So that interrupted my plans a tiny bit. (Whew!! We made it through). 


But! The good news is that if you follow along, you can get some MAJOR legal support built into your business (and at great savings!) in the coming days. Or, you can speed through all at once. I don’t believe in hiding the ball. And I am also a “plough through” / “get ‘er done” personality type, so I like FULL ACCESS to the WHOLE SHEBANG ALL AT ONCE. 


You’re welcome. 


So take a peek below. Come along with me to make some major progress. And Happy 12 Days of Christmas! I want to help you start off the new year with a robust (legal) business foundation!

Hi again, it's me.

I’m Heather Pearce Campbell and I’ve been practing law for over 20 years. I support world changing entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world and have worked with some of the best in the biz. 

I love my clients, and I also believe that legal support should be more accessible. Which is why have dedicated my career to creatively and effectively serving small business clients. I can’t wait to support you, too! Welcome to my 12 days of Christmas!

- Heather, The Legal Website Warrior®

JOIN ME IN THE 12 days of christmas (BELOW). Why?



One of my top priorities is to make legal support not only accessible but EASY to implement for my clients and customers. And I regularly get feedback that I succeed in this regard which makes my heart happy.


THIS WILL change your business for the better.

I believe that legal “done right” is a system that underlies and support ALL your other business systems: from information technology and the “back end” of your business, to developing your messaging and marketing strategies, to executing your marketing strategies, processing and handling sales and client intake, following up with effective delivery, handling client issues and potential disputes, and more. 


Legal “done right” touches EVERY area and function in your business. 


THIS WILL transform You as a leader of your business.

One of the areas where the traditional legal industry FAILS small business leaders is in providing them with the proper education and coaching to help them transform as strategic decision makers and leaders of their businesses. (Most attorneys help their clients respond to issues on a crisis-by-crisis basis, rather than proactively transforming the business AND the business owner or entrepreneur ahead of the crisis.) 


Just like I believe in proactively and *holistically* taking charge of your health as an individual ahead of a health crisis, I believe that in business, we do better and go faster and achieve more impact when we more effectively lead our businesses and take a proactive and holistic approach. And a significant part of this is getting GREAT legal support. 

So JOIN ME in the 12 days of Christmas. follow along, & quickly build your legal foundation.

Let's do this!

"If you don't treat your business like a business, nobody else will."

- Heather, The Legal Website Warrior®

Welcome to The 12 days of Christmas!

First Day of Christmas

The Business Builder Acceleration Guide (first row) is THE place to start if you want to comprehensively map your business building journey (legally speaking). Normally only $147, and you can save $50 with the Promo Code “SAVE50” entered at checkout. (Join me in this quick introductory video to learn more.)

Second Day of Christmas

Do you have your LLC Operating Agreement (end of 1st row) in place? So many people form an LLC with their state, but don’t actually complete their LLC set up (which requires implementing an LLC Operating Agreement). I have both a single member Operating Agreement and 2-member Operating Agreement. Get your LLC buttoned up today by joining me in the quick video above to talk about this special offer. If you purchase an LLC Operating Agreement, I will gift you my LLC Formation Guide as a bonus! (That’s a $97 value, free!)

Third Day of Christmas

Get a SOLID 1:1 Client Services Agreement (second row) in place to cover your Coaching and/or Consulting. Why is this necessary? And what is often missing? This document is a CORE piece of the vast majority of my clients’ business protection strategy. Protect your money maker! Join me in this brief video to hear more about this offer. If you purchase my 1:1 Client Services Agreement Template, I will gift you my Consulting Services Agreement template as a bonus! (That’s a $347 value, free!)

Fourth Day of Christmas

Today is for you if you run Live Events! If you offer live Workshops or other live in-person events you don’t want to miss today’s offer! Save 50% on my standard Workshop / Event Release & Waiver (3rd row) by using the code SAVE50 at checkout. 

Fifth Day of Christmas

Following up on Day 4, Day 5 is also for you if you run Live Events! Join me in this video to hear why it is still important to cross your t’s and dot your i’s with this particular document to limit your liability. Get the Covid-19 Event Release (3rd row) and save 50% by using the code SAVE50 at checkout.

Sixth Day of Christmas

Do you run a podcast or conduct interviews as part of your business model? If so you need my Interview Release (Digital Version) (middle of Row 4) in order to protect you from liability related to recording and using those interviews in your business or on your podcast. If you purchase the Interview Release Template, I will also GIFT you my Media Release Template as a BONUS! (That’s a $197 value, free!)

Seventh Day of Christmas

Do you have a Referral Program or would you like to create one to incentivize referrals in your business? Then you need my Referral Agreement (end of 4th Row) to help protect your business. Learn more by joining me in this brief video, and hear about the Referral Disclaimer as a FREE BONUS if you purchase the Referral Agreement. (That’s a $47 value, free!)

Eighth Day of Christmas

If you are building or hiring team in the form of Independent Contractors, you need to join me for this video to learn more. If you purchase my Standard Independent Contractor Agreement (Long-form) (6th Row), I will gift you the Independent Contractor Agreement (Short-form) for FREE as a bonus. Get twice the protection for your business when working with Independent Contractors on a variety of projects. (That’s a $197 value, free!)

Ninth Day of Christmas

This is one of the most powerful and most overlooked documents essential to the growth of a small business: a Non-Disclosure Agreement (7th row). Join me in this brief video to learn more about key scenarios that require this document. Protect your IP and your ideas with this document! If you purchase the standard Non-Disclosure Agreement, I will GIFT you my Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement for FREE as a bonus. (That’s a $197 value, free!)

Tenth Day of Christmas

If you are an expert, you likely do a fair amount of speaking. Join me in this brief video to learn why protecting your speaking engagements and IP is so important. This offer includes the bonus gift of my HYBRID speaker agreement template – included free if you purchase my Standard Speaking Agreement Template (end of row 7). (That’s a $297 value, free!)

Eleventh Day of Christmas

This is one of my favorite offers, and by far my most popular bundle. Virtually EVERY client I work with 1:1 ends up implementing this bundle in their business. If you have an online business, protecting your online hub, your IP, your sales, your payment processor, etc. is essential. Join me in this video to hear about the 3 functions online that MUST be protected in your online business. This offer includes a FREE template up to $400 in value as a BONUS. You can find the Website Protection Package here. (Includes a bonus template valued up to $400, free!)

Twelth Day of Christmas

STAY TUNED. Day 12 Video coming Soon!!

This is the big whammie. If you are like many of my clients, and you need access to ALL THE TOOLS (all the tools covered in this series so far, plus many many more that protect multiple phases and areas of growth in the businesses that I support), I am offering access to the ULTIMATE LEGAL TOOLKIT FOR ONLINE ENTREPRENEURS at a significant savings. This whole kit and caboodle is normally $4997 – although it includes access to legal resources with over $30,000 in value (!). Until the close of the 12 Days of Christmas, you can get access to this bundle for $3497! That’s a savings of $1500!!! Why? Because I love this toolkit and I want it in the hands of more entrepreneurs and small business owners like you! Those committed to creating a tremendous impact in the world through your work. (Enter 12DAYS at checkout to get your savings). 

12 Days of Christmas (SAVINGS) Goes away on January 16th.

Be sure to jump in now and take advantage of these savings.

12 Days of Christmas normally starts on Christmas Day and goes through January 5th. We are starting December 29 (because pneumonia slowed me down for a hot minute!) and will run through January 9th 16th (until 11:45 pm). I will send out a few reminders, but why wait?

You want a stronger business. You want to scale more quickly. You want to make a greater impact in the world.

And I can help you.

If you have any questions, get in touch, or schedule a consult here. I would be happy to help get you pointed in the right direction.

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