*** UPDATE: This course is no longer available, however there IS a vital presentation that is FREE! Legal Basics Bootcamp is essential legal education for entrepreneurs who are building successful businesses. Visit this link for this training series that will help you protect your business and assets.


I gave a presentation to a fabulous group of Seattle business owners a couple of weeks ago (and then presented a condensed down introduction of the topic to a group of business owners last week in South Lake Tahoe). I got such terrific feedback and so many additional requests for access, that I have turned it into my first online video course! If you are a business owner or entrepreneur and want to understand the BIGGEST LEGAL RISKS YOU FACE in BUSINESS in 2016, then this video course is for you.

Do you know what one risk 50% of all businesses face each year? And do you know that fastest growing type of insurance policy (to protect against this growing risk)?

Do you know the biggest risks unique to employers and the best ways to mitigate these risks? If you work with independent contractors, would you be interested in knowing the biggest mistakes businesses make in (mis)managing their independent contractor relationships? Would you be interested in the factors the IRS considers when evaluating these relationships?

Are you interested in having a way to conduct an ongoing risk assessment in your business at any time to hep you assess where your biggest liabilities may come from?

Are you interested in knowing the biggest litigation risk your business (and every business) faces each year? And the most important step for mitigating and drastically reducing this risk? And that the average litigation claim in this category costs small businesses $91,000 to resolve? Would this put you out of business this year?

Does the world of LEGAL RISK when it comes to BUSINESS feel like a big, confusing mess?

Do you have “Legal” questions or concerns sitting on the backburner?

Maybe you have been in business for awhile but you want to understand current trends and some of the issues we face going into 2016?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this 2.5 hour power-packed video course is for you!

THIS VIDEO COURSE IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. It is for business owners who are serious about their business. We will cover a lot of information, but I will boil it down into the “golden nuggets” for you and give you 3-5 simple and powerful strategies for protecting your business this year and beyond.

You will leave feeling like you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to assessing your business risk and deciding where to start when making legal decisions or business decisions with legal ramifications.

I am offering this video course for a limited time for $49.

I can promise you that you will not find this amount and type of relevant information about the legal landscape of risks you face in your business condensed down in this way ANYWHERE ELSE. But you will leave knowing how to protect your personal assets and the amazing business that you are working so hard to build.