Wherever this finds you, I hope you have made it through another week of largely being quarantined without too much trouble. I know it’s not easy. (Yesterday in this household, we collectively nearly lost all of our marbles. Despite counting our many many blessings. We have our gratitude, but we are still missing marbles).

But seriously, I know that so many people, especially small businesses and entrepreneurs, are being tremendously adversely impacted right now.

So there are several things I will be doing in the coming days:

  • Donating a portion of my business income to support basic needs like food and shelter for local families in distress. Trying to figure out how to reallocate resources to I can help support the basic needs and economic engines of other people who are hit the hardest. I am still trying to assess impact to my own business, but I am committed to sharing any resources that I can create during this time, including financially, with my community.
  • Scheduling Ask Me Anything Live sessions so that I can support you in whatever ways I am able; especially with your legal concerns or questions! So I am providing an easy and accessible and recurring way to connect for free so that I can share resources or referrals or new connections, anything that may help you continue to take care of business during this turbulent time! [Make sure you are on my list to get updates regarding the weekly Ask Me Anything live sessions. I will be providing a link for access to join the conversation, and will not be posting it publicly!]
  • Providing ways, especially for those of you who are shifting your business onlineor are creating your first online business in response to this crisis, to get your online business legal needs met at a price that makes it much more accessible for you (and still do-able for me). [Make sure you are on my list to get updates and notifications on this topic!]
  • This may include setting up a giveaway based on need. More details to come on this. [Again make sure you are on my list!]
  • And more. The wheels have been spinning for me for the past three weeks, and if you’ll be flexible with wild kiddos in the background (INSERT WIDE-EYED EMOJI, because you never know what you’re going to see!) there are still ways that we can connect and that I can provide massive value for you.

To join my list to participate in future ASK ME ANYTHING LIVE sessions, or to hear more about opportunities for you to protect your online business (or get support with other legal needs) during this turbulent time, join my list here by signing up to receive my FREE training series, Legal Basics Bootcamp for mission-driven entrepreneurs.

I am here to support you and help you build and protect your business.

See you soon!