When considering options for the launch of The Legal Website Warrior®, I made a short list of ideas for my business name (and online domain).

The list was short because I was clear on exactly what I would be doing. It was also short because it had to be reflective of who I am and what I do.

And I am most definitely a warrior – for my clients, for small business owners generally, for anyone trying to make an impact in the world with their idea & their work: for world-changing entrepreneurs. 

My primary goal through my business, The Legal Website Warrior®, is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners be better, more strategic leaders of their businesses. You cannot be a modern business owner (especially online!) and not have any legal education. There are too many pitfalls!

And I believe that the more of us who are living and working in our true callings in life, rather than simply going to a J.O.B. every day, the better the world will be. When people are working from a place of strength and passion, when they are doing work that they love and are being successful at it, it is a win-win-win. They are happier and are better able to support themselves and their families, they contribute more to their communities, and they are able to serve more people in the world through their business. A rising tide lifts all boats.

So, as an attorney and online legal coach, via The Website Warrior®, I provide tools and educational support for online entrepreneurs and business owners who are serious about their work and their business to help ensure their success and the ripple effect that successful entrepreneurs have in the world.

I am a warrior for a better world.

There are other ways that I am a warrior. But I will leave this here for now. Do you relate to the term warrior? What are you a warrior for in your life?