With Joe Nicassio, Author, Speaker and Marketing Coach who shares his encyclopedic marketing knowledge in this lively and interesting conversation on entrepreneurship and business. He is on a mission to turn employees into entrepreneurs so they can be self-reliant and create success on their own terms.

Joe has been working with entrepreneurs since 1999 to build start-ups and small businesses that are based on good business fundamentals, and that help people love what they do and get paid well to do what they love. Joe shares numerous golden nuggets and memorable truth-bombs pertinent to the entrepreneurial path and business building journey. We discuss the purpose of a business, the importance of relationships, why we don’t get paid what we are worth, and what it takes to create a strong foundation for your business.

Joe also shares his views on the difference between commitment and integrity, dives into the concept that business is risky (and what he says might surprise you), and explains the “speed of trust”, an important concept in modern business. Tune in to also learn why the business education marketplace fails so many entrepreneurs, and to hear Joe’s simple tips on how to avoid closing down a sale conversation before it starts.

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Biggest takeaways (or quotes) you don’t want to miss:

  • “Do what you love for yourself and others.” 
  • The big challenge for most people is that they are in a career by default and not by design. 
  • Why working for someone else is giving away your power. 
  • Less than 10 percent of people become entrepreneurs. 

Check out these highlights:

3:40 The point where Joe’s entrepreneur journey starts.

4:54 “No matter how hard I worked, I could never get ahead as an employee.”

8:27 “Never again will I put myself in a situation where someone else controls my career.”

8:55 Why don’t people become entrepreneurs?

11:43 “As entrepreneurs we have the opportunity to create more security for ourselves than anywhere else.” 

14:50 Why we need to show up as a solution provider as entrepreneurs. 

15:30 “What if we had a whole world full of people doing what they love, what they are here to do.” 

19:00 How people get conditioned to show up for a paycheck and not build relationships. 

22:00 What are the roadblocks for entrepreneurs.

25:30 The biggest reason people don’t make a million dollars. 

26:00 “You don’t get paid what you are worth, you get paid what you negotiate.” 

26:30 Why is the discussion on value so hard for entrepreneurs. 

27:15 Why we need to be the trusted advisor and not the “sales” person. 

30:00 The difference between commitment and integrity in business. 

33:10 The idea of risk and failure. 

34:00 Who would you be without the thoughts of risk and failure as an entrepreneur?

38:00 Low-tech effective is better than high-tech effective. 

41:20 “Most people kill the sale in the first 60 seconds.”

45:00 “Mastery is the opposite of the numbers game.”

48:20 Why people are afraid to actually start a business. 

52:00 “Give with wisdom.” 

52:30 How to tell if someone is going to be a red flag client.

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Contrary to popular belief, succeeding in business is not risky or accidental.

It’s about doing something you love, sharing that love through effective marketing, and receiving Love in the form of cash from grateful clients. 

When you align your passions with proven principles, success is inevitable.

Since 1999, Joe Nicassio has been working with startup entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners to do just that.

If you want to learn some tactics you can put to work in your business today, pay attention to Joe Nicassio, he is an advisor you can trust.