Do you have questions about building your business that go beyond legal? How to get started? How to launch your idea or business into the world? How to put systems in place?  How to do business the “right” way?

I didn’t set out to be a business coach. But based years and years of being in business for myself and supporting hundreds of businesses, small and large, I regularly get asked to mentor others, and receive direct requests for business coaching services in addition to legal support, especially by online information entrepreneurs, i.e. coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, and online educators – particularly those who have found their calling or are on the path of doing the work they really want to be doing in the world.

I truly support world-changing entrepreneurs. These are not people that are “dipping their toe in the water” or just doing a “trial run” with their current idea or business. They are fully committed. They are planning for success. There is no other option.

Contact me if you are interested in support for your business. As a business advisor, I am regularly called on to provide support outside of legal support. I would be happy to talk with you about your goals.