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With JV Crum III, JD, MBA, known as the “World’s #1 Limitless Mindset Expert”, the Founder of Conscious, 34 X #1 international best-selling author, creator of the Mindset to Millions Event, keynote speaker, investor, certified business coach, licensed attorney, serial entrepreneur, Huffington Post Columnist, and the host of the #1 Ranked “Conscious Millionaire Show” for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs who want to Get Rich Changing The World. JV helps entrepreneurs multiply what they think and achieve what is possible.

JV devotes himself to helping others find their dream by growing a business that combines making profits with creating an important difference for their customers and our world. His goal is to help you to create a business that affords you true financial freedom and a life that provides you the deep fulfillment you seek.

On a personal level, JV is an avid lover of the arts, loves the outdoors, nature, and all things related to water, enjoys food, wine, and cooking, and pursues a health-focused lifestyle.

In this podcast, JV shares some strategies for creating a limitless mindset and becoming a millionaire. JV also shares some major struggles he encountered and how he overcame them. You will hear JV discuss how he sees the potential as a futurist, his views of the metaverse and technology, and their impacts on business. You will also enjoy listening to JV as he talks about how he came up with the idea of creating his “Conscious Millionaire” book.

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Biggest takeaways (or quotes) you don’t want to miss:

  • At some point it’s hard to do both, as the entrepreneur and the service provider.
  • On conscious entrepreneurship: “The possibilities are crazy in terms of how we can change the world (much more quickly).”
  • The root of all business is relationships.
  • You can make more money focusing on impact (vs. just money).

“…We get to do something that matters, and you get to drive a mercedes if that’s what you want. It’s not either or, it’s AND. It’s all about AND.”

-JV Crum III

Check out these highlights:

  • 09:34 JV tells some details about his book “Conscious Millionaire: Your 7 Money Mindsets”
  • 16:16 On the difference between in-person and virtual events, and JV’s plans for the metaverse.
  • 21:43 What is going to come out of this current phase of compression?
  • 26:02 JV shares what his mission is at this time — to help people evolve over the next 20 to 30 years into a much more conscious world.
  • 29:28 How JV started to seeing things differently (in businesses) which led him to building the Conscious

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GGGB Intro  00:00

Coming up today on Guts, Grit and Great Business™… 

JV Crum  00:04

And you can make more money doing it consciously by focusing on impact, and transparently helping people in the way that they need and creating a better humanity than you can just being greedy and trying to figure out how to get as much money out of people and, you know, phrases that are used in, in that kind of marketing, get them to open their wallet, so you can take, pick out as much money as possible. But what if you get them to open their mindset, you can transform them as much as possible, and they never want to stop the journey with you. Because you’re awakening them to what they’ve always really wanted in the first place, to the dream life where they get to do something that matters, and they get to put money in the bank. And that’s, to me, the whole conscious business revolution is that we get to do something that matters. And by golly, you can also drive for Mercedes, if that’s what you want. You know, I’ve had plenty of them. But you see that it’s not either or, it’s and it’s all about and

GGGB Intro  01:05

The adventure of entrepreneurship and building a life and business you love, preferably at the same time is not for the faint of heart. That’s why Heather Pearce Campbell is bringing you a dose of guts, grit and great business stories that will inspire and motivate you to create what you want in your business and life. Welcome to the Guts, Grit and Great Business™ podcast where endurance is required. Now, here’s your host, The Legal Website Warrior®, Heather Pearce Campbell.

Heather Pearce Campbell  01:38

Alrighty, welcome. I am Heather Pearce Campbell, The Legal Website Warrior®. I’m an attorney and legal coach for information entrepreneurs throughout the US and the world. Welcome to another episode of Guts, Grit and Great Business™. Today, we are going to have a super fun and enlightening conversation with JV Crum III. Welcome JV.

JV Crum  02:02

Well, hello there. I am so excited. You know, we recently met you came onto the Conscious Millionaire show. We’re both attorneys, but there’s a little difference. I coach entrepreneurs to be entrepreneurs, and I don’t do legal work, it’s excluded from my contract. So I don’t get sued for that. And you do legal work. And I just want to say, you know, having been to law school, I recognize a good attorney. So I’m gonna give you a compliment that was unsolicited, you have a good legal mind, and it’s just fun talking to you about legal stuff.

JV Crum  02:34

Well, thank you, I take that as the compliment that it is. And I’ve definitely enjoyed connecting with you. Some of my very favorite people on the planet. I’m sorry, to all the rest of you, our attorneys.

JV Crum  02:46

It’s not… I am I’m partner time, and we’re not talking partner at the law firm. And I have to say, I mean, it’s not like it must be there to be a done deal. But I’m kind of I’m looking right. You know, when you’re looking. My number one preference is that I, I ended up married to another attorney because we just think differently. Yeah, it just I just felt that’ll just make it easier.

Heather Pearce Campbell  03:11

The thing that I love about so many of the attorneys that I know, and let’s be clear that I know, attorneys can get a bad rep, right? There’s a certain percentage of every…

JV Crum  03:21

Deserve it. I went to law school with it.

Heather Pearce Campbell  03:24

Right, right. We all know a few of them. Some percentage of any industry can cause the vast majority of the problems, right? But the reality in the legal industry is that more than 50% are solo practitioners. They are entrepreneurs building small businesses themselves, and guess what they want to do show up and solve problems for people. It so many attorneys that I know have a servant’s heart. And they don’t know that none of us are taught even in law school how to build a business. Were you taught in law school how to build a business?

JV Crum  04:00

No, but I was running a 50 person business and things.

Heather Pearce Campbell  04:04

Right you are, you already knew you didn’t know how to reach out well, and let’s… 

JV Crum  04:09

I think it’s a real problem. Most of my attorney friends are not the solo people. They’re the ones who started firms. So they’re the head partners in firms. But they ended up of course, as you know, we can talk law . We want the people who make the most money as lawyers to start a firm or their head partner. And they actually don’t practice law anymore. They’re the rain management people. That’s right. There’s people that go out and get deals, yes and 90%. And that’s why the solo practitioner has a problem because they don’t know how to do business. And far more problematic is they don’t want to do business. They just want to practice law. And that’s why they joined law firms so they can be a member of a law firm and they keep shuffling their work and they keep half the money or More. They didn’t have to go get the work. Now think about coaches, isn’t it the same thing? Most coaches want to coach, but they don’t want to go on a business. They don’t want to have to go get clients.

Heather Pearce Campbell  05:12

That’s right. So many even so many experts, right, so many people have Servant’s Heart

JV Crum  05:19

Service providers. Those are the kinds of people I work with. And some of them because I work with seven and eight figure entrepreneurs, as well as six figure. But the ones that are successful as entrepreneurs, at some point, if they’re a coach or something, you know, as I go, you have to decide if you really want to be a coach? Or do you want to build a business? Because you can’t do both? At some point? That’s right. No, I’m at that point where I know, I’m going to have to hire the business manager. Because I can’t beat the star and do the programs and have the podcast and manage a business. Thankfully, I know how to manage a business. So I know if somebody’s doing it right or wrong. But you have to decide, are you an entrepreneur? Are you a coach? Are you an attorney or because at some point, it’s hard to do both the service provider and the entrepreneur journey.

Heather Pearce Campbell  06:09

True. So true. So for folks, we’re doing this a little backwards today, we jumped right into the conversation now I love it. And but for those of you that don’t know, JV JV Crum, the third is the founder of Conscious He is the world’s number one authority on Limitless Mindset. He is also a speaker, coach, futurist and investor. JV is a 34 times number one international best selling author and creator of the mindset to millions event. JV is on a mission to uplift the consciousness of humanity by teaching entrepreneurs how to excel at the intersection of vision, impact and profit, right, which is why he’s living to help entrepreneurs. And you know, folks who are in that space. He also hosts the Conscious Millionaire show for entrepreneurs who want to get rich changing the world in its eighth season, the podcast is heard by millions in 190 countries around the world. Welcome, JV. That is quite the introduction. 

JV Crum  07:19

Well, thank you, thank you so much. And it’s only proof that, you know, we’ve now surpassed 3200 episodes on my nine podcasts that compose my network. And I’ve been reflecting on that. And I’ve got, well, maybe it only proves I’m able to convince amazing people like you to talk to me for an hour. Maybe that’s all it proves. And we did a lot of marketing. And somehow people decided they wanted to listen to it. But I feel honored because of this event Mindset to Millions. Last Friday, I was interviewing people to get testimonials, right, folks, if you have an investment successful, please interview the people to get testimonials that will make the next event by the same name easier to sell into. And one of them said, JP, remember you said you were writing a book, another book folks? And I said on mindset, and I said, Yeah, I do. And I was like, so I’m so busy. I just turned around the other way to do this. My life is so scheduled. And I’m going yeah, I’ll do that next year. And she looks at me. This is a person who came to me and she goes, No, JP. Now she’s coaching me. She says you’re doing it this year. And I breathed. And the event was Mindset to Millions. And I taught my seven money mindsets. And I think I have moved forward with that book. Because I didn’t have a title and I’m a title person. I work top down some people where you know, like they go, Oh, I’ll come with the title later and ago.

Heather Pearce Campbell  09:03

Of course you do. You’re right. You went to law school. You’re an attorney.

JV Crum  09:06

I don’t I don’t know how to write something or create something. You don’t have a title. I gotta have the title first. And then I’ll figure out what goes in it. Right. So the title immediately came to me Conscious Millionaire, your seven money mindsets. All right, that was Friday. Sunday, what did I do for my Sunday? I outlined the book. Yes, I did.

Heather Pearce Campbell  09:30

How’s it coming? How’s it coming along?

JV Crum  09:32

Well, amazing. And here was the part that was fun, is I decided it’s only going to be 100 pages. I know exactly what’s going to be in it. They’re going to be nine chapters. The names might shift a little bit but that’s, you know, that’s just the refinement process. And I said I’m going to do one of those things where you have like 10 pages of crud for all these people to say nice things about you. And I said okay, 30 is about the right number. Do you know when I stopped listing names? 110

Heather Pearce Campbell  10:02

That were willing to come in and say something about that

JV Crum  10:04

I don’t I’m sure at least 90% would. And I didn’t really think about it much because I live in this world of how different it is eight years later, folks, if you don’t have a podcast, I’m just gonna tell you go get a podcast, I’m not selling you podcast services, I do that, but it’s really much more expensive and you want to pay. But if you, you want to get known, nobody knew me eight years ago, like I said, if you lived in Tampa, I was in the right circles, and people knew me, but anyplace else, you know, go to Orlando, they never heard of me, right. And being a podcaster is what actually put me on the map. And of those 110, because I’m not going to mention any names. Now I have a lot of enemies, at least 70 or house full celebrities that are become friends of mine. Right? And you have the same thing as people I never would have met. But they were on my show. And people asked me this all the time, where’s the money in podcasting? Because everybody thinks, oh, it’s the, it’s the having the sponsor line, or something. I know. I mean, I had somebody yesterday who asked me for a fairly sizable amount of money. And I’m sending him a proposal, of course, cuz I’ve, because I’m no longer living in LA. So I learned better, right? But, that’s not what I look for. I don’t go out looking for sponsors ever, you know, the money, and there is a lot of money is all in the relationships? Yes, 100. Because you and I’ve already talked about multiple ways that we could do business together, the money is in the relationships, and the relationships are your guests. I have, of course, I have listeners that buy things, but the money is in the relationship with the guests.

Heather Pearce Campbell  11:56

And this is my experience across business in general. It’s always about the relationships, it’s always the irony of moving because I really developed my primary practice, you know, which is my traditional legal practice, in the ways that most people develop a small business. For me, I was clear early on, because I launched my practice right out of law school, that I just needed to get in front of people. So I put myself on a path of scheduling lunch with an attorney.

JV Crum  12:26

You gotta go to the after our cocktail party. Whether you want to drink or not, is not the issue.

Heather Pearce Campbell  12:33

Yeah, no, it’s just really about getting face time with people so that you get to understand them, they get to know you, there’s that mutual connection where next time they think of somebody that they want to send work to, or, or they think of something that they need help with, or somebody that they know needs help with, they think of you and without the relationship building, you just don’t have that. And the irony is when I moved, what I started to say is when I moved into the online space, because I knew I needed to create a new legal model to support my clients.

JV Crum  13:06

Right? The old one is not where people get to look. I do have friends. I’m not. And it’s not I’m not because I’m against it. It just doesn’t fit my personality that actually wanting to join the country club says I’m about 40% introvert, so what I get through with this kind of stuff, then…

Heather Pearce Campbell  13:25

You got to go recover, recover, right?

JV Crum  13:28

But the thing is, you’ve got to decide, and I just feel, what a fortunate time to be living, that we have this thing called Zoom, you know, when the pandemic hit, my business model didn’t change one bit. Yeah, I just stopped going to in-person conferences 2000 miles away. That’s right. But that’s all and then I realized that if I was going there to meet people, that I knew enough people that I just asked them, hey, who should I meet? And I’m sure you have that happen all the time that people just did happen today. Right? People send a little message, oh, this is somebody you should meet. And they do it. And it’s not like with an outcome. Now, it’s just like you to think something like and you won’t need to talk. Of course, there’s almost always an outcome from it. But you go to those meetings with no I go to those meetings with no, you know, I have a laundry list of things that could happen. But I want to find out who is this person?

Heather Pearce Campbell  14:32

Well, in that, you know, that is the magic in connecting with people and having these open ended connections. Like when I was getting started in building the legal website or your online business, I thought, I don’t know digital marketing. I don’t know all these fancy tricks and things that you need to do really but you know what I do know, it’s connecting with people, building relationships, having real conversations, I can do that all day long, right? And the irony is that I’ve built my online business in precisely the same way that I built my original practice, which is all just relationship based relationships, you know, and I think that can take the fear out of it for people, if they realize that’s really the root of everything.

JV Crum  15:18

Well, and what’s very interesting to me, because I’ll, I’ll go back 10 years before I did the podcast, and it was Skype. Now it’s zoom, right? And people were, I remember somebody that was in a mastermind worse, I created the mastermind. And they sent me a link to choose from their scheduler one we could meet, I was so offended. We are friends, what are you talking about? You’re going to, I have to choose one of these blocks just to get to talk to you. And what’s so interesting, and that first couple of years, he was like, Oh, we’re gonna go get on Skype again. You know, but I saw it as this other thing. And it was so funny. About a month ago, someone was talking to me about live events. And I no longer distinguish between in person and virtual events. To me, they’re no longer different. We’re like, we’re in the same room. Because I’ve been doing this. I do this all day long. And it was all of a sudden, interesting to me. And I actually said this, but not to them. Wow. That’s old school. Right? Like this whole idea that I have to get on a plane and go somewhere 2000 miles to talk in a…

Heather Pearce Campbell  16:37

hotel, right?

JV Crum  16:39

I’m going, Wow, that sounds old school. I can tell you. It’s interesting, because a good friend of mine is not excited about this. Because we were having a conversation. And that’s the whole Metaverse and I’m going, Oh, I’m gonna go buy some territory and several metaphors. No, I’m not joking, I am, believe you. And I’m gonna buy a build an institute. And what I’m really thinking is I’m going to build just a big mansion. Now, nobody can argue that I have a big mansion in or hurt the carbon footprint, right? Because it’s in an imaginary world. And I’m saying that’s where I’m gonna hold my parties from now on, where people can come in their avatars. We can have people from all over the world, right? And we can have parties in this luxury mansion that relatively costs nothing. And I’ll go and this is the world for me. Create institutions there to train people and create ways to do my nonprofit in 100 countries. I caught myself like just last week going, I’ve been saying I want to build centers and 100 countries and I went, huh. And maybe now

Heather Pearce Campbell  17:44

Now that in the metaverse, 

JV Crum 17:45

Maybe we just filled it in the metaverse and invited everybody to the training sessions. And then the training sessions are held in eight hour blocks or what within eight hour blocks. It doesn’t mean they have to be eight hours long. But it’s like they meet the three different timezones people can relate to. And I’m doing it. I don’t think this could actually be cheaper than I thought to change the whole world. Right? Well,

Heather Pearce Campbell  18:09

isn’t this the truth? I even just before like, a couple hours ago, before this call, I was meeting with a potential client. And this is a high level program that I offer to what I call my catalyst club members. It’s folks that have, you know, million dollars in revenue a year minimum, they’re quickly scaling there. It’s a small business, but they’re growing fast. And you know, this one company has 60 contractors around the world, all in different countries, right. And their question was, do you work with businesses like us, and I’m like, almost all of my clients that are at this level, have some element of this happening International, you know, supports in place, various contractors, if not around the world, all over the United States, like this is becoming the norm. The world is getting smaller,

JV Crum  19:05

it is becoming the norm. And I’m thinking about Startup Week, Denver has a big startup. I think it was three or four years ago, I was at one and it was a major company. I’m not disclosing it, because I can’t remember it. Right. But it was a major company and they were talking about it. It was a breakout. It was like an hour and a half on the costs and how you handle it. And all of a sudden, what you’re saying the metaverse wasn’t Metaverse was like an ethereal idea. Now the metaverse is still five to 10 years off in various forms. But we’re already starting VR and you know, elements of it. Right? And I’m in Peter Diamandis group and it just happens as we’re recording this the next three days I’m going to be doing his annual summit, live stream, right. And all these people are people who are Building or have built companies, they’re selling for hundreds of millions of dollars. They’re all changing the world. And, and they’re all tech related in some ways, which is how I’m now beginning to vision Conscious Millionaire, not as a tech company, but a tech enabled company. So I’m looking at how do I scale super fast? What are the avenues for that? And that’s why I joined tech groups now. So they understand what the technology is. But you know, I’m just thinking of metaphors, I can’t wait. I like going, it’s no different than zoom on steroids. We just feel like we’re in the room together even more. Right?

Heather Pearce Campbell  20:38

So fascinating to think about, right? 

JV Crum  20:40

The possibilities are just crazy in terms of how we can change the world much quicker, you know?

Heather Pearce Campbell  20:49

Oh, totally well, and it’s interesting that, you know, something like the pandemic forced some changes that, truthfully, we needed to have for quite some time anyways, right? Even something as simple as ordering food to go from a restaurant. How many restaurants do you know if you were really plugged into like a local restaurant community that were not even set up for online orders before the pandemic? So many really, really old school technology, right? Like your one option was to show up and sit in that restaurant. And that’s it. And now, I don’t think you could find a restaurant that has survived these past two years without upgrading their sales system that online technology being able to place a direct order. 

JV Crum  21:34

Well, we’re having… What are on the surface at least catastrophes? Time compress? You know, I want to just mention Ukraine, because Ukraine is a horrendous tragedy, you know, and at my event, every person who bought it I call it a continuation of the journey, right? But I had an amount that this amount is going to Ukraine, humanitarian, from my side, you’re not paying anymore. I just asked myself, literally three days before the event started, how can I make this event more meaningful? And I went, Oh, we can support humanitarian relief. So this is an event that I am following closely, in part because I’m a futurist. And in part, because I have to say, at least once a day, I sit down and I’m horrified. I can’t even believe this is occurring. Right. But I also have asked, so okay, like the pandemic, what’s gonna come out of this? And I think what’s going to come out of this is compression, to clean energy, compression to clean energy, we’re gonna get there so much faster. Out of…

Heather Pearce Campbell  22:57

Well, there are just things Yeah, that people will no longer tolerate, right. So even in the shipping industry, people voluntarily saying, Nope, we are not accepting this oil. We’re not offloading it. We are just not going to do it.

JV Crum  23:11

Two weeks from now is very fortunate. I went this last weekend, and I’m picking up my new Grand Cherokee. So in full disclosure, my favorite vehicles are Grand Cherokees and European vehicles. And I frequently have one of each, like a Mercedes or a Porsche and a Grand Cherokee. I live in Colorado. So of course, I want half of the mountain roads I want to go on, you kind of need a Grand Cherokee or a wrangler to get on. All right. So when interesting, typically, 95% of Grand Cherokees have a sunroof this year, about 5%. And mine’s one of those why, because they can’t get the chip that runs the motor to make the window go back and forth. They can’t get that chip. But here’s another thing I’m doing a lease because I thought do I want to buy? Do I want to lease because I, when I buy it tend to take things six or seven years because I take good care of stuff. And in case you don’t know, cheap, and Mercedes have a seven year cycle in their body. And this is a new start of a cycle for Jeep. But I said you know, they’re gonna, they’re gonna go hybrid and electric. And I talked to the guy I bought from and I said, let me just check this out before we do the deal. And he says That’s right. So this is 2022. He says in 2025. We’re already slated, every Grand Cherokee model will be gas, hybrid and electric. So I know if I want to continue that because in Colorado electricity gets a little dicey in the mountains, right. And by 2030, we’ll have no more gas models of anything. And that’s where we’re headed, but it’s going to speed up and speed up and speed up because of the Ukrainian crisis. The reaction to Russia but also people making new decisions that we wouldn’t have even thought through before.

Heather Pearce Campbell  25:06

It is really fascinating to see, you know, human behavior and how we respond in times like Ukraine, right? So I and even something small, like people around the world feeling helpless in regards to that situation, but trying to figure out a way to help. And then, of all places like Airbnb being flooded with just voluntary payments, people are clearly not going to Ukraine right to visit and using it as a vehicle to get money into the hands of Ukrainians, right, who need it, and just how creative humans can be even using existing technology, but using it for something that totally was not anticipated for

JV Crum  25:50

Absolutely, absolutely. And so I think there’s the certain, then you have to kind of decide, where do you think we’re headed. So I firmly believe my reason, my mission for being on this planet at this particular time, is to help us evolve over the next 20 – 30 years into a much more conscious world, in which we’re making different kinds of decisions that are based on everybody winning, not just a small percentage. And I think it’s important, you and I are fortunate, because probably the majority of the people we know are in the 20%, that gets away. And that’s just in the United States. In most countries, it’s not even 20%. If you go to Asia, it’s not 20%, you go to Africa, I don’t know what 5%. And it’s time to change our structures, our social structures, our education structures, our government structures, certainly our economic structures. I did training this morning, and it was the beginning of 18 month training. And I asked people if they were going to become a billionaire. Within 10 years, what problem must they solve for humanity? You know, and in full disclosure this is a training to become your first million. But I guarantee you, it’s a lot easier to make your first million if you’re thinking, Oh, I could legitimately figure out how to make a billion and think, Oh, well, I can certainly figure out how to make first million right now my cat, my third million by the end of the day at the end of the year. And one person, two people there, they were thinking lofty. And that’s what we have to think. Like how do we create different structures so that they were saying they want to check and eradicate homelessness? So we define Well, this is homelessness includes people who, like, at this time, right now there are 4 million displaced from just you know, Ukraine, is it displaced, or homeless in the traditional sense. And then that raveled into a conversation between two people about human rights? Like, you know, what are human rights, and they believed, education should be human, right food, homes, having a place to live, and having health care. So all of a sudden, this end, you put that into a capitalist model, all of a sudden is a different capitalism. It isn’t to mean like you throw out capitalism, it’s that we change our value structure, about how we approach it. So that ‘s about, you know, I don’t do an aside. So I studied NLP extensively. And the people I studied it with the deepest, we’re at Marian Reese, who are now in their 80s. And still great friends are like a second set of parents. And they owned all the rights to international and LP, so they would do training. And I went over with them one year, three weeks in, right outside Vienna. And I was the only American in the training and the other people were from 15 European countries. And this changed me not so much for the NLP because I did already studying NLP, the values because they’re all business people. And I was a business guy on this business. I was the only one who thought business and I have since changed votes, but I was the only one who thought business was about making money. And I was done. Like, I didn’t feel like I’m supposed to have loyalty to anyone. And you know, I have really changed, you know, I got I got I got consciousness.

JV Crum  29:28

And they were all saying, Oh, no, that’s not what business is about. It’s providing livelihoods to our employees and, and support to their families. And I’m going wow, and at the time, so this was the early 90s. That was certainly not the view of business in the United States. Right. Right. There was no such thing as thinking out punches business, right. What are you talking about? You know, you paid them? What other obligations do you have? Well, these people enlightened me literally By helping me realize, oh, there are higher callings for business than just putting money in the bank. And that’s when I started to see things differently was that that event is that I started to realize, and that’s what led me ultimately to Conscious Millionaire. And, you know, within a decade, I’d started Conscious Millionaire from that event. And I’m sure that some of those seeds were planted in me. And that’s why it’s so important for us to do podcasts and plant seeds. Because folks, you can actually make more money, if that’s a very strong value of yours. And it’s a very strong value of mine. And you can make more money doing it consciously by focusing on impact, and transparently helping people in the way that they need and creating a better humanity than you can just being greedy and trying to figure out how to get as much money out of people ate out phrases that are used in, in that kind of marketing, get them to open their wallet, so you can take pick out as much money as possible. But what if you get them to open their mind so that you can transform them as much as possible, and they never want to stop the journey with you. Because you’re awakening them to what they’ve always really wanted in the first place. To dream of a life where they get to do something that matters, and they get to put money in the bank. And that’s to me, the whole conscious business revolution is that we get to do something that matters. And by golly, you can also drive a Mercedes, if that’s what you want. You know, I’ve had plenty of them. But you see that it’s not either or, it’s and it’s all about the end.

Heather Pearce Campbell  31:38

Well, and this ripple effect of impact, right? Are you impacting your clients in a certain way that allows them to create greater impact?

JV Crum  31:47

Well, if you uplift their consciousness about who they can become, guess what all the people they interact with, they’re going to interact with them differently. Right. And now we do get this not just a ripple, but a big wave going out. And the world changes and, and to me, humanity, ending up on a different path than it’s on right now or are farther along the path in a very conscious way, is what I’m most on fire about. And in Conscious Millionaire, I just want to help people make their money doing that.

Heather Pearce Campbell  32:19

Yeah. When did that become your mission?

JV Crum  32:23

You know, that’s a great question. I knew when I was 25, I moved into the four storey home and headed Mercedes. So I got my dream. And within three months, I’m more proud of this than the house and the Mercedes and all that and the money. I had a day which had a total meltdown. So my house was on the water in Tampa. I was watching it every time I told the story. It’s like I’m there. I was watching the palm trees. And I was watching the sailboats on the bay. And I had a 62nd sight on total meltdown. I looked at it. I got this horrible feeling inside. And I said something is wrong with this picture. And that was in my living room with my grand piano that I’d always wanted to have. Right. And I’ve got no pictures around. And then I said the most raw things I could have said. I said I don’t even like myself, which was painfully true. And I’m horrible at relationships just asked me when I tried to have one with right. And I said something’s got to change. And I went out and I read the Wayne Dyer’s and the Tony Robbins and the Nightingale Conant said I went to sweat lodges that I went to spiritual retreats, I became a seeker. Hmm, right. And I have to say that I did not want to give the money back. I was like, oh, somebody I should donate the money to them. No, because this is a lot nicer house and I grew up in and we had broken down Chevrolet’s, not Mercedes. So I think I’ll keep that part but there’s something missing. And that’s when, you know, take a journey forward. I ultimately sold the company, went and lifted a Buddhist monastery and from the Buddhist monastery and went to live at Esalen on the Big Sur coast with human potential movement. And then I went to Boulder, which I said was kind of like living at a Buddhist monastery. That was excellent. Except I got to go camping a lot. So I’d go camping for two or three weeks at a time. And I would have what I call these conversations with the universe and I light up my fire because I love the fires. It’s such a spiritual kind of Shamanic type experience for me to be by the campfire. And I go okay, salt company’s have a bunch of graduate degrees. Now, would you just tell me what I’m supposed to do? Because I’m open. I’m ready. Yeah, that took three years of that. And then finally in a hot tub. I was ready and so from whence all this comes into my mind, and into my forehead comes the phrase Conscious Millionaire and a tingling in my spine and I went Oh, that’s cool. But then they did give me a manual for what it was supposed to be. They didn’t know either. So I did go and take Conscious There it was nobody thought about it or had the implant or however you want to look at it. And about a month later filed some trademarks, because I went to law school. And then I had to figure out what this was all about. And that is taken a while and it still unravels deeper and deeper and deeper. It’s not like I’m there, I don’t think I’ll ever be there. Right? It’s like, I see deeper insight to possibility all the time I go, Oh, my God, we could start a program like that, and help people in this way. And the day before, I’d never thought about the program. And then that changes the dynamic all over again, that, you know, and one of the things I teach us how to live in flow, and I go, Well, that’s what flow is all about. It’s like when you become you don’t just surrender in it, but you become flow.

Heather Pearce Campbell  36:03

Well, it’s like walking further down the path and just having a new fork open up, right, and you’ve never looked that way.

JV Crum  36:09

And that happens for me on a daily basis. You know, and I was doing a training yesterday, I did a training this morning. And one of the things I said, I think, in the next few months, either this is the direction seems likely or this is the direction seems likely. And then I said, I don’t want you to know, and they’re quite different. And I want you to know, I don’t care. And I’m not being flippant, it’s not like it doesn’t matter. It’s only that I take the path that’s authentic. So I’m at the place that if it’s authentic, it feels like the right thing to do. It’s the people I’m supposed to interact with. It’s the program that seems like it’ll change the world. I’m all in. But I’m not attached. You know, I did that Buddha’s journey, and I got that part, I got it. I’m not attached to what that looks like. I’m only if anything, I’m not attached to any of it. I’m just like, whatever is authentic, and whatever is real, and whatever is the flow, and whatever synchronicity comes along, and it feels authentic, like this is the step I’m here to take. That’s what I really think that I have. I’ve been that I’m that I have, at some point. Learn to live in the surrendered life. Yeah. Right. And that changes everything. Because no longer it’s about the ego, or what the specifics are. It’s like I’m now wanting a partner. Now, it wasn’t wanting one Much, much before I probably would have had one because I tend to manifest stuff pretty quickly. But here’s what’s most interesting. Yeah, I have to admit, you know, I am a guy who likes people who are good look, I do I just, it’s just the way I am.

Heather Pearce Campbell  37:51

Shame on you, shame on you.

JV Crum  37:53

I’m so superficial. But here’s the thing, you have to be in a good body. I’m just saying that folks. I’m being an honest guy. And if guys were all honest, they’d say the same thing. So here’s the thing. But beyond that, it’s the soul I am supposed to journey with. And we will know each other in an instant. Right? And I am right, the way it works. That’s the way it works.

Heather Pearce Campbell  38:19

Well, and I think so. I love this topic of flow of intuition of how we make choices that serve our path, right? That’s really what this is all about building, whether you’re an entrepreneur, whether you’re an individual that has a regular job, but building a life that you want to love and have influence and impact in. And what I’ve learned is that some people have the clear, yes, or clear, no signal, right? So a fork opens up or something happens. And it’s like, oh, yeah, it’s a clear yes or clear. Now, what I’ve learned is that’s not the case for everybody. Is there a practice that you do? I mean, obviously, you’ve got years of training and experience doing this. But is there a daily practice that you do? What do you say to the folks that want to hone that skill of learning to be in flow more consistently? And I think some people know the experience of it, but it’s not as consistent as they would like it.

JV Crum  39:15

Absolutely. Well, noticing that we have two minutes for me to write, I know a 48 hour nonstop discourse on I do actually have a formula. And yeah, I haven’t done this in a long time. I know, because I send people to Amazon and all that. I’m just gonna give you my book and tell you where to read. So here’s my book, you can go get it for free, Now, here’s the part that’s hard to remember. book, and read chapter seven. I call it the millionaire inner zone. It’s my chapter on flow. It’s all proprietary work. And there’s a three That formula there. And if you really want the formula, you’re gonna go get the book. It’s free, right? So go get the book, and read chapter seven. And there’s a three step formula that I have taught to I have no idea how many people, but everybody has the same experience. And love that city starts coming. Yeah, those magical miraculous moments where you meet that person, you find the business deal, the client comes, the opportunity shows up. I live that way every day. And that three step formula is how I do it. It’s like, I almost couldn’t not live that way. Like I’m a systems guy. I’ll tell you the system shows up real quick. So I’m a systems guy. How much of a systems guy are you? Yes, some people will call this a no, that’s okay. That just means you’re really a systems guy. So I like to have hot tea. And I have a gas stove. So you don’t really. I’ve burned up, I burned up enough tea kettles that I finally came up with a system. If it’s on the front burner, it’s full of water. If it’s on the back burner, I just didn’t take time to put water in it. If it’s on the front burner, I no longer have to check and turn it on. Right. And I don’t burn up another cat. Because it’s only on the front burner. Right? But that’s systems, right?

Heather Pearce Campbell  41:27

A simple system that will save you.

JV Crum  41:29

Well, I live in flow by doing those three steps constantly. And it really is like living a miracle life. I know that everybody can do it. I’m not special. I just figure out formulas. That’s my gift. I love it to show everybody can use those formulas. I just, you know, transmit them to the world. That’s all.

Heather Pearce Campbell  41:53

Right. We need the optimizers, we need the systems people to help us. That’s awesome.

JV Crum  41:58

But you do too, because that’s what a law is. Law systems.

Heather Pearce Campbell  42:02

Yeah, well, entrepreneurship assist systems.

JV Crum  42:06

Systems, because there’s no way to do it well without systems.

Heather Pearce Campbell  42:09

No, no. Well, we’re.. We could. I feel like it’s been like three minutes. Here we are. I’m so glad I asked you that question about flow. If you are listening, pop over, we’re gonna share links to jayvees website to his free book, go get that chapter, read it. JV, it’s been such a pleasure to have you. Like I said, Time went by way too fast. I know that there is so much more we could explore. Maybe we do around to have this conversation.

JV Crum  42:39

I would love to come back. I would. Listen, why don’t we do three rounds? Three guides.

Heather Pearce Campbell  42:47

I know, there’s so much that you have to share for entrepreneurs on their path that are walking this path. And we talked a lot today about, you know, a variety of really interesting topics, but I think we could dig into some other topics as well. So just plan on that. Okay. And where do you like to show up online? Obviously, we’ll share your resources. Do you connect with people from other places?

JV Crum  43:10

I do more on LinkedIn. Okay. But also Facebook. All right. We put stuff in my story most days. But I, I have to be honest, the best way to connect with me is to get the book and then you’re then you’re a part of the community. And one problem that is getting worse and worse by the day. Like right now, I’ll tell you and some people will be horrified and other people go, huh. I’m approximately 4500 emails behind. But this does not bother me in the least, Heather, because three years ago. 23,000 emails behind.

Heather Pearce Campbell  43:58

Just sitting in your inbox are actually ones that you had to read.

JV Crum  44:02

Yeah, they’re sitting in my inbox. Some of them might read. Some of them. I have some ideas on the subject of people wanting me on this show and people wanting me on my show. I just, you know, I made a decision. And Chris Yee, who was on my show, who wrote Blitzscaling with Reed Hoffman. I sent him an email, and he didn’t respond and get on the show. And we’re trying to do something. And so I sent him a text or a voicemail because he was like 23,000. And he goes, I just don’t, don’t worry about it. And I said, I don’t either, right.

Heather Pearce Campbell  44:41

I understand this.

JV Crum  44:42

Yes. So I will give you that I’m going to take up my non here. It’s a blue pen. It costs $1. But I’ll wave it around in some special way, which I just did. And I’m giving you permission to decide what your priorities are. And I made a decision. Apparently a while back that emails were not my priorities, it isn’t that I’m going to use totally, it’s not that I’m trying to ignore you. But I can let it eat up my entire day. And there are lots of people who do and you might be listening, and you’re one of them. And that’s why I’m saying this, decide what your real priorities are. And then just let the rest of them fall through the cracks. And don’t even worry about it. That’s like I said, when you were 23,000 emails behind 4300, maybe it’ll be 4500 When I look at him that embodies.

Heather Pearce Campbell  45:32

That’s the golden nugget, folks. It truly is, though, and I’m waiting for you at all. Let’s just not do it. You can’t do it, an email is not my priority. Now, client emails are right, I’ll do a quick scan. 

JV Crum  45:45

Let’s do the quick ones, clients, IRS and bank. I always open all of those because maybe the check didn’t clear. Now, folks, that doesn’t normally happen, but you ought to find out. IRS bow you better listen to those folks. Right? Important, and they paid you so they’re expecting a response. And they deserve what you said. Here’s what to say about all the rest of those emails. I did not ask for them. And I am not responsible for them. Right? Because most of those other emails you did not ask for. That’s right.

Heather Pearce Campbell  46:21

And if you have a VA, plug them into superhuman on your behalf and only respond to the ones that are important. That’s it, you leave the rest. So I’m with you. I get it. JB I appreciate you. We’re gonna share all the links. Thank you for showing up today. It’s such a pleasure to connect. 

JV Crum  46:37

Thank you for having me. And thank you for all the work you’re doing. 

Heather Pearce Campbell  46:41

Oh, it’s you know, it’s a joy when we get to do work that we love. It’s a real joy. So we will have you back. We’ll continue the conversation. Until next time.

JV Crum  46:49

Thank you. Bye bye.

GGGB Intro  46:54

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