This is one of my very favorite conversations.
Recently, I had the chance to talk with Alex Terranova of The DreamMason Podcast. Alex is another of my fabulous LinkedIn connections that has turned into a real life connection – my favorite kind.
I tremendously enjoyed this conversation. Alex is excellent at guiding conversations, digging in to the good stuff, and keeping things on track (required for someone like me who can really get going when asked to speak about things that I really care about).
I would love for you to join us in this conversation about business and life. And I highly recommend you check out other episodes of his podcast and subscribe if you enjoy the content (you will).
In this particular conversation, Alex and I cover a variety of topics, including some of my favorites: entrepreneurship, “finding balance” (said tongue in cheek), motherhood, and perseverance in life and business. I cover some things I haven’t talked about before in an interview or podcast, and even shed a few tears. 
If you are facing obstacles that feel insurmountable, are worried because things are not going as planned, or otherwise looking for some additional insight about overcoming obstacles, please join us