As a legal coach and attorney, I work with small businesses and entrepreneurs around the United States. And one of the things I enjoy most is having conversations with entrepreneurs about building their legal foundations in their businesses, and how tackling “legal” doesn’t have to be hard or scary. Many clients and entrepreneurs that I have spoken with have talked about how legal to-do’s hang out on the back burner for quite awhile before being addressed, but how once they are in place, they immediately feel more at ease and able to put 100% of themselves into their business.

It’s like my client Lana said after working with me:

“I believe in setting up clear boundaries that allow me to function at my best and feel safe, and with Heather’s help I was able to do just that.”

Or Elena:

“Just as I help women build a strong foundation for their life so they can thrive, I truly feel like Heather has helped me build that same foundation for my online business so I can continue to thrive and grow with confidence.”

I love having conversations about building legal foundations for small businesses because I love breaking down barriers to entry that hold people back from getting the legal support that they need. Ultimately, whatever business you are in, leading your business also means protecting what you build.

I’d love for you to join me today in this recent interview with Lauren Herrera of “Love is a Verb” Podcast, where we talk about the importance of a little self-love in  business, and how creating a legal foundation and protections for your business is definitely an important act of love, for yourself, your business, and all that you are working so hard to build.

And if you listen to the end, you will find out how to get the free gift, “The 10 Biggest Mistakes Made by Online Entrepreneurs,” I put together for Lauren’s podcast listeners!