I was recently asked to speak at Jane Powers’ event, “Let’s Talk Impact – Code to Close Live” in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Have you ever been to one of Jane’s events?! I highly recommend it! I don’t think there is anybody that can out-do her energy, enthusiasm and stage presence – the way she shows up and serves her tribe is amazing. Plus she engages in a lot of #unexpectedbehaviors to keep you on your toes (that’s for you, Jane!). 😉

And I also recommend that you find an opportunity to learn her brilliant “Code to Close” system, which helps you better understand and communicate with others using language that connects with them based on their unique personality, in order to increase your sales, increase your impact, and improve your ability to serve your own tribe.

Jane teaches entrepreneurs how to speak with confidence and sell with authority, including starting with her brilliant INTROmercial® Script which helps you hone your introduction (in 17.3 seconds or less!).

I highly recommend that you connect with Jane to learn about her future events, or opportunities to work with her. Visit her website here.