With Cosimo Intermite, a highly credentialed instructor of learning techniques. Cosimo helps his students become a Genius in 21 Days by providing them with tools to optimize how they learn. Cosmo believes “Everyone loves to learn, but what they don’t like is the learning process” so he bridges that gap by teaching people the best process for THEIR brain.

Join us for the interesting conversation about learning blocks, (and some of the surprising signs that we may be struggling with learning blocks), how to reconnect with your big dreams and go after what you really want – which often requires improving our knowledge and skills in certain areas, i.e. learning. You will hear Cosimo share his own story about learning the English language in 2 weeks in order to pursue a new opportunity, how he overcame is own naysayers, and how learning changed his life. Cosimo has master level certifications in the following fields: Mind Map, Speed Reading, Micro-Facial Expressions, Team building, Public Speaking, Effective Communication, Goal Setting, Decision-Making, Personal Development, Time Management, and Memory Techniques.

Born and raised in Italy, he and his wife enjoy training people all over the world from their Denver office. They customize programs that are unique to each person’s learning style and brain development.

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Biggest takeaways (or quotes) you don’t want to miss:

  • You are creating blocks not because you don’t have the abilities but because you haven’t been taught the right tools.
  • Cosimo believes procrastination is a learning block that we can all learn how to overcome.
  • The goal is to learn how to work as efficiently as possible.

Check out these highlights:

  • 16:39 How to recognize if you have learning blocks.
  • 21:00 “If your brain isn’t going  as fast as you want it to go, procrastination happens.”
  • 32:21 The one thing that is more powerful than micro expressions.
  • 43:40 The six steps of the “perfect method”.
  • 50:23 “Nothing happens unless you first have a dream”.

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GGGB Intro 0:00
Here’s what you get on today’s episode of Guts, Grit & Great Business™.

Cosimo Intermite 0:05
I am dyslexic. So of course, I lose focus really, really fast. The thing is this, they’re not learning disabilities the way they I mean, it’s called this way scientifically, but I call them superpowers, they didn’t know how to use traditional methods. Also, for people that are not dyslexic, or there are no ADHD, or add whatever, are still slow for their brain. And that’s why when something slower than your brain wants to go, your brain has more room to think other things like, think about driving a car, if you’re driving the car, like five miles per hour to get from, let’s say, Colorado to Alaska, it will, it will be forever for your brain. And of course, you have more room to do other things five miles per hour while you’re driving. And it’s the same when you’re learning we’re working. So the thing is, I find going so slow, my brain will have other things to think and those things will bring me away from the things that I’m doing. But no, because I wouldn’t want to do it because then they have a tool that allows me to go as fast as they want to go.

GGGB Intro 1:04
The adventure of entrepreneurship and building a life and business you love, preferably at the same time is not for the faint of heart. That’s why Heather Pearce Campbell is bringing you a dose of guts, grit and great business stories that will inspire and motivate you to create what you want in your business and life. Welcome to the Guts, Grit & Great Business™ podcast, where endurance is required. Now, here’s your host, The Legal Website Warrior®, Heather Pearce Campbell.

Heather Pearce Campbell 1:31
Al righty, welcome. I am Heather Pearce Campbell, The Legal Website Warrior®. I’m an attorney and legal coach based here in Seattle, Washington working with entrepreneurs around the world. Welcome to another episode of Guts, Grit & Great Business™ We have a really fabulous topic to talk about today. I’m super excited to welcome my new guest Cosimo Intermite. Welcome Cosimo. How are you?

Cosimo Intermite 2:06
Oh, great, great and you excellent. And you?

Heather Pearce Campbell 2:12
For those of you that do not know Cosimo Intermite is a highly credentialed instructor of learning techniques. He has master level certifications in the following fields, Mind Map speed reading micro facial expressions. That one is really interesting to me, team building public speaking, effective communication, goal setting decision making personal development, time management and memory techniques. Born and raised in Italy, he and his wife enjoy training people all over the world from their Denver office. They customized programs that are unique to each person’s learning style and brain development. Cosimo believes everyone loves to learn but what they don’t like is the learning process. So he bridges that gap by teaching people the best process for their brain. Cosimo and I were introduced through a mutual friend who actually just went through one of costumers courses and just raved about it. So I am super excited. Cosimo teaches on a topic that is near and dear to my heart learning. And we’re going to have a super fun conversation today about learning learning blocks, how that translates into our professional careers right into our work life. So this will be a great conversation. Cosimo Welcome. I’m super happy to have you here. I know I just have to say for people listening Cosimo’s on vacation and showed up anyways, we were both laughing about our summer outfit. We’re also doing a video, zoom of this conversation. I’m happy to be here. Excellent. We go with the flow. I tell people this is a no stress zone. We’re just gonna make it happen and go with the flow. And I always joke like kids could bust in the door anytime and we will hit pause and life goes on. So Cosimo share with our listeners a little bit about I know you’ve had quite a journey. You’ve got a TEDx talk out there you have this this genius in 21 days course right? You are on a mission I think to change the way that people learn and make sure that people are able to get over learning blocks and learn what they need to and really create success in their lives. So talk to us about how this journey started for you.

Cosimo Intermite 4:37
Well, it’s a very I will do this story very, very short. But I remember that I was going to college okay first of all, when my company start when my company told me like a Cosimo do you want to open an American location? I mean there is no America and England is it the anyway did not speak English three Sit for she’s scared. Yes. Let’s go to America. And I love that. Anyway, I’m dyslexic, and one of my voice was like, Yes, cause you more you will never make you never learn English. You can’t go there you, you can’t do this. You must stay in Italy. I mean, I have a very good location here. What do I need to go there? And all of that, unfortunately, the other voice said, Cosimo. Well, you can go to America, you can you can, you can learn because you have a method. And then that thanks to the techniques, I learned, like 6000 words in two weeks plastic grammar rules. And it was great. I made something that was for me not possible possible. And that’s what I believe. You’re right about I’m on mission. Yes. Again, I want people to feel the same way their superpower. One thing, how I met this course, was because of a girl in front of college. Physically, you know, those people who get Trier’s in front of college? I never stopped, honestly. But that day, there was this girl, she was 3d. And I said, Why no, I just stopped for her not for discipline offense illegally. But anyway, this course is to learn faster. And honestly, I was looking for something like that. And I said, I mean, you’re pretty the course it’s great. I can come here. Honestly, she wasn’t there. But it’s like I was expect expecting that. Right? They blow my mind. I I mean, I was able to pass the 13 exams, in prefer for 13 exams and pass all of them while I was doing four jobs in three months. And so for many people that are going to college in the moment, it was like, what I can’t even remember one or two of them that you can do 13 at the same time. And then I opened my first location when I was 20. So I was running a business without knowing how to run a business. But thanks to the techniques, then I became very say was very, very good.

Heather Pearce Campbell 7:07
I mean, yeah. That’s amazing. Well, and it’s so fun how your story reflects the fact that something can intersect our path, kind of, you know, out of the blue sometimes. And then it be it can become like literally your mission. So take us back a little bit. You said you were looking for something like that. Tell us about Tell us about that piece. Right? What were you looking for? What was missing? What were you What were you hoping to find?

Cosimo Intermite 7:41
So, as I said, I’m dyslexic, and all of my life in school was, I don’t want to say there was bad, but it was not like Oh, great. And all of that I was always against my teacher sometimes because the idea to understand them, and I want them to understand. And they usually shut down, you’re willing to ask questions. And that’s the worst thing that they can do for you. Because what happens is, as a kid, you’re curious and you want to learn, you really love learning. I mean, I can’t say that everyone loves learning, then we start hating the process we have to go through to learn something. And anyway, I’m dyslexic. And one of the things that I had in my brain was maybe unknown enough intelligence to understand things or to learn things or to do that. Also to I was dreaming some business by myself. But I said, Maybe I can’t do that. Because I am not enough smart in doing that. Maybe I’m slower than others. And so you notice that what an adult can tell you can really influence not only your, let’s say, not only when you’re a kid, but also when you become a professional, you can have different ideas about yourself, that maybe are ideas, they don’t belong to you, but you took from some situations that made you believe that thing anyway, I don’t want to go around. All right,

Heather Pearce Campbell 9:02
No, but we inherit beliefs and thought patterns right from our childhood, usually, yes.

Cosimo Intermite 9:09
So besides that, I was always like looking for something to be faster and to be more efficient in what I was doing. And one of the things that was missing is reading. I never read a book till I was 16 for example. I mean, it was really just for school because it was obligated to do it, but not because I wanted to do it. Yeah. And then I after 16 My mom was trying to give me some books to read anyway, long story short, it was the time that I wanted to start a business by myself when I was in college and start studying at the same time, but it didn’t see that possible for me. And then we need to connect it was possible for me so I was looking for somebody to be faster and efficient. And be also more not only motivated but focused because in when it will talk about more about the blogs. I will say that most of the blocks people experience they think they are part of themselves, but it’s not. It’s just blocks that you have that you developed because no one taught you a method. No one taught you how to study just what to do. And, and I felt like very destructive, very procrastinating things in times. Or like, you know, finishing something that I was doing opening different things at the same time. And I said, I can be a successful business owner if I am this way. So I need to have strategies, anyone fix this. And then it was going to college and I found this girl. And if this, let’s say, this opportunity for college first, I didn’t know what was behind that flyer. Because when they, I mean, I don’t want to spoil so much now. But when you see that the techniques are makes you feel like more focused. I improved my productivity after the course. 80%. So like, I was gaining goals to get 80% more I was like, What? I never knew that they my blocks were keeping me from having. So losing this. So losing all those results. Yeah. And once they see that it was possible for me was great.

Heather Pearce Campbell 11:13
Yeah, that had to feel like, like a light switch, almost flipping, you know,

Cosimo Intermite 11:18
I got to the point where I felt like a superpower. So to give an example, in 2018, I read 83 books 44 in 12 days to create a new side gig that allows me to gain money. And then I said, What’s the average Joe? Americans, for example, they read books, 22 books every month? Oh, it’s your books every year? Oh, basically, would have finished with this side gig of my business. 23 years of age. So.

Heather Pearce Campbell 11:47
Yeah, no, that’s amazing. I think it is really challenging for people. I mean, for a variety of reasons, one, to carve out the time that it takes to sit down and read a book. And, you know, currently, especially under my the constraints of COVID. And, you know, I look at my last year and being full time mom and trying to run two small businesses, it’s, it’s a lot reading on top of regular life is a lot, but it is one of the things that can create the most transformation in our life. Right. And before we get there, I want to talk to you if you will share with us for a minute, what are blocks, right? When you say blocks? Are you talking about beliefs that are getting in the way, like, share with us what you mean when you say blocks?

Cosimo Intermite 12:31
Okay, so let me see. Okay, basically, no one taught us how to learn just what to learn. And that’s why we created some blocks, blocks can look like they can look like, for example, being distracted every time. So you have many ideas that maybe they have, it can be good, but they bring you away from what you’re doing. So that increases your time on accomplishing something. It can be procrastination, it can be like you’re reading over and over something, because actually our brain can read once and understand. And the thing is, what do we need to read over and over something because people don’t, no one taught us strategies to read efficiently and retain things while we are read while we are reading. For example, their books can be also in retaining long term, everyone knows that, for example, they learn a language, if they don’t use it, they lose it, it’s not true. Actually, your brain can retain that. They never told you how your brain can do it. Because if I asked you You see, remember something that happened when you were a kid? Yes, they remember it. So basically, you can retain your long term, but you can’t pretend in the stuff that you want. Why? Because no one taught you how your brain likes doing that. So blocks is yes, also believe it we believe, when we are able to do but most of the times is created by Iran. To give an example, maybe it’s better to understand it. So let’s say I asked you to change a flat tire. And I asked you to do it without tools, what happens, you can be highly motivated, you can be smart enough, you can be very strong, you can be whatever,

Heather Pearce Campbell 14:08
I’ve changed my own tire and I can tell you I wouldn’t be able to do it without tools,

Cosimo Intermite 14:17
Now the thing is, then you’re convinced that you need to drive that slow in your life. So basically, not giving tools makes you feel you’re not able to do something that’s a block. So but you created a block in doubting on your abilities, not because you don’t have abilities or because you’re not enough smart or whatever. Because no one gave you the tools to change the flat tire. So yeah, if you go slower, then you’re you start of course having destructions and having all of that because you say I need to we need to reach there but I can’t go as fast as I want to go.

Heather Pearce Campbell 14:51
Oh, this is so interesting. Like what’s coming to mind as you say this, my son who we were just chatting about before I went live has ADHD right? And he is a very fast processor. So you can be having a conversation and he will be 10 steps ahead of you talking about something entirely different. And you’re still trying to process the first thing that he says, Oh, yeah, you’re right. And, and so I think we have what you were talking about, like, your brain wants to go faster, but you’re stuck going slow. I think there’s actually a lot of people that can relate to that feeling. Because when he is feeling bored, or like, people are not keeping up with him, right, he’s irritate like these other things come into the picture that make it even harder.

Cosimo Intermite 15:38
Yes, when I worked with ADHD, I mean, I am dyslexic. So of course, I lose focus really, really fast. The thing is, this, they’re they’re not learning disabilities, the way they I mean, it’s called this way scientifically, but I call them superpowers, they didn’t know how to use traditional methods. Also, for people that are not dyslexic, or there are no ADHD, or add whatever, are still slow for their brain. Yes. And that’s why when something slower than your brain wants to go, your brain has more room to think other things like, think about driving a car, if you’re driving the car, like five miles per hour to get from, let’s say, Colorado to Alaska, it will, it will be forever for your brain. And of course, you have more room to do other things five miles per hour while you’re driving. And it’s the same when you’re learning we’re working. So the thing is, I find going so slow, my brain will have other things to think and those things will bring me away from the things that I’m doing. But no, because I wouldn’t want to do because then have a tool that allows me to go as fast as I want to go.

Heather Pearce Campbell 16:39
Now, it makes so much sense when you say it that way. And I think the car example is a really good example for people. So how do folks begin to recognize whether they actually have a block? Because I think some are going to be super obvious. And I think others are probably not as obvious.

Cosimo Intermite 16:59
Yes, that’s their wallet? It’s a very long answer, but I’m going to shorten it. So okay, how do they recognize their blogs, basically, a blog, you can recognize, I have a course that’s called Learning blogs, equal professional blogs, and you can realize yourself from the inside, it’s a wonderful treat that you can do it yourself. But usually in the course, what I say is, start seeing how if I asked you, for example, can you read a book and retain everything you’re reading forever? If the answer is no, unless I repeat it over and over, you already have a blocking comprehension and retention. If he asked you, for example, can you keep the focus for three hours without having any distractions? You say no. After one hour with the structure that I keep,

Heather Pearce Campbell 17:53
After COVID, nobody is able to focus for three hours. Parents, there’s no parent out there who has been able to have three hours of focus during Covid.

Cosimo Intermite 18:05
And in besides like the external like distractions when people say, actually, when I’m working, my brain is thinking something else that’s a block, for example, or procrastination is a block if you’re a procrastinator, you know you procrastinate is a learning block. And people don’t think it’s a blocker. They think I was in am this way, Hey, I just want to ask you something. When you were kid, you didn’t want your parents to procrastinate your gifts. So your procrastination was zero when you were a kid. When they say Mom, can you buy me an ice cream the way that they want an ice cream right now? Not later. And when they say I want to do that, do you want to do it now? No later. For example,

Heather Pearce Campbell 18:44
Right an example of this my, my daughter My daughter just turned four is obsessed with Pokemon cards, because her brother is obsessed with Pokemon cards. And so she’s got this little stack of cards that she carries around and she was like, Mom, I need a book for these right so she tells me this yesterday. So last night I get online and look for like a little mini book like a little size one she’s tiny for for Pokemon cards, and I put them in my shopping cart on Amazon. I didn’t purchase them, right and so this morning, she’s like, Mom, where’s the book? And she’s literally trying to get the key to open our front door. like where’s the book mom? And I laughed. I was like, Oh, no, I put it in my shopping cart. And I didn’t buy it and she was like so confused. Why? What shopping cart and I was like in Amazon and she goes, You left my book at Amazon. You know, she’s four. But you’re right like this. This sense of immediacy is about everything. It’s about everything.

Cosimo Intermite 19:44
Yes. And now we’ve asked you what did you learn? Procrastinating is cool, because you feel the resentment of information so high. There is no method. You need to learn this every team this as long as they asked you You say how can you pretend this as long as they asked me because I will forget it. So you’re going to be last minute, then you learn to procrastination. And then it’s a learning block, then in business, when you procrastinate, something is not going to actually give your results. And even actually will make you feel even more frustrated or, like, well, he can hurt yourself self esteem of accomplishing things.

Heather Pearce Campbell 20:22
Well, it’s, can I ask you a question on procrastination because it seems like procrastination could also be a product of like, we can’t do all of it at once, right? So we have to prioritize right now as a mom, as a business owner. And so certain things are high priority, and certain things are low priority. And these lower priority things often get procrastinate. We just keep pushing them off pushing them off, right? Yes. So is that about is that about learning? Is it about not being able to handle things at the speed that we want to? Or is it just like, like, talk to me about that, like, prioritization and blocks,

Cosimo Intermite 21:02
I can tell you, okay, prioritizing actually can be also can be good, okay. The thing is, if your brain doesn’t go as fast as you want to go, you’re going to most rigid procrastination happens. For that reason, I want to give an example. Okay, so it’s easier to explain this with an example than answering with many words, let’s say a Europe is developing to you, they you buy a book on Amazon, you receive it in one day, you say this is really, I really want to read it, it’s really important for me, I maybe I can make more visits with this, or anyway, it’s something that you want to do not necessarily is a priority, but you want to read. So what happens? It says on the desk for many, many days, sometimes months, without opening. Now, the question is, why do we do that? It’s because it’s not a priority. Maybe I will tell you why your brain thought I wouldn’t really retain things from this book, it’s really important for me, I need to have the time to focus on this. And I really want to grasp the information and learn it. But I didn’t think I have enough time to do that. Why? Because you’re you don’t have a method to do that faster. Let me give an example. In other another kind of example, different situation would be if I asked you, would you like. So would you like to read that book? If you know that you can read 50 pages in 10 minutes? Yes, a retain everything forever? Yes, we’ll change it. The the minutes that you have no, you still have 10 minutes. It’s the same book. But I’m talking about efficiency. So I’m talking about even math that allows you to retain, as long as you go through the book, and you do 50 pages in the in 10 minutes, everyone would do that, even if it’s not a priority. So what’s now the what’s now the cause of procrastination is the method. Because your brain doesn’t basically see achievable the result that you want to have in the time that you have, because of the tool that you’re using. It’s like I want to change a flat tire. But I don’t have time because I’m trying to do that from with my hands so many times, but it takes me so much, maybe the end of will change the screw one bolts, but I need to screw all of them. I don’t want to I don’t want to just screw on bolts to do the things I need to do. And I’ve made sense. But yeah, simple is the tool is the problem, not the book, not the time that you have, and not that you don’t know your priorities.

Heather Pearce Campbell 23:22
No that makes a lot of sense. And I think there is still a relationship between methods and time because when we up level our methods, right is solved this time problem that we have, right? It’s and that’s a very common conversation, I think for small business owners and entrepreneurs across the board is what methods are we using in our business that give us back our time, help us scale efficiently, where we are not doing everything ourselves? And we’re not doing things that are actually hurting our business?

Cosimo Intermite 23:53
Yes. And I can tell you that when you feel so an unblocked person thinks this way, just understand the difference. Now look, person knows where everything fits in their schedule. And you know, they can accomplish everything without stress. So basically say today, I need to do all those bunch of things. They have a big project, okay? Actually, a good example is my life. This year is the most productive year of my business or my entire career, okay? I’m dealing with 21 projects at the same time, okay. And I’m man, I can do many things at the same time. That’s what we can say. But the thing is, how can I do that? Well, it since my car is going as fast as I want to go. I can fit more things because it may fit it in the time that I have. So it’s July and I am already like finished. I already finished like 11 projects already. So the other 10 will be finished by November, whereas this year, no middle of November, but after middle November. I Don’t have any more projects, I can also take a vacation if I want. But the thing is, why I can do all those things at the same time because my brain doesn’t feel that I’m stressed, I feel that I’m excited, even if there are things that I don’t want to do, or things that I need to do, but it’s not my favorite. But and I know that I can do them faster with the features that I want. So let’s do it. And I do it. Anything is my focus goes 100%. And my compression goes 100%. So I feel more energy and more motivated. And the person thinks that way and as tools to do it.

Heather Pearce Campbell 25:32
Okay, let’s pause just for a moment to hear from today’s sponsor. Today’s sponsor is the company Money Grit. If you have ever chosen a tool to help support you with your money tracking your money habits and found that it actually adds stress does not provide clarity, or does not help you change behaviors related to money, then you need to check out money grit, you can go to money grit.com it is a tool that will help you both in your personal finances and personal budgeting, and also has a business side as well. So as an entrepreneur, if you are wanting to find a tool that is able to support you in both worlds, where you can stop budgeting and start seeing the possibilities with a tool that will help you stay on track, and will actually help you change your financial behaviors. This is the tool for you. Finally, a money management program that shows you the whole picture. Money grid helps you gain control of your money with exclusive features designed to ensure you have a spending plan that works for you. You’ll never get caught off guard or go without. So you can stress less and live better. Check out money grit.com. Okay, back to today’s amazing guest. I love I love the difference even in how that feels right. They’re able to accomplish what they want without stress somebody without blocks. Versus and I think most of us I can personally relate to the blocked side of the equation. and feeling like there’s just not enough time, right? And there’s an even if I got to a place where I was starting to feel balanced pre COVID then I ended up becoming full time mom again and was like, holy cow. Here we go. climbing the mountain again.

Cosimo Intermite 27:34
Yes. And I’m not saying like being a parent and a business owner, it can be very hard, but I am experiencing the business owner and my wife is too. Now if you’re asked to my wife feels stressed during COVID. In the beginning, yes. But then she would she will tell you. Fortunately, I had my nips, for example, is one of the methods that we teach and customize on people. And what is it called mind maps? Mind Maps? Yes. Many people have a misconception about this, or they don’t know they think they know who they are. But they don’t know, basically, because there are many books out but they never customize them on their brain. So they never get the advantage of understanding how their brain could take the most from them. Anyway, the thing is, we adjusted when COVID hit, we adjusted our visits and things around the miners. And she felt so much organized. She was producing as much as she was doing before she delivered the baby. Which if you had a baby, you know that after he delivered, he didn’t have time at all to do anything. Just with the baby would net our parents long here. We didn’t have my parents here. We were just by ourselves. In the beginning was the bit stressful. I don’t want to hide Yeah, that yes. But I want to say if you have a method, you can always figure it out that way your brain can load the stress as the minimum possible. Yeah, it can feel so more focused, because under stress, you can find a solution, but it’s no as well as when you are confident that you can find a solution. Yeah. So

Heather Pearce Campbell 29:05
Well, and I love Yes, I think I mean, how many people would love to have that feeling of confidence that they are working and including learning as efficiently as they want to because most people who I would say are entrepreneurs who are growth minded, they care about learning, but it really becomes this challenge of how you fit it in and how you prioritize it and all of that and so, going back to your your bio, I want to touch on a few things that are fascinating because it I think it helps round out like all this experience you have and that you bring to your work and your course. Right and I don’t know anybody else who has some of these certifications, right? You have master level certifications in mind map speed reading, micro facial expressions. I’m so curious about this one. team building public speaking Effective communication, goal setting decision making personal development, time management and memory techniques. Right. So I’m guessing that all of this is folded into some of your teachings and instruction. Talk to them just for a minute. Tell me about this micro facial expressions.

Cosimo Intermite 30:21
It’s great. I mean, it’s a it’s a certification that I took in Italy, and it’s great. So basically, if if people don’t lie to me,

Heather Pearce Campbell 30:27
Right, you’re like, the FBI, you’re gonna be like, Nope, I, you just touched your left finger to your nose or whatever. I’m kidding. But yeah, exactly like that.

Cosimo Intermite 30:39
So the big is Microsoft, Microsoft, its facial expression, it’s really, really good. There is a so there are many things that are out budget around body language that people need to know. And I was just fascinating. That’s why I took that kind of certification. Because it can help people in their blocks even better. And because the micro facial expressions actually are managed by your unconscious mind. So you can lie basically. And one of the thing that I like about it, I can really understand people how they feel and guide the conversation the way they can feel different. Yeah. Or I want them to release, like some beliefs about their learning. And I do that I mean, there are different ways you can use it. But it’s fun, because thanks to that, you are able to be a better communicator that well,

Heather Pearce Campbell 31:30
Exactly, I think it all boils down to communication. And even when I think about how much people have shifted, like, you know, I would say even in the last five years, right away from telephone, to online video chats, online sales calls online, online online, I feel a little bit old fashioned in that I do a lot of phone calls, because I have two little people at home. And I’m often multitasking where I have to literally, you know be keeping eyeballs on one or both of them and handling a phone call at the same time. Most people will request zoom. And I think having those skills really does help you, you know, communicate in a way where you at least have a better understanding of what’s happening for the other person during your conversation.

Cosimo Intermite 32:21
There is one thing that actually is more powerful than the micro expressions, which is called cognitive science language. So just I don’t want to dig too much into that. It’s one of my workshops that I part of the workshop that I do, but the thing is, basically, before we are able to make a decision on something, our brains to process, an elaborated decision in a way, okay. So the way is linked to the way we learn. Okay, so basically the science behind that says cognitive for cognitive, for example, from Latin means understanding and learning. So the way we learn is the way we usually speak, is based on how you’re speaking, I understand how you learn. And what I do with people is I and I can understand how they learn. So I can customize what I’m saying the way they can learn about it. So what happens? The opposite experience is like when you go to school, and there is a teacher, you listen to that. But there maybe it’s a great teacher, but you can’t understand it. What happens, you feel frustrated, you can’t retain it. And you feel like I’m the one I follow through this class, and I hate this person.

Heather Pearce Campbell 33:30
Right, it’s like, Charlie Brown, right?

Cosimo Intermite 33:35
Yeah, yes. And no, the thing is, you feel that way. And in business, it’s even worse. Because if you’re trying to teach Ensembl, for example, or if you’re trying to communicate with your customers that day, you want to have a resolution something or whatever, at your table to help them learn and understand and retain what you say, you are, keep going back on the same point every time they were calling you for the same thing, because they didn’t get it and no one would say I’m stupid, I didn’t get it. Okay. So the thing is, opposite is if I understand how you learn, and how your brain likes putting pieces of information together, I can understand it customize my talk to you as a walk because, you know, I talk to many, many, for example, you’re a lawyer, you said earlier, I talked to many, many lawyer about this thing. But no one was able to explain to me the way you explained it to me. I feel what empowered, I feel confident because I can manage the information you gave me. So I can make a decision and you know, if I need to give you money, I know what those that money is going. And I feel like okay, that’s great. I did the best decision I made and the feeling. It’s really hard to forget, they’re going to remember that. Yeah. And that’s even more powerful. I was using this during COVID so much and and people told me Well, I never Head someone online like to they’re allowed me to have an experience? Like I have online, usually online, we don’t activate all our brains. But yeah, I know the work to getting their brain so well. Now 3d, like close to meeting in person It was great.

Heather Pearce Campbell 35:16
That’s awesome. Well, and I imagine based on what I’m hearing from you and about how you approach your work. And I’m still curious about how you do this in the context of a group training, because you’ve got lots of brains that probably learn in different ways, right? But I imagine your courses or your trainings that you offer, help people first understand their own brain and how they learn that part of the process.

Cosimo Intermite 35:39
Yes, no, it’s a fundamental piece starting piece of the process. Because if you don’t understand yourself, how your brain likes learning, you can recognize the others in yourself. If people I basically tell people in the course you’re going to become again, kids, kids usually thinks about themselves. And, and they want to be heroes, they want to be great. And then they can connect with the other so well. So you’re going to become again, kids. And yes, the very first piece is to learn about ourselves. And yes, about like, how do I do in like groups of people? Well, I use all the cognitive science languages in order and all of them and everyone feel feels included. If you talk to any my undergrad students that I have, they they will always say it was like instead of being It was like, the course usually it’s a weekend, okay. And it’s the in the beginning, they think, Oh, it’s a long weekend, whatever. But then after the weekend, they say, it just flew this weekend, I, I learned so much I retain so much. And I don’t understand why everything’s so much already by what we need to just do what we need. Yeah. And then I tell them what I did with them throughout the whole weekend. And he said, Oh, my gosh, you’re totally right. When you were saying that same things, when you were putting that information that way, when you were doing that, oh, I can do that for the other people? Yes, you can. And, and when they do it, then they ever results. I want people to start from themselves then to use them in their business with the other people.

Heather Pearce Campbell 37:09
Right? Well, that that seems to be kind of the magic sauce right here is like once you understand how you own you how you learn yourself, right? And and the language that you prefer, etc. And then expanding out to Who are your clients? How do they learn? It seems like you can have a lot more empowering sales conversations and, you know, just connection conversations where you’re exploring, is this person, your client to begin with?

Cosimo Intermite 37:36
Yes, for me, it’s not just that they are going to sale. me like I want them to connect deeply with the person.

Heather Pearce Campbell 37:46
Right? totally willing, and my perspective on sales, just so we’re clear is that you show up fully in service to the other person in that conversation so that so that you’re actually helping them decide, are they in need of your services or not? It’s not about converting everybody to a yes, it’s are they in need of your services or not? Because you fully understand their problem?

Cosimo Intermite 38:10
Yes, I yes. Well, we are so much on the same page, because I opened the chorus by saying the same thing, you our own service. And I learned all of those things. Because yes, now I love learning. So I always love learning, but I can do it also faster. So that’s why I learned all those bunch of things. But one thing I say you’re on service, and you’re doing this yes for you, because you need to start with yourself. But with the goal of AI for example, in my everyday life, my, my, my, my wife knows that I am I am I learned that way. And when she talks to me, even if she’s different, actually the opposite learning size, by the way. She tries and I in a tries the best that I can to help her understand me in the way she needs to understand things. She we never I mean, we have an argument sometimes. But she says, we have an argument because I’m hitting your learning size, right? Yes. And then we say, Okay, let me repeat this for you. And I say, Oh, I got it now. Yes. So it’s not because I’m stupid, but because you’re saying that to me in a different way.

Heather Pearce Campbell 39:17
Oh, it’s so true. Yeah. So it sector I think anybody who’s ever had a relationship, did a period can relate to this. I mean, like so for me, I’m very literal. I say what I mean, I expect people to use clear language and say what they mean. And so if they use the wrong word, or they say something like, I’m going to, I’m going to ask because my brain wants to figure out like, did they mean this or did they mean that not? Not because we’re going to pick them apart and my husband will get so frustrated, thinking to say totally, because he’s very figurative, he’s not literal. He’s very figurative, and he wants to kind of speak in concepts and make lots of assumption. And just have you fill in some of the gaps and it’s not at all how my brain works.

Cosimo Intermite 40:04
Yeah, I analyzed you actually. And when we were talking the first time and maybe I told you a radio what you’re learning size war,

Heather Pearce Campbell 40:11
I can’t remember

Cosimo Intermite 40:12
I don’t remember now you are analytical verbal, what does it mean? analytical means that you love having under control all the details, but at some point, you need to get to the point. Okay. And, and then verbal means that not that you talk too much, it means basically that you love them. logical connections. So if, if it makes sense, I can retain it if it doesn’t make sense, either retained. So verbal, also, they like written things. They take notes.

Heather Pearce Campbell 40:45
Yes, I take notes. Like, like when you were talking about how do you retain information from books, I’m a fast reader. But I’ll pick my highlight and literally flip to the back page. And you can go to pretty much any book I’ve read, and you’ll see my Cliff Notes. Like, it’s how do I brain processes, it will retain it? If I write it?

Cosimo Intermite 41:06
Yeah, even if I didn’t know this about you, just by talking you I understood what you’re learning sighs Are ya 10? Now to speak to your learning size, even if I’m using all four in this moment. But the thing is, I love that because usually, this is really interesting to understand, I found this so much. I don’t know why, because there are no enough studies behind it. But usually, you we partner with people, they have almost the main print the main learning size, yes, the main learning size, the opposite level we are, for example, the opposite of view is the global person, which is someone that wants to go through concepts, okay? And big pictures and all of that. So, and that’s the, for example, your main learning style is verbal. So that’s why you have your husband being more visual. But I don’t honestly, there are no enough studies to say we partner with someone, it’s the opposite. But every time I can guarantee you, when they have families analyzing them through the genius test, because they take the test, and they can analyze them really deeply. They say, well, we are totally opposite. Oh, I know, I know why you make me so mad that when you tell me those things that I don’t care about, and I just want to do this, and you and I said and they just laugh, and you know what happens? The judgment, the angry or the frustration, frustration goes away. And they just laugh, like a laugh with my my wife so much. Well, yeah,

Heather Pearce Campbell 42:32
you have a different understanding about like, the internal workings of their brain, it really helps. And yeah, I know, I love this, I could do this kind of stuff all day long, but share with us. Right? So share with us because I know you you know, you have this amazing course this is what my this is why my friend introduced us actually sounds like you take people through a really intense period of time over a couple days on a weekend. Talk to us a little bit about the range of things that you cover. And I know we’re bumping up against time, but just a quick, you know, synopsis of the ways that you help people unlock from those blocks or whatever during your time together.

Cosimo Intermite 43:15
Yes, I need to answer very shortly. And I’m trying to summarize everything.

Heather Pearce Campbell 43:21
Because I know there’s a lot in your bio, right, like speed reading. And there’s so much by phone and give people the high level takeaway of what they would get if they were to check out your work and participate in something that you offer.

Cosimo Intermite 43:35
Yeah, let me start answering this way. So a perfect method goes through six steps, which is approach reading, understanding, organizing, retaining, can be able to explain six, six parts, or be able to apply whatever it is, right. So the thing is, during the chorus, we cover all of them. One of the things that I teach people is strategic reading, or it’s called also strategic speed reading. Many people are familiar with speed reading, but speed reading, honestly doesn’t work with everyone. For example, we view based on the brain, when the things that I analyzed about your brain wouldn’t work so much because you feel like you’re missing so many details, you don’t understand your brand new understanding of connections. Okay? So, if you speed up without having strategies, you’re going to miss more details. You don’t apply that. Okay, I did a speed reading course. And for me, it didn’t work anyway. So there are people that they say it’s fine, it’s great. Maybe they have already strategies anyway. When people go through the course they actually improve at least four times their speed and comprehension when they are reading. they retain even somebody like me,

Heather Pearce Campbell 44:40
Even somebody like me, of course, yes.

Cosimo Intermite 44:44
Somewhat similar to I think it’s not me anyway, everyone. And, and I would say something like one thing that I really like about the courses at the end of the weekend, one of the best exercises I would like to do with them is Learn 30 new words in 10 different languages, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese time French, and maybe retain. And there are so many others languages that we do. And every time all of them do and ask them the words every T and remember all of them, and it’s like, wow, I can really retain now something that I, I was not able to do it. So that’s one of the things that I do during the week, and then they’re able to be more organized focus, no progress stop. So distract procrastination forever. And there are so many. I mean, as I told you, I don’t think it’s enough time to go over all right to all of it. One of the feeling that I can conclude with this, that boosts your confidence to level that you may be in never felt since you were a kid. So it’s like, feeling totally released from the fact that you can do anything you want. Yeah, anything you want. And that’s what my what I’m serving people, because I really believe that people have dreams inside of themselves. And feeling that confident they can break out their dreams, and that’s why I’m on a mission for this.

Heather Pearce Campbell 46:11
Love it, I can I can feel your enthusiasm for the work that you do. And you know, as somebody who is an avid learner and still pretty hard on myself, because there’s so much more that I want to be learning. Right? I know, I know how important this is to people. And you know, I think back to your tools analogy, the importance of like, how this is gonna be a poor, a poor example. But my hubby and I do a lot of like, Do It Yourself home projects, right? Yes. And the difference between having the right tool and not the right tool is like, hours and hours of time and so much frustration. I mean, we having just spent the entire weekend doing some of the projects that have been on our list, it’s like, it is so important, this focus on having the right tools and I think sometimes we just don’t know that they’re out there. We don’t know that there is a tool for the thing that we need. Yeah, I really believe that too. Yeah, so casilla tell us where do you like for people that are curious that want to check out your work? I mean, you’re a guy that went from not knowing any English and you know, you shared with us that you’re you have dyslexia to learning the language launching your own business here and now teaching 1000s of people this methodology, right? You said that you just taught a course. I don’t know last week or something with 20,000 people, right? Yeah, right line. Yes. No, this is amazing. Tell us where people can find you.

Cosimo Intermite 47:46
Well, there are, I mean, I have all the possible channels that you can check out me because Okay, I’m actually opening now the YouTube channel which is causing paramita you can just find my name and, and I am of course instagramming every Instagram tik tok. tik tok is for more the kids in this case the College Park or like kids is cool, and you can find me on their mind map dot coach. So that’s an Instagram my net coach on tik tok. Anyway guys, you can find me anywhere.

Heather Pearce Campbell 48:18
Got it. And we will share for those listening. We will share those links in the show notes. Be sure to pop over to legalwebsitewarrior.com/podcast. We’ll share your social media handles your website which is for your genius and 21 days course. And then I think you’ve got a free gift for our audience. Right?

Cosimo Intermite 48:39
We took him we took them out this like right before starting Yes. And it’s okay, I like we can do this. So the reason learning books course that I’m doing more often since 2020. And it’s a three hours course there is a huge content basically you analyze yourself understand what are your blogs really deeply and it’s so much fun, because we will love so much during the course when they understand about themselves. And then it gets people to unblock strategies that get them back at least 50% of their time. And 50% more of the results. And so anyway the course usually it’s like sold for $800 but if they are listening to this podcast thanks to you share it with them at least they can have an access to the course for free.

Heather Pearce Campbell 49:27
That’s amazing.

Cosimo Intermite 49:30
That link they receive a zoom link in an email basically two emails one with the zoom link the other one with the smoke manual. And and then the account to the to the to the course and they will have a blast. I’m totally short.

Heather Pearce Campbell 49:46
No, I love that well and if you’re if you’re listening, make sure that you check that out. costumize work is really like I can’t tell you how much my friend marine raved about this and again, this is an $800 value to His course that is learning blocks equal professional blocks. So be sure to check that out. coffee mug. Any final words for our listeners today? So I would say learning isn’t it now? There was something there like they’re like so much. Yeah.

Cosimo Intermite 50:23
Nothing happens unless first a dream. So start dreaming about that you can really learn because it’s possible, start dreaming that you can really have a superpower because it’s possible. It’s just inside of you that genius let it out. And it will be so much fun.

Heather Pearce Campbell 50:41
Oh, it just it feels so playful. There’s there’s something really fun even about that idea that like we can reconnect with what we really want and not you know, kind of shed these limitations that we have put on ourselves are told ourselves over the years. So Cosimo I want to say thank you for coming and sharing all of this today. Yeah, I wish we had more time together. But we’ll have to reconnect again in the future as well enjoy your vacation and we will be in touch very soon.

Cosimo Intermite 51:11
Thank you very much.

Heather Pearce Campbell 51:12
Yeah. Bye bye.

GGGB Outro 51:16
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