With Ron Reich, a true mastermind in the world of marketing strategy and consultancy, has an extensive track record of over a decade in the online selling arena, and with an impressive background as a former lawyer turned successful online entrepreneur. After launching over 50 of his own products in a variety of niches, Ron later became the “secret weapon” behind many of the biggest names in the industry including Hay House Publishing, Todd Herman, Selena Soo, Denise Duffied-Thomas and Ryan Levesque.

Now, Ron focuses his efforts on empowering emerging experts to reach new heights, guiding them in scaling from six to seven figures through his revolutionary proprietary Genius Profit System (GPS) framework. 

In this conversation, Ron shares his journey into the world of marketing and consulting, the power of implementing ideas early, and the importance of continuous movement towards your goals. You will also learn how to create a business that aligns with your strengths and take it to the next level.

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Takeaways & quotes you don’t want to miss:

  • “If you have authority and have a strong enough intention, people will go along with the program.”
  • How lack of focus and consistency affect your business.
  • How to create your business in a way that works for you?

“For anyone who’s doing marketing, you’re better off putting something to market when it’s 80% done versus waiting for that perfection.”

Ron Reich

Check out these highlights:

  • 04:47 Ron shares how he got started in marketing and consulting.
  • 12:31 How Ron came across Dan Kennedy.
  • 33:23 Who does Ron work with and what are the biggest issues that they face?
  • 45:04 Ron’s final advice to the listeners.

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GGGB Intro 0:00
Here’s what you get on today’s episode of Guts, Grit and Great Business®…

Ron Reich 0:04
This is a really good rule of thumb. For anyone who’s doing marketing, you’re better off putting something to market when it’s 80% done versus waiting for that perfection. That’s kind of a good rule of thumb. People have that perfectionist things. And of course, before we started, we were joking about technology or unfortunately for us and realized this, the software companies do this. And this is why every software has bugs even if they’re backed by billions of dollars.

GGGB Intro 0:29
The adventure of entrepreneurship and building a life and business you love, preferably at the same time is not for the faint of heart. That’s why Heather Pearce Campbell is bringing you a dose of Guts, Grit & Great Business® stories that will inspire and motivate you to create what you want in your business and life. Welcome to the Guts, Grit and Great Business® podcast where endurance is required. Now, here’s your host, The Legal Website Warrior®, Heather Pearce Campbell.

Heather Pearce Campbell 0:57
Alrighty, welcome. I am Heather Pearce Campbell, The Legal Website Warrior®. I’m an attorney and legal coach based here in Seattle, Washington, serving online information entrepreneurs throughout the US and the world. Welcome to another episode of Guts, Grit and Great Business®. I am super excited to welcome our guest today, Ron Reich. Welcome, Ron.

Ron Reich 1:23
Hello. So glad to be here. Thank you so much for having me.

Heather Pearce Campbell 1:27
Yeah, absolutely. So Ron and I connected a little bit ago, now we have a mutual friend, Jay Forset in common. And I reached out and we had an initial conversation. And I thought, you know, we need to get Ron on the podcast. And he’s got a lot going on in the background of his life. So, Ron, well let you stay around that. But I’m thrilled that you’re here with us today.

Ron Reich 1:52
Yeah, thank you so much for having me once again. And yeah, I just remember, we had our initial kind of yet the Jay Forset command connection, jet js and awesome, dude. And, you know, we had our initial whatever you want to call it like initial zoom chat getting to know you type chat. And I have a lot of those types of chat with people. And I know you do as well. I think most people listening to this are many of them do also. And they don’t always have a strong like chemistry a strong vibe. But I really felt like after we were talking, we just had like a really good energy there. And just I was I’m really excited that we’re continuing the conversation here on the podcast.

Heather Pearce Campbell 2:29
Excellent. Well, I love that! I feel the same way I I love connecting with folks. I love hearing their stories. I love connecting people in my network to each other that I think could make magic or just at least need to know each other. And so I’m always so thrilled when I discover somebody new and we’re able to connect in this way. And you know, in your instance, I know you’ve got a lot of information and experience that will benefit our listeners and so I’m super excited to dig in with you. For those of you that don’t know Ron, Ron Reich is a sought after marketing strategist and consultant, a former lawyer and I love this piece, Ron, I think you are maybe lawyer number three to come on our podcast. We’ll have the other two, one is not also a non practicing lawyer. I joke that you guys are smarter than the rest of us and you got out of it. One is still a lawyer but he is really in like the the patent space so quite different than what I do but also very complimentary. So yeah, I’m always thrilled to talk with a another lawyer. So Ron was a former lawyer, has been selling online for over 10 years after launching over 50 of his own products in a variety of niches. He later became the secret weapon behind many of the biggest names in the industry, including Hay House Publishing, Todd Herman, Selena Sue, Denise Duffield, Thomas and Ryan Levesque. His current focus is in helping emerging experts scale from six to seven figures through his proprietary Genius Profit System or GPS framework. Ron, welcome.

Ron Reich 4:20
Thank you once again, excited to dive into everything.

Heather Pearce Campbell 4:22
Yeah, absolutely. So talk to us. I would love to know a bit about your roots, how you got started in marketing and consulting. I know that’s not always a straight line. And so I’d love to hear about some of your early experience.

Ron Reich 4:38
Yeah, never a straight line like nothing is what’s the like? Steve Jobs has that famous quote that you can only connect the dots looking backwards. I would say I’m an accidental consultant, that kind of that in the sense that I’ll give you the really, the relatively quick version of the story is that I was in law school, and I decided to maybe, maybe not. You were like this. The reason why I went to law school in the first place was because honestly I was afraid to get a job after graduating college or like what it was like. By the summer of my junior year of college. And I was like working in this warehouse. It’s like this kind of dumb summer warehouse job, packing boxes. And I was like, you know, work sucks. Like, this is not that cool. I didn’t know how to be working for the rest of my life. How can I could stretch out this, the school thing, I’m kind of cool like studying that. I was like, Well, you know, there’s like, there’s some warriors in my family, one of my friends was going to law school, hey, I’ll just go to law school. Anyways, long story short, I kind of was never like, really all in on becoming a lawyer. And then actually in my third year of law school, I actually discovered kind of this whole idea of information marketing, it wasn’t really called Online Marketing at the time, it was called Information Marketing. And I was like, well, that’s cool. I want to do that. And then I found out about this guy named Dan Kennedy, who is essentially kind of the godfather of the Information Marketing industry. And then I was like, okay, that’s what I want to do, then flash forward a couple of years. Or I guess about a year later. And in California, when I think it has one of the longest lag times for getting bar results. So in California, you take the bar exam in July, it’s twice yeah, it’s like February in July, I took in July, and you don’t get your results until November. So I wait like four months, and it was essentially during that four months, that’s when I essentially started officially my first information marketing project. And at the time, the experts, people like Dan Kennedy, were saying, you should teach things that you know about. And so I was like, Okay, well, by now I know a lot about law school and taking the bar exam. So my first ever product was how to pass the bar exam practice, it was actually a how to be productive in law school product, like a study guide for law students. And then I launched a how to pass the bar exam type project. And then I essentially did that on the side. And I did get my first lawyer job after getting my bar results in November. And essentially, during when I was working as a lawyer from day one, when I started working as a lawyer, I already had my internet marketing, my information marketing projects. And so I was kind of had one foot out the door there, if you know what I mean. And then yeah, long story short, I worked two years as a full time lawyer, and then I essentially moonlighted at nighttime and doing all the things to get my internet marketing, information marketing business off the ground. And about essentially, it was about but two years later, I was actually in a position whilst making almost enough money actually wasn’t quite really enough I had about, I’ll just give the actual numbers at about 25,000 hours saved up for my lawyer job. And I was consistently making at that time, about $3,000 a month for my, for my business. And I was like, Well, you know what, for a variety of reasons, which I won’t get into, I was like, No, I think this is going to be time for me just to tear the band aid off and quit my lawyer job. And that’s when I decided to become a full time marketer for an information marketer. And then essentially, fast forward, I ended up working a few different niches, how to pass the bar exam and the law school that market, it wasn’t quite big enough, it wasn’t really the best market for me, I didn’t really make a ton of money from that. Then I later on got into like the dating, relationship space, selling programs and that niche, then I actually did some things in the dog training phase. So these are to be kind of lower end information, marketing product products. And then when I was doing that, I ended up hiring this guy, Ryan Lobeck. to coach me, this was back in 2012. And then long story short, he coached me for a couple of years. And then he started to really blow up, keep it up his best selling book called Ask this was in late 2014, early 2015. And then I really knew his stuff really well. So he invited me to work in his business, I eventually became his marketing director. And then that is what kind of got me into the more online education space helping entrepreneurs grow their business. I spent two years working as his marketing director like behind the scenes. And then it was it was about a little about time flies almost six years ago, early 2017. That’s when I ended my engagement with Brian, we’re still you know, we’re still good friends. I was cool. And that’s when I really branched out on my own and really started coaching and consulting entrepreneurs on how to grow their business. It’s interesting is that one of… this is kind of the whole connecting the dots looking backward type things. Is that the reason why I honestly started working with Brian as his marketing director, honestly, if I’m being totally candid here is that because I kind of need the money at the at the time because I didn’t because my other businesses, primarily my dog training business at the time, it wasn’t doing really really well. So I was like, Oh, I missed them a little bit. Actually kind of using credit cards to grow that business I got in kind of a cash flow crunch. And then that, ultimately is what made the working with Ryan. And then I ended up doing what I’m doing now. And I’m really happy doing what I’m doing now as a very well known and awesome coach consultant in the online marketing space. I have all sorts of grand visions of making a billion dollars with my dog training business to have that business really, really took off, I do not think I would be doing what I am today, if that makes sense.

Heather Pearce Campbell 10:35
Totally. Well, your story is such a great example of the twists and turns that lead to, you know, where so many of us land, which looks quite a bit different than where we started. And absolutely, yeah, a couple things that stand out in particular about your journey as one, like most people who put in the time to go to law school and like the, you know, the commitment and the hassle that it takes to actually pass the bar exam. It’s fascinating to me that you were able to pull the plug on that soberly, right and walk away. And good for you. I think so many people choose a career and get started and kind of get sucked in feeling like well, you know, I invested like, especially when you look at what it takes to even get a legal education these days, right? That’s a big investment. What was it? Was it just a realization? I know you mentioned thinking like, oh, this really isn’t for me. How apparent did that have to become for you to be willing to walk away? And do you think you could have done that without developing the side gig that you had going on?

Ron Reich 11:45
Yeah, it’s kind of interesting, because to be to a couple of things, for sure. So my third year of law school, I was really into a couple of things. I was just kind of talking about my third year of law school, I was actually really into that’s when I got really into Dan Kennedy as listen to his stuff all the time, I shall be learning a lot about online marketing, information marketing, as it was called once again.

Heather Pearce Campbell 12:08
I’m so curious, even on that point, the Dan Kennedy stuff, I’ve got my own Dan Kennedy story, but I want to hear yours first. How did you come across his stuff? How did Dan Kennedy…

Ron Reich 12:20
I will actually, I’ve never actually told this story on a podcast. And I might ask you to edit this out later. But I’ll tell you this story. Back when I was. This was when I was in college, when I was in high school, I was in college, I was not very good with women at the time. And then I found out about this guy by the name of Ross Jeffries, who is kind of the godfather of let’s say, General, the dating and relationship, business industry, essentially. And he and I kind of got into his world like consumed on quite a few of his products I got into his world. And then in one of his newsletters, he mentioned Oh, Dan Kennedy, if you want to learn how to make money, Dan Kennedy’s the guy you should check out. And then after I read that, this was when I was, I’m sure this was when I was in college. So this is like my junior year of college, I went down to the library and checked out this book by this guy named Dan Kennedy. And it was pretty cool. Because he had this very like contrarian attitude. I was like, Oh, this guy is cool. And then I kind of planted the seed where I was like, okay, in the future, when I want to learn how to make money, Dan Kennedy, that’s the guy who I’m going to learn from. And then my time when I was like, oh, I want to learn how to make money. That was kind of what I that. I started at least learning about that really exploring that when I was in law school. So that’s exactly how I heard about Dan Kennedy. And then where I was going with this was that. So at the time, so yeah, so what I’m saying is that, if I did this Bayesian, like my, I have, like, Okay, I’m going to be at the time, essentially, I had a few different visions where it’s like, Okay, what I’m going to do is I’m going to work as a lawyer for a couple years, maybe I’ll, I’ll do like a state planning, and then I’m going to build up my estate planning practice, and then I’ll teach people how to market their estate planning practices. That was kind of like the model that that was kind of happening in the Dan Kennedy world type thing like people would like they would build their like restaurant business or they would go there chiropractors and practice then they would essentially start teaching the relevant information on how to do the science that was kind of one vision that I had another idea that I had which is like well, if I want to be really good business person, I should learn how to litigate I want to I should be a litigator because that’s where all learn how to like negotiate and be a badass and be aggressive and things like that, which is so I kind of have this image in my head, which is kind of in hindsight, this is like, I kind of got not only sucked in but I kind of I was told the story that being a litigator was the cool thing to be like, That’s what I should aspire to. And so then I was that I ended up like applying for litigation jobs, I did sit up civil litigation. And it turns out for a variety of reasons, maybe you can tell by this by just our conversation is that I’m not a very confrontational person, I was not designed to be a litigator. So it was kind of like one of those things where, like, for me, giving up my litigation job was not that difficult at all, you know, and I kind of did like, I always kind of again, I always had this, again, from day one, when I started my law practice, or when I didn’t, I worked for a firm, when I started working as a lawyer, I was working, I had a recording job really, from day one and Vanuatu and having a successful online business. So it really wasn’t that difficult for me to, from like, from that investment from that, like sunk cost and quotes aspect, I didn’t really have that it was just more of that fear of like, oh, man, like, kind of, you know, was jumping out of a plane without a parachute or whatever, or whatever you want to whatever metaphor you want to use.

Heather Pearce Campbell 16:04
Yeah. Well, it is fascinating to me how people like where ideas come from, right? And along your journey, you were implementing some of these very early, right. I don’t think a lot of people are that fast at implementing. Does that feel true to you?

Ron Reich 16:22
Yeah. I would say that’s always been one of my strengths, to be honest, is just being a super implementer for sure. And kind of just doing whatever, like, read now of course I think I’m in the top percentile. I’m definitely not perfect, but I’m better than better than most, I would say. And yeah, so that obviously served me quite well. One of the sad things along those lines, I learned I went to an actual Dan Kennedy seminar. And this was in 2006. So this is actually I remember, this is the first ever live event I ever went to. This was November of 2006. So this is when I was essentially, I think this was actually I remember, I got my bar results on November 17 2006. How about that? Almost exactly. This is due, so that they’re 2006. So almost exactly how many years ago that was. But anyways, I think I wanted that Dan Kennedy event. That was early November. So this was essentially right before I got my bar results. But anyways, at that seminar, one of the big things I learned was that I remember Bill Glaser, Dan Kennedy’s partner at the time, he said, you know, good is good enough, you don’t be a perfectionist, just like ship things out. And you’re better off just shipping things out without them be finished. And I just picked up the heart. I said, okay, cool. Just get out there and do it. Overall, that sort of served me x or Miko quite well, and I know a lot of people, they just spend way too much time, you know, planning and getting ready and getting getting ready. Yeah, and I’ve had that. I’ve done that in other contexts. I never really had big barriers when it comes to implementing once I kind of knew what I was what I had to do you know what I mean?

Heather Pearce Campbell 18:03

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Well, I think it is really easy particularly in the space that you’re in and that you coach and it’s really easy for people to get stuck around the learning piece and then continuing the learning and then learning more and then learning the next like before they ever go do right. Yeah. Like I find it fascinating that you first of all were drawn to law school, which that is a particular kind of personality for the most part. But you know, people I think tend to be more more perfectionist kind of cautious types, not always, but I think there’s definitely a core group that are in the legal world that are that way. And you really bucked the trend, like being able to have that part of your personality and have this other part that allowed you to move quickly and implement, you know, and really embrace the good is good enough. That, I think is a phenomenal piece of advice for entrepreneurs, and I think a lot of attorneys would struggle with.

Ron Reich 20:52
Yeah, it’s interesting you say that, yeah, another piece of advice that I would give people that I think will really be helpful for those listening to this is, I really can’t remember exactly where I heard this to get credit for. But I think it was in the context of somebody or I was reading an article about how they develop software, how they build software companies. And the idea is that when it comes to stock for you only want to smart companies will ship their software to market when it’s about 80% completion, this is a really good rule of thumb. For anyone who’s doing marketing, you’re better off putting something to market when it’s 80% done versus waiting for that perfection. So that’s kind of a good rule of thumb, people have that perfectionist things. And of course, before we started, we were joking about technical quality or unfortunately for us in real life. This is the software companies do this. And this by every software has bugs even if they’re backed by billions of dollars. So it is a thing for sure. But on the other hand, those are the most valuable companies or at least among the most valuable companies in the world. But one thing I’ll just say it’s kind of interesting to say that because actually I’m overall really conservative person. Like if you take any of the personality tests, what I liked was the Colby test. And are you familiar with that one?

Heather Pearce Campbell 22:07
I am familiar with the Colby.

Ron Reich 22:09
Oh good. What were your Colby score is?

Heather Pearce Campbell 22:11
Yeah, I can pull it up here. I don’t have it memorized. I’m not like I had somebody on here who’s like a Colby robot you could…

Ron Reich 22:17
Like I used to, I don’t want to spend time on this stuff. I actually get predicting people I’m going to be one of my superpowers is predicting people’s quality scores. I actually won’t do it with you, but I will predict since you’re a lawyer you’re probably Sears is probably pretty similar to mine. Mine’s I’m a 7842 and it says that for the third one is Quickstart and that’s essentially how you for those who are not familiar with Colby that’s the kind of like how do you deal with like risk and uncertainty and how much of an innovator you are you are in a lot of entrepreneurs are like nines or 10s on on Colby and the fact binder that’s the first one that’s how much research you do. Or you do a project a lot of our customers are like really low on factfinder but they’ll be really high on Quixtar like that’s kind of a common thing.

Heather Pearce Campbell 23:07
Well you’re a tremendously high on follow through, a seven eight this is what from the outside looks like implementer even though you’re low on implementer you’re good at follow through.

Ron Reich 23:18
Yeah the names especially the name implementer it doesn’t really match what it is because implemented more about like, how much you liked our hands on and how much you can like final business so sometimes like Mike my brother’s, so he does ceramics and artists will be high on implementer for example. And a follow through is kind of a how much you follow a specific system so I’m like we are saying like the lawyer part of the actually is very like my thought, you know, very methodical really into research really into like doing my homework and then kind of following the system. But so again, I guess that’s like, but I had a Mac is another Mac nothing that Quickstart to just…

Heather Pearce Campbell 24:00
Well I love that. Yeah, so we are the same on factfinder. So I’m a seven factfinder my follow through is much lower, you’re an eight, I’m a three on follow through. So I’m much better at leading teams and putting the plan in place and also delegating, right, and then my QuickStart I’m high Quickstart on Quickstart.

Ron Reich 24:22
Okay, gotcha.

Heather Pearce Campbell 24:23
And then three on implementing.

Ron Reich 24:25
Okay, cool. So we’re kind of flipped on on the on this follow through.

Heather Pearce Campbell 24:29
And the Quickstart, yeah, sure. Gotcha. Yeah. But it is super fun. Like I love it when you know, you learn some things about yourself and then get to observe about like, how it actually shows up in your life. Right.

Ron Reich 24:41
And I will pat myself on the back. I was 50%. Right. I’ve gotten you on factfinder and on implementers.

Heather Pearce Campbell 24:48
I know. Well It has been fun actually to learn a bit about the Colby. I have several current connections that are all about it and it’s actually helped me learn quite a bit but your advice is I think really important for people and the fact that you are so high on follow through means that you’ve actually had years of experience doing the things that other people often think about or try to start right and often don’t like walk through to completion and what better way to be able to teach people than through the lens of experience. The really quick on the Dan Kennedy and then I want to move on to some of your current stuff but early on in my journey when I was setting about to actually create my second business which was going to be and is virtual, you know, online business that the Legal Website Warrior, I got exposed to first Laurel Lang Meyer and yet one of her coaching groups, and she put together kind of this high end kind of mastermind, the type of group and we all paid in advance, but to go meet with Dan Kennedy, like in a small group format, and get some coaching. And so, the story around that was that like, you know, it was an investment for me at the time, I was like, alright, I, you know, this is like, I’ve got to figure this out, I need this piece in order to do well in an online business. And I had gone through IVF right beforehand and had almost died. When they did the procedure, they nicked an artery or something sent me home, bleeding out into my abdomen, and I lost like half of my blood into my abdominal cavity. And this was two weeks before I was scheduled to fly out and see Dan Kennedy, right, Columbus, Ohio.

Ron Reich 26:40
Oh, she went to like, you went to his house? Where did you?

Heather Pearce Campbell 26:44
Like a conference center really close to his house. Right. So we just had like, one of the meeting rooms. Yeah. And so, but I was so Gosh, darn determined over that thing. I was like, I was not supposed to travel. I was not supposed to be doing anything for like a month. Like I looked pale as a ghost, you know? But I was like, Heck, no, I’ve paid for this thing. I am going I got myself on a plane, it was actually a read. I arrived at like, 6am. And the conference started at eight. And then I had like, you know, like, two or three days of Dan Kennedy. Anyways, I always laugh like, I’m always so curious, you know, people’s, especially the ones that really connect with the, you know, what he says, and who really have studied him. So much to learn there. And particularly if you’re in the online world, in Haskell, basically, the marketing and everything that you do, right?

Ron Reich 27:40
Told the artist, he’s one of the outside of my parents in my immediate family. He’s one of the top two people that have influenced me in my life more than anybody else for a variety of reasons. So yeah, I’m a total. You know, he’s definitely one of my big, big role models who I’ve learned a ton from, and well actually say interesting thing, as I love your story about, you know, being determined to get at the event that, that that does say a lot. The other thing I know just couple of fun notes is that I don’t know exactly everything that dramatic, but I will tell you that one event that I went to my first band can be that was a really that’s one of the most transformational events that I went to mainly because I learned a lot at the event, but I end up purchasing a program that actually ended up being the seed of my first actual successful information product. And the other thing was that’s actually where I met the guy who became my first coach this kind of dainty who I ended up joining his mastermind and then that actually was a big catalyst for me to quit my job. Anyways, that was a transformational event. And I actually did go to that. I have to put that entire event on a credit card because I did not have the money at the time, which I think it was in that $2,000 or $2,500. That was a lot of money for me back.

Heather Pearce Campbell 28:59
Right, when you just graduated.

Ron Reich 29:04
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So yeah, and yeah, so that was kind of interesting. Another thing I want to share with you is that so I have one of my friends this out Alia and she’s really awesome. She used to work with Laura Bymeyer. And she actually when she was like she was like helping Laura out with some marketing type things.

Heather Pearce Campbell 29:26
Say Leanne’s name sounds familiar. I feel like I…

Ron Reich 29:29
Leanne Kolal maybe you know her? Yeah. So our friend Leanne, so she actually went to a VIP day with Laura. Lauren, Lauren, Lauren. Sorry, Lauren. And she actually went to Dan Kennedy’s house and she told me the story about kind of life cycle I was like so jealous I make my dream come true to like, do it because Dan has a whole structure for how he does his VIP days and all this cool stuff, but it’s just like his house but it’s like if you’re like, if you’re Look at myself like a Dan Kennedy fan. Super nerd. This is like going to like the Batcave or whatever the metaphor is.

Heather Pearce Campbell 30:10
Getting to see like his old cars, races.

Ron Reich 30:15
Exactly. Yeah. It has to do to just to nerd out on this a little bit instead of his other programs, where he talks about like positioning and how it works with client, he’ll tell stories about like how he does the how he does these VIP days and how he’ll like do things like he’ll help purposely leave around like uncashed checks, you know, just to show how much money he has and stuff like that. And it’s all very like states and things like that. He also has, like, apparently, he has this room that has office swipe files in into it, like in it. So it’s like when people meet Dan, they like they are I don’t know exactly where he does the meeting. But he doesn’t like in whenever, let’s say it’s his officers living or whatever. And every so often, they’ll leave and they’ll get something from my sweater pile. And it’s in like the other room like nobody’s allowed in that room. So it’s like, this is like, you know what I mean, this is like we’re Noah’s Ark is the 10 commandments are headed or whatnot, you know, so it’s just about doing things.

Heather Pearce Campbell 31:29
Totally. Well, the thing that I took away from not only hearing from Dan, but also hearing from people who had worked with him is, you know, how we get to create our businesses in a way that really works for us. Right? Like, nobody does business like Dan Kennedy. You know, you go to his house for a VIP day, and you’re meeting in his basement, and you need to pack your own lunch, you know, and you probably just paid him $30,000 or $50,000 or whatever, right. But he definitely has a set way of doing things. And you know, your piece about him being very contrarian.

Ron Reich 32:15
Yeah. And more to learn for that. And it’s hard to implement, like, even myself, I would love to a lot of the things that he does, but I can’t, or I have not yet been able to do this, because it’s hard to do psychologically. But then one of the big lessons there is now authority and have a strong enough intention, people will go along with the program, you know what I mean? It’s like, essentially, it’s just our ability to ask for what we want and hold our ground, essentially, and have our boundaries, if that’s the thing that defines whether or not we actually get.

Heather Pearce Campbell 32:46
Yeah, whether we get what we want. And just so you know. But yeah, shifting gears a little bit. And I love what you last said like asking for what we want having boundaries, I think that like belief in ourselves, right goes a long ways, even in the way that we talk about our business, talk about our services, etc. I’d love to know a bit more shifting the current times. You know, some of the biggest issues first of all, you know, who do you support? Who do you work with? And what are the biggest issues that they face?

Ron Reich 33:21
Okay, great question. So yeah, I primarily work with most of my clients are female entrepreneurs, almost all of them are coaches and expert types who are typically doing, they’re doing at least six figures, typically, multiple, six figures about average is about two to $300,000 a year. And I really helped them grow to from that two, to seven figures. And beyond, using really a framework that kind of combined kind of launches with high ticket offers, as well as evergreen marketing systems. It’s kind of like, I really helped them get their thumb up from from a marketing standpoint, as far as the biggest, we were talking kind of about the implementation aspect of it. I mean, the two biggest issues I see really, and I really do believe if you were an expert, with any kind of a high ticket offer, especially you don’t have to but I would say it is ideal, especially if you’re a true subject matter expert, in my estimation, getting from you, let’s say $200,000 a year to a million dollars a year. That’s a pretty straightforward, linear simple process. There’s a pretty standard formula for doing it. Now, it’s simple, but not easy. You actually have to do the work. So a couple of the issues that I see are that like people come to me because they don’t have a good strategy for getting to that next level just to go I don’t know what to do next. So that’s music to my ears. Because I’ll tell you what to do. I am a strategist. Right. So one issue that people typically are not in my programs deal with is that they don’t know what the strat what the proper strategy is to get to seven figures is and then really the other. It’s really, it’s honestly kind of basic in the sense since that, the other issue that people have, when it comes to just getting to that next level, is the biggest mistakes I see is just a lack of focus, that kind of lack of focus, not keeping your eye on the prize. And related to that, it’s like a lack of consistency and really just not implementing, it’s really just not doing the work. I mean, a lot of entrepreneur types, they do have, you know, kind of shiny object syndrome work in quotes where it’s easy to get distracted. So it’s like, if you can just, if you just stay focused on doing a few simple things consistently, over an extended period of time, doing the things that work, it’s going to be very difficult for you not to get to seven figures. I mean, the big issue I see really, is that people just, you know, everybody, they’re just looking for they get bored, for example, or maybe they’re just looking for the secret, you know, there’s a lot of people, especially in the coaching online marketing space that are selling them really cool, sexy things that’s going to be fast. They’re fast. So it’s hard to have that discipline to be like, Oh, that sounds cool. But I’m going to continue with my boring plan, you know?

Heather Pearce Campbell 36:11
Well, it’s so important that you said that I feel like so many people are continuing to look under rocks. That’s how I think of it. Is it under here is it is what I what I should be doing? Is it over here? Yeah. Could be shiny object syndrome. But I also think it’s that, you know, people either are not confident that they have the strategy or have the answer. And so it’s partly that, you know, that need that a lot of expert based businesses have to continue to educate. And then you have so many experts in that space telling them, here’s what you need. Yeah, solution? No, here’s the solution. So I’d love to hear I know, you said you have a standard formula, and it’s really doing a few simple things consistently. Are you able to expound a little bit on that?

Ron Reich 37:02
Yeah. So essentially, in just being conscious of time here, so. So let me say that. Okay, so I’ll go…

Heather Pearce Campbell 37:12
One or two that are your favorite.

Ron Reich 37:14
And I just want to see, like if I could just kind of process this. So essentially, what I would say is that big picture, once you have an offer that works, once you have, let’s say, a coaching program that you’ve sold a few of them, maybe you have a program that you’ve filled before, or you have like a one on one roster, like you filled up your one on one roster here yet again, you already have some proof of concept, if you’re doing you know, a couple $100,000 a year, once you have that, the main thing you want to focus on to get to kind of to get to that next level, that half a million dollars. Plus, it’s really just getting better at selling your existing offer. And so that means doing things like improving the actual marketing of your offer, it probably would include just spending more time improving the frequency, just making that offer to more people, and not just that offer, but are more invitations generally to maybe mind it to get an offer, but to get them on a call with you or to get or to get or download your lead magnet, some kind of invitation. And then the other thing that you want to do is you want to be looking at because again, at this point, you have something that that works. You want to be looking at, again, where are your existing leads coming from?And essentially just do step one to getting more leads, everyone wants more leads is where your existing leads coming from. Do more of that. I know this is really, really like rocket science. But this is actually the thing that works. So for example…

Heather Pearce Campbell 38:46
Here’s the beam that you’re saying this, you know, people I think really need to pause and think about what this means. What comes to mind for me is I just met with our mutual friend that you introduced me to James Schramko, right? And we had a conversation on his podcast. And then he came and visited mine. And he was talking about one of the things that he does is helping people peel away all this extra, like for lack of a better term, just all this extra crap that they’ve built into their business that they shouldn’t be doing right and sounds like you go about that but in a in a different way. Like on the building front end, like no, don’t look over there. Don’t do that thing. Like keep it simple, stay focused. And I just love the reminder that people often are already sitting on the thing that works he absolutely for sure.

Ron Reich 39:39
Anyone if you’re listening to this, if you want to double, triple your income, I’ll tell you how to do it in the next two to three minutes. So if you’re a coach expert that’s already doing let’s say between 100,500, 1000 hours a year, I’m going to guess and I’m and I have at least 80% accuracy on this. I’m going to guess that you get most of your clients from a combination of, but specifically, referrals, and speaking, whether that speak for people stages, doing workshops, going on podcast things along those lines, if you look at your stats, most likely, you’re going to find that what I’m saying is quite true. Thus, if you want to double your income, if all you did was spending your time just getting more referral partners, or getting more referrals from your existing good referral partners doing things to systematize, that and or depending on, you know, whether it’s speaking or referrals, and or, you know, speaking like, probably you listen to this, get the some of your clients through speaking, what have you actually doubled the amount of speaking engagements, whether live in person or virtually, that you do per year, again, your income would double. I’ve not met you. But I promise that for most people listening to this, you’re in that range, that sets the all they need to do to get to the get to the next level. But again, there are people that are selling them like sexy funnels, and yes, agencies, showing them how they’re going to get 20 million Instagram followers and overnight and things like that. So, you know, for most people that kind of shiny object syndrome, like doing another course, a lot of that is kind of a procrastination technique and a lot of ways where it’s like, instead of doing the thing that’s really going to help them they’re looking for that. That, like you said, looking at the rocks in their own places.

Heather Pearce Campbell 41:28
Yeah, totally. Well, it’s, you know, when you speak about it in those terms, I think I mean, it does a couple things. One, I think it begins to feel a lot more accessible to people. Right? Yeah, absolutely. For sure. Like, I think when people think that they don’t have the answer, or they don’t know, the path forward, you know, it perpetuates this problem of procrastinating or looking all these places. And then the other thing that it does is I think it for me, I feel a big sigh of relief around like, Oh, you don’t have to be all the places doing all the things, right, for sure. Because I think a lot of that gets sold to people as well that are building these types of businesses.

Ron Reich 42:14
Absolutely, for sure. Yes. One of my favorite books is the book essentialism. And yeah, the big idea there is do less that better, which is I’ve ever heard.

Heather Pearce Campbell 42:23
Totally, I know, there we go do less but better for words, right. So Ron, out of respect for your time, and it was so fun. First of all, a couple of things. Super fun to geek out with you about Dan Kennedy, and some of the early roots of you know, getting into the online marketing space. I love the part of you that is really big on follow through and doing I think more people need to hear from folks who are who really can share the wisdom that that is where the magic is at, like go do keep doing, you know, stop looking under all the rock. And for folks that are thinking like, gosh, maybe I need Ron’s support, maybe I need to check out his coaching programs. I know, there’s probably a variety of ways that you support your clients. Where do you like to send them to? Where are you online? And where do you like to connect?

Ron Reich 43:15
Yeah, a great place to send people actually is to actually just follow me on Facebook? I do a lot of I post a lot of content on my personal Facebook profile. So hopefully you can put the link in or listen to this. And then for those of you who are actually especially gift for your listeners, if you don’t mind.

Heather Pearce Campbell 43:34
Oh, awesome. Yeah, please. Sure.

Ron Reich 43:35
Yes. So I actually have, so if you’ve gotten this far, if you listen to this we’ve been talking for looks like about 40 minutes or so. So if you’ve gotten this far, I’m going to reward you by giving you actually a free access to my $1,000 course which is my How to Make $50k in 50 days, it’s essentially my flagship program that goes quite deeper into one of the things we talked about today and much much more. So if you send me a DM on Facebook and just telling me that you’re a friend of Heather’s I will give you free access to that course to reward you for being a listener of Heather and of course for again, listening to this podcast to the very end.

Heather Pearce Campbell 44:10
That’s amazing Ron, super generous of you. If you are listening now, pop over to the show notes. You can find those at legalwebsitewarrior.com/podcast, find Ron’s episode and be sure to click through connect with him on Facebook. DM him take advantage of that free course that is amazing. And I can attest to the fact that you do very well on Facebook. That’s where I first came across your stuff. Because I think Jay actually shared one of your posts and I resonated with whatever it was you were saying at the time, which is why I click through to connect so I can test I know the Facebook algorithm works sometimes folks. Ron, so fun to connect with you today. What final words of wisdom would you like to leave our listeners with today?

Ron Reich 45:02
All right, thank you for asking, I think I’ll actually tell you is there’s a really great book called The Trick by a guy named I can’t remember him. It’s like William something. Anyways, this guy spent like two years hanging out with a bunch of really, really rich people, like, you know, people, billionaires, you know, deca, millionaires, you know, these people with hundreds of millions of dollars. And the other is called the tricky one to find out what their secrets are, he was broke journalist. And then at the end of the book, he reveals the trick to becoming wealthy. And basically, what he found out was that all these successful peoples, they were actually running in the wrong direction 99% of the time, but they were still running. And it just took them that one time to that 1% of being in the right direction. That was the catalyst, but then becoming wealthy. So the trick really, is to just stay running, stay moving. And of course, the faster you move, the faster you’re going to find that 1%. That’s going to make all the difference. So that’s what I would say is my big thing I would leave people with is just stay moving. The faster the better.

Heather Pearce Campbell 46:11
Yeah. Oh, I love that. I think that’s a super relatable concept. And again, where the dots connect for me, in my mind, is this coming from somebody who’s really good at follow through right follow through is the movement. It is the thing like that is how you stay in motion is doing the follow through. So I love that, Ron, thanks for sharing that tip. So great to have you here today. And hopefully we can do one of these again sometime.

Ron Reich 46:38
Yeah. Thanks again for having me. And I’m looking forward to that. Absolutely.

GGGB Outro 46:43
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