When you spend time online, for your business, where do you spend it?

For me, hands down the best platform is LinkedIn. Why? It is where people who are building serious businesses spend time. My services are B2B (not B2C), and so I have way more success on LinkedIn than any other platform. This is not to say in any way that I have sorted them all out.

As a mom, an attorney & entrepreneur, on the daily I have to make impactful choices about where and how I spend my time.

And I am getting more critical than ever in that regard.

I am not interested in looky-loos or a gazillion requests to provide free advice. I got a lot of those on Facebook. That is not to say that there are not serious business builders on Facebook. Of course there are. And this is also not to say that I don’t believe in leading with value and content first, which I try very hard to do. But when I measure where I get the most impact for spending minimal time online on behalf of my business, LinkedIn is the winner (by leaps and bounds).

So, if you want to connect with my business online via social media, you can find me here on LinkedIn. I look forward to staying connected with you!