With THE Jane M. Powers, who has guided thousands to Speak with Confidence and Sell with Authority. A messaging expert who helps entrepreneurs develop their core message to move their audience to action through their speaking, make more money, and a bigger impact. Jane brings her amazing energy, big personality and endless fun to this conversation!

Join us to hear about the shifts Jane has made during covid to dig in deeper, enjoy life more, and still create amazing results in her business. Her message will help you show up more powerfully in your life and work!

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Biggest takeaways (or quotes) you don’t want to miss:

  • Business is one long huge pivot.
  • You should be using this opportunity to improve your business.
  • How to use the power of language in the online space and why it’s vital.
  • There’s power in making one small shift in the way that you show up. 

Check out these highlights:

6:30 “That’s what you do in business- you adjust to the marketplace.”

8:00 People need to have their message to sell and close doors. 

11:15 “What I discovered was that I was missing the joy in what I was doing.”

16:15 “The power of body language will change how you close.”

17:54 “When you’re talking to someone, you should know exactly how to articulate what their language is.”

22:30 “When you are speaking virtual- you must have one statement that says you are no ordinary presenter.”

24:50 What too much information in your presentation does to your audience. 

27:35 “My success is based on the fact that I’m just real.”

31:40 “It’s a disservice to your audience if you do not offer them a means by which they can solve their problems.”

32:17 “I’m the same on stage as off stage.”

35:00 Why selling from your own personality traits doesn’t work. 

37:40 The importance of speaking someone’s language. 

41:13 “The biggest thing- people are boring, confusing and inconsistent.” 

49:00 “If you are allowing someone to hijack how you do business, you will be miserable.”

51:40 “Find your voice and you will find your power.”

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About Jane M. Powers, author of Speak with Confidence and Sell with Authority.

Using her straight-forward, big-hearted style, Jane M Powers guides thousands to Speak with Confidence and Sell with Authority. With decades of successful speaking, training, and coaching, and perhaps most important of all real-life experience founding and running multi-million dollar businesses, Jane appreciates that success is truly about the power of your CORE message.  

With over 30 years of sales success as a Corporate Executive and Entrepreneur, she brings you everything you need to ensure a competitive edge in the market place.

Jane has been changing the way people sell and how to move people into action to make more money, have more fun and most of all – make a difference. 

Learn more about Jane here: www.janempowers.com

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GGGB Intro  00:00

Coming up today on Guts, Grit and Great Business.

Jane Powers  00:04

What I think this opportunity we have is, if everyone can see it, as we all hit a level playing field, we’re all in the same boat. We all are trying to figure it out. Not one of us is an expert in this arena, not one of us. And so what I say is, look at it put on your runners and start, like taking a pace that is like you’re saying is going to be sustainable, but word of word and even playing field.

GGGB Intro  00:37

The adventure of entrepreneurship and building a life and business you love, preferably at the same time is not for the faint of heart. That’s why Heather Pearce Campbell is bringing you a dose of guts, grit, and great business stories that will inspire and motivate you to create what you want in your business and life. Welcome to the Guts, Grit and Great Business podcast where endurance is required. Now, here’s your host, The Legal Website Warrior®, Heather Pearce Campbell.

Heather Pearce Campbell  01:10

Welcome I am Heather Pearce Campbell, the Legal Website Warrior. I’m an attorney and legal coach based here in Seattle, Washington. And I am so excited for our guest today. I feel like my podcast actually might have just been made for JD Powers. So we’ll get into that in a minute. But I’m so excited to share our guest with you. So Jane powers is one of a kind if you don’t know Jane, you’re about to get to know her better. Entrepreneurs, sales managers and small business owners hire Jane to learn to speak with confidence and sell with authority because most are boring, confusing and leave money on the table. So Jane helps them connect, capture and close their ideal audience. Using our straightforward, big hearted style Jane guides 1000s to speak with confidence and sell with authority. With decades of successful speaking, training and coaching and perhaps most important of all real life experience, founding and running multi million dollar businesses. Jane appreciates that success is truly about the power of your core message. With over 30 years of sales success as a corporate executive and entrepreneur, she brings you everything you need to ensure a competitive edge in the marketplace. Jane has been changing the way people sell, and how to move people into action to make more money, have more fun, and most of all make a difference. So if you don’t know Jane, she is known for her endless energy. And I can say firsthand that if you’ve not been to one of her events, you’re just not living like you haven’t lived. So welcome, Jane. I am so happy to have you here.

Jane Powers  02:51

Listen to that intro, I think oh, that’s so Oh, that’s me.

Heather Pearce Campbell  02:56

Oh, that’s right.

Jane Powers  02:57

I’m a brilliant writer. And what that means is either I’m just really old or really successful. So I don’t even know are both? It could be both. That’s unfortunate.

Heather Pearce Campbell  03:09

No, no, I can say it’s not the first one. Definitely not the first one. How are you doing?

Jane Powers  03:16

I am, given the circumstances that we’re under, I am doing well. And as you said, I live in die to be on stages. And now we’ve gone to virtual stages, which it’s a much tamer environment. But at the same time, we’re like caged animals, every one of us. So, you know, for me the greatest I just did a live event last night. When and we were all doing our our part for social distance because Arizona, Arizona, we’re the Wild Wild West, we opened up our state yay. And I did the first event last night and it was the people were like, what is that woman on? I’m sure. Because it been how many months?

Heather Pearce Campbell  04:03

Right? You were let loose on the world.

Jane Powers  04:06

Exactly. I got everything in that I need to do that. I’ve been holding out for about three months. And it was it was a really great opportunity. But it just reminded me of how much I miss that connection. And it’s an ever changing world. So, you know, the work that that I do is any platform? Well, I didn’t realize it would become 80% virtual 20% live where before it was a nice flip where people would be out Heart to Heart eyeball to eyeball connecting, selling speaking doing whatever so it’s been a it’s been a true difference.

Heather Pearce Campbell  04:45

Yeah, absolutely huge difference. I mean, I I’ve noticed a couple things like when people virtually say like, oh, sending hugs or whatever. There’s a part of me that I like. Like, won’t it be amazing to hug people again, right like I have That reaction like, oh, like that’s so exciting to think about actually being able to hug people in person. And then, like the other night, I woke up being like, that was a super weird dream because it was so boring. My husband and I, like went out to dinner to some regular restaurant. Yeah, that was my dream. That was a total of like, we got to go have dinner at a restaurant. Bizarre. Just shared that in public. I know. Gracie dream, this puts me in a whole new category of lame I know.

Jane Powers  05:34

We live downtown Phoenix, and it’s just a different world. We’re just looking at a different world. But what I do understand is that if I hear the word hibbott, one more time, it’s parrot,

Heather Pearce Campbell  05:47

it’s pure wet.

Jane Powers  05:49

What a better word. I was like, Okay, we need to pivot really don’t how many? minutes?

Heather Pearce Campbell  05:59

Right. And, and even the whole concept of pivot? I mean, I kind of get it and I have used the word as well. No, I only did it for like one week. And it was before everybody else was talking about pivoting. So I started it, I’ll send you my newsletter that I sent out like, you know, march to head of everybody else. Anyways, but we were on the early end of that here in Seattle. But business is one big, huge, long pivot, like that’s all you do in business is adjust to the marketplace and figure out how to do the next thing better and in a more effective way, right? Like this is the journey of business.

Jane Powers  06:37

Yeah. And this one, just and it’s so funny, because I played basketball, believe it or not, I’m very short, but I’m very mighty. And I had a basketball scholarship, people call me liars. I’m like, No, I swear to you, I did. And I have articles off the bench Pharma. Because here’s what I understood in basketball. You pivot. I mean, that’s actually pivot, right? No, actually and it’s, it’s what they call a triple threat. And I would tell people, you get to pass, you get to shear, you get to dribble. So you have three options. And then I give the bonus option, which is you can call a timeout. And I think more people need to call time out, then decide or just, like, throw up a bomb, to hope they score. And I think that’s what’s happening in this marketplace. It’s doing what you do best, just do it differently. Like I see people out, you know, they’re like, I am a pandemic expert, or you born in 1843. Like, you can’t be nobody’s an expert. We’re all digging ourselves out being creative. And I like to say what I do, I might be biased, but I’m gonna say it anyhow, what I do is always relevant, because people need to have their message, and they need to know how to sell, whether it’s through their message, which is always the door opener, and then they need to close deals. That’s for me to pivot it would be just take that and do it better. There’s no pivoting necessary. What I tell people is do what you do best. Just do it differently now, totally different mindset.

Heather Pearce Campbell  08:24

Yeah, the do it differently part. I mean, instead, I think there’s two sides of that conversation. There’s the there’s the tactical do it differently, right, like, go online in a bigger way, you know, those kinds of tactics. But I think the better part of the conversation is really about sustainability, about like how we improve, like, we use this opportunity to improve business, not just for now, but for everything to come.

Jane Powers  08:50

Yeah, because you would have would have seen this. I mean, we had, I think we had six events, scheduled planned, ready and raring to go. We had a Costa Rica retreat, we had a we had a sexy 2020 That thing, and it’s funny because somebody sent me a message, dude, 2020 it’s gonna be a 2020 vision. That’s what we’re working for. And I’m like, we have been blinded. In 20 there is no 2020 vision. It’s a vision, I guess, introspection? Are we doing business in the most effective way? And here’s the other thing. I love this, because I’m, I’m the most competitive person on the planet, almost. You know, you’re always chasing the one who’s in front of you. Someone’s always gonna be better. Someone’s always gonna be worse than you. Like. That’s just the like, you’re like, Aha, I made it to the top of you like, Oh my God, why are there four more peaks that I have to climb? But what I think this opportunity we have is, if everyone can see it, as we all hit a level playing field. We’re all in the same boat. We all are trying to figure it out. Not one of us is an expert in this arena, not not one of us. And so what I say is, look at it put on your runners and start, like, taking a pace that is, like you’re saying is going to be sustainable. But we’re at a word uneven playing field. Yeah, but an even playing field and you know, maybe other people have more resources. But please don’t I tell people don’t depend on somebody else to determine your success. Do what you do, rather than trying to squeeze yourself into a box of someone’s program that doesn’t fit you. That’s why I’m a master of customization.

Heather Pearce Campbell  10:41

Totally, no, I like that. So Okay. Well, one question I have for you is based on what we’re experiencing right now, what are you doing differently?

Jane Powers  10:54

Surely I am doing relaxing more, I could still bring you before, I have to set an alarm to wake myself up at 8am. That is different for me. I am usually out of bed 6am workout get to work, Joe, go, go, go go go. And I’m telling you, what I discovered is that I was not embracing the joy in what I was doing. And I know everybody said that, oh, this pandemic has been such a blessing. No, I’m sorry, it hasn’t, I should have stopped sooner evaluated the level of satisfaction I was getting from chasing the millions, and made the change before all this happened. So for me, what I’ve done differently is I am more active online. We’ve always I’ve always been online. It’s just now we’re doing a three day event online, which is we’re going to do a whole studio effect because anything less than that would make me absolutely nuts. You know, we’re doing a speaker bootcamp, which is a great this is we do speaker boot camps. So we train basically how to deliver your message from any platform and how you make money from it. Now we’re doing it a virtual speaker bootcamp, meaning, you know, we were talking about this, how some people will have like the camera and they’re looking at the camera, or they’re, you know, they’ve got like, 4000 people in the background, or, you know, they’re hoarders very alive. It looks like they’re back. So, what we’re doing is I’m going to be coaching individuals on how to deliver your message. Because the talk that I provide for people what I do, the messaging is the same delivery is very different. Yes, delivery online is very different. You got to get even more amped up, and the energy and the inflection voice.

Heather Pearce Campbell  12:47

Oh my gosh.

Jane Powers  12:49

I was sharing when I first started doing video and it’s not like I have like these crazy hours. I don’t know what I would be talking about awesome. My my eyes would go and watch recordings.

Heather Pearce Campbell  13:05

This is me still trying to record on an iPhone. I’m like, where do I look? Where do I look and like, I have a hard time like looking at myself, which I can I can say out loud. I don’t like to be looking at myself in a video. And so I’m like doing anything to just look somewhere. I’m a crazy person. I can’t even record like a three minute video without looking crazy.

Jane Powers  13:26

That is so my eyes were like I’d be like, like where I had crazy eyes. So as I started doing more video I realized I need to focus so do you know what I this is a great tip for anybody who’s starting. And it’s funny because I met Denise’s computer I told you our AC went out. Yes. In Arizona, my AC

Heather Pearce Campbell  13:46

you’re all thank you another blessing three COVID right,

Jane Powers  13:51

Yeah, reflect on my appreciate

Heather Pearce Campbell  13:53

That is so good for our reflections. Isn’t that the truth?

Jane Powers  13:58

No. But what I do and what I have I met Denise is and I see two little pictures next to the lens because she has a hard time looking at the camera. So when I first started doing virtual years and years ago, I took pictures of my ideal clients I put it right up there I’m talking to them so

Heather Pearce Campbell  14:19

You know what? Yes.

Jane Powers  14:24

You’re tempted to look I look at you talking right it’s when it’s my turn I look at the camera and but everybody should be used to that but the best thing to do is put some photos up there and keep eye contact and you’ll see what happens like I have the razor camera and do you know you can’t even get those they’re still back backordered right now. But

Heather Pearce Campbell  14:46

Finding that other one that people recommended for yours and same thing you can’t get it

Jane Powers  14:50

Yeah, it right now it really gets all the teachers everybody. But what I do, and I have to watch myself I keep my hands because what I taught With my hands, the razor is focusing like it’s not moving.

Heather Pearce Campbell  15:04

I thought you were gonna say the clinking and the like I do you know, I’ll have a this on or something. And then Paul kink. I hit my funny bone on my new podcast, Mike Mike the corner right here and I almost died on camera the other day I was like, I’m gonna cause and it was so painful. So yeah, all the things.

Jane Powers  15:25

There’s so many different things. I have a client who, when she was speaking, she banged her desk, she gets very excitable, and she banged her desk. And I’m like, no, no, no, you can’t do that online. Because it just the whole everything went. But it’s funny because speaking your first she does speaking in Germany. So everything is virtual. And I do speaking analysis, and I’m going to tell you this is how important it is, with the way you pause the way you articulate. She did it all in German, sent me her talk. And I did a full analysis. And I’m like, no, no, no, you can’t be doing that. Here. I left the shows. You didn’t understand a word of that. How did you know? And I’m telling the power of inflection, body language will change how much how much you can close on a virtual or live performance doesn’t matter.

Heather Pearce Campbell  16:18

Absolutely. Oh, that’s so powerful. I mean, it’s it’s the eight bazillion things we don’t think of right? Because we’re just not tuned into it.

Jane Powers  16:28

Yeah, and most people are nervous.

Heather Pearce Campbell  16:31

Totally like me, I can’t even look at myself. I’m like, can I please look? It’s true. It’s true. Well, I love that. So are you do you find that you’re spending quite a bit of time walking people through that right now who are trying to learn how to show up online and speak in an impactful way.

Jane Powers  16:52

Yet, you know, what I love is the clients that I work with, I write their talk, I set up their intro mercial, I have everything for them. And they have known since day one since I started this business that the talk that I write can be delivered from a live stage and interview performance. Like if you’re on a panel or a webinar, it’s the exact same talk, it’s how you have to change your delivery. And here’s the hard part. So you know, we have our coding system, our sales, our location, love, love, love, oh, simple and so fun. But it’s a coding system. So and here’s the truth. Here’s my disclaimer, fine print, I have ripped off every single, every single personality profiling system on the planet, put it in the science of James, and then we are talking to an attorney right out. But I put it in the science of Jane. And, and created a very simple, easy system, that when you’re talking to someone you know exactly how to articulate what their language is. So when you’re speaking online, you don’t get to see the individuals unless you’re on a zoom call, and you can see everybody’s little faces.

Heather Pearce Campbell  18:06

But even even that’s a challenge when you’re in presentation mode. I just went through this on a live event and I had to set up two computers one here with my slides right because it was partly had some sides involved and but it’s a very disconnected feeling not to be looking at all the faces in the same frame. And so over here I had all the faces I basically joined the Zoom meeting twice, yes, still really a challenge and I did not want to be disconnected from people. And anyways, it’s it’s a real thing.

Jane Powers  18:36

It’s a real thing. And for people that are experienced speakers or presenters or aren’t as comfortable, but I am what I do and I this has been since forever. I you know, you can get the webinar you need to ever ever webinar Webinar Jam, do get webinar elemental, P whatever they are zoom webinar. And I opted not to because I didn’t like having to have people raise their hand and I couldn’t connect with them. So I got Max exposure, how many people can be on the screen. And I’ll tell you, with our voting system, I can go through and look at their zoom images. And to look at their background. It’ll give me a clue of who they are and how to communicate to them. But that is a key and I’m going to tell you the trick to overcoming a feeling of disconnect is to check in with people call on people. Like really just engage with people and a lot of people will not volunteer to talk you out be like okay, who’s got a question Want to share something they’re like? Like, get off your email,

Heather Pearce Campbell  19:44

do the headlights? That’s right.

Jane Powers  19:46

And I will I’ll volunteer tell people I’m like, Okay, I’m calling on you. If you aren’t sharing with me, this is going to be a lonely call and I’m coming to get you. So it’s been it’s been we’re looking at a new software that has A virtual conference platform, I guess it’s called where actually you go to conference tables. It’s a very interesting system that we’re looking to bring into our business and start off with that out. But I’m hoping that it becomes, we’ll see, I’m going to use it and see if it works. Because it’s really important for people to connect and feel very connected.

Heather Pearce Campbell  20:24

Well, you’ll be the the perfect tester of that platform. I mean, the thing that I noticed I had presented at a live event right before COVID hit. And I made an offer from stage and 30% of the room bought. But part of the reason that happened is because I could see I could watch and I could tell who was tuned in who was interested, who was actually looking at the paperwork afterwards. And so even though, you know, some percentage signed up immediately, first day, it was a three day event, like, almost 50% trickled in the next two days. Nice, right? But it was because I could keep eyeballs on people and make sure that I said hello to them in the hallway and did other things. And you can’t do that I just got done with a live presentation on zoom right with probably a couple 100 people, but I was still overall happy with how the presentation went. But that ability to really like use visual cues to follow up on people like that is missing. It’s hard. It’s it’s much harder in the online space. So I’m still trying to figure that part out.

Jane Powers  21:30

Yeah. And a lot of that is based on how you tee up. So you know, my my philosophy, here’s my philosophy when you are on any platform. Now remember, when I say speak it be virtual online, offline, it could be an interview system does not matter. What you want to start with is a wow factor. Something that is different, unexpected. I do mine I stand on stage seven seconds, look at my watch. Look at the audience. I don’t say a word. What that does to the audience? Is their thinking. Is she nervous? Did she forget her start with, you know, with what’s happening. And then I start with seven seconds, seven seconds, your mind is made 1000 computations about me. And I go into it. And it can be any it could be a quote a story anything. So no matter what, when you are in a virtual, you must have a wow factor. You must have one statement that says you are no ordinary presenter. From there, you have to position yourself. So you’ve got to position yourself as the expert I’ve created three multi million dollar businesses, a seven figure coaching business with a handshake, a smile and a talk. I’d have sales be five, all this and I go into positioning myself. Now you’ve got the audience saying, I haven’t done that. I better listen. And then this is the key. And I know you do this. But this is the key position them. You must position your audience and poke the Bruce. That’s why my intro mercial is because most are boring, confusing and inconsistent and leaving a ton of money on the table. People are like, Oh, crap, that’s me. Like, oh, my God, and she just called me boring. But she’s still credible. I have to listen to her. So then when you position yourself position, your offer is just an emphasis on how screwed they are. I will do talks about that even halfway through, I’ll go you know what, here’s the bottom line, you people, you’re screwed. I swear to you, people will hide five they’ll be like, Oh my God, thank you for telling me I’m screwed.

Heather Pearce Campbell  23:38

Totally, I’ve seen that presentation. And you’re right and the the way I love so much about the way that you teach and the power of like making even one small shift in the way that you show up the way that you present the way that you start with that, you know the hook where people are like, Oh, this is not just an ordinary presentation. Like I’ve heard hundreds of other ones, you know, so yeah, it’s brilliant. I mean, your system is absolutely phenomenal for anybody looking to put some format and structure to their presentation that really works.

Jane Powers  24:13

Yeah. And and here’s the here’s what the truth of the matter is, most people are educating. Most people are just really good teachers. And we have a speaker assessment. What’s my I think it’s speaker assessment.com If anybody wants to grab it speaker assessment calm I will tell you what kind of speaker you are, and what happens. Most people are overloaded. You know, our lovely dear lovely friend JP said Holy God, I tell that man cut that talk. Like not even in half and half we’re still like full like a buffet crammed. But it is man and he’s a brilliant sales dude. But most people if they give too much information, here’s two things that will happen. One the audience will be a deer in headlights. They’ll be overwhelmed by too much information. The second thing and you’ve all seen this, what they’ll do is they’ll go, Oh, excellent. I’m going to give it a try. I’ve got all I need, yes. And they have enough to be dangerous. Like they have just enough to fail, then guess whose fault it is yours. They’re like, Oh, her system doesn’t work. Let’s you get not you tried it yourself. We’re the experts. It’s our system, you got to follow the key components. But that’s a lot of times what happens when people are presenting. The other thing, I love this, my favorite thing is I we play this game on the bootcamp is stumped Jane. So we have anybody give any topic to me, any subject like pickles, and I will bring it back to my business. So that’s a lot of the training that I do. And it prepares people for, you know, podcasts. Now we are going to we will see podcasts going through the roof. So be prepared, how to effectively interview and sell. Right, like you’ve heard me during this whole thing. What if I mentioned boot camp live event, how I work with people, I write their talks, I write your intro, I’ll teach you how to sell like everything.

Heather Pearce Campbell  26:11

It’s brilliant. I hope everybody listening is taking word for word notes on this presentation. And by the way, I will go upload it to otter.ai and provide a transcript. Because people need to observe what’s happening. It’s really, really true. 

Jane Powers  26:27

It’s very natural, because the truth of the matter is if I were being slippery and salesy, I’d be like, oh, and so I have this case study I think you’d love to hear. And oh my god, if we like all of us go, Oh, don’t you sell to me? Like, but for me what I understand people, if you want to speak with competence, so with authority, you hire me, if you don’t want that, then you don’t so I can say whatever I want. The people that know they need that support are saying amen. The other ones. They’re like, Oh, that was fun, or not. Right? It truly is about giving enough information to say, I’m awesome. You’re screwed. Now, here’s what I have for you.

Heather Pearce Campbell  27:11

Do you notice? I’m just really quick, do you notice me over here because I’m learning how to podcast like trying to laugh silently, like, off to the side. I hope my podcast editor is listening and appreciating how I’m trying not to snort and like lick my chops or whatever I did.

Jane Powers  27:29

And you know what I love? I think people just be so real. That’s how I that’s truly my success is based on I am I’m just real. There’s no fancy I get off stage and people like, Oh my God, you’re the same on stages off stage. And I’m like…

Heather Pearce Campbell  27:49

surprise, right?

Jane Powers  27:51

My meds are working. Like, I don’t have I mean, there’s no difference of how you know, but the truth is, we’ve got to just be genuine and real because people see it, smell it, they will run from it. And quite frankly, what I do, as you know what I do my offers in anything. I don’t care if it’s online or offline webinar live stage in a sales conversation. I basically say Okay, excellent. So are we at a yes. You’re like, Oh, yeah. Like no, seriously, anything that will get in the way. They’re like, Nope, I would love to hear what you have to offer. And like, okay, because now is what I’m selling you. Like, I’m going to start selling you don’t be offended. Just know, I see knew what you need. I got it. Let’s move forward. And I have had people write the checks had me credit cards, or a ton of money. And they are thanking me for selling them. Yeah, like that. That’s what everybody should be doing. I want to help somebody when I give them a check for 100,000.

Heather Pearce Campbell  28:52

Right. And overload you with compliments, right? I know. 

Jane Powers  28:56

Yeah. And don’t get me wrong. I don’t charge on the desk. That was the check.

Heather Pearce Campbell  29:00

I mean, but you could.

Jane Powers  29:02

I could. Now I am. 

Heather Pearce Campbell  29:06

For you. I will.

Jane Powers  29:09

It’s just another just charging that the rest of you. I got a special deal for you.

Heather Pearce Campbell  29:14

Hey guys, I have to tell you this funny but horrible story that I heard yesterday because I was trying to refer one of my clients to another attorney. And I was talking with her first I said, unfortunately, she and her boyfriend are facing bankruptcy. They’ve actually got a tendency and oh my gosh, anybody in the landlord tenant scenario right now that’s commercial, like tough times. So they said, Well, we connected with one bankruptcy attorney and he was a little bit skeevy. And I really first of all hate to pass along. You know, one more story about a skeevy attorney. So I apologize in advance for that. But I was like, Oh, what did he do? Well, he told us when we asked him what his rates were, he said, Oh, you’re in the north end. And they were like yeah, Oh, my rates are this. Um, so do you have different rates for where people are based? And he totally said yes. Oh, and I was like, that is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. And apparently anyways, I was like that is skeevy don’t work with him. And let me find you another referral. 

Jane Powers  30:19

Yeah, that’s called that’s called a sliding, discriminatory scale,

Heather Pearce Campbell  30:22

Right? For you, in the north end, I have this special rate, right.

Jane Powers  30:30

I have done sales forever. And I recall when I was, and I’m telling you, I have been doing sales over 30 years. And I remember, I was sitting in front of somebody, and I saw this woman and she had a big ring, she had all this and I’m thinking, what kind of car and I’m thinking, Oh, this is just money. My head just was like, judging like, Oh, this is money. And then somebody who was more casual, be like, money, and they were probably they had more money than the one who had the big rock on. So it’s like, you can not judge anyone by race, or, or what they drive.

Heather Pearce Campbell  31:06

You know what, it’s true. It’s inappropriate, but it’s true. And that’s a really important point, though. How many times do people especially when I think of the folks that I serve coaches, consultants, online experts, you know, speaker, author types, like their business models all look very similar, but I think they’re often talking themselves out of a client, because they’re prejudging and saying, Oh, they couldn’t afford me or they don’t know, don’t do that. Stop doing that. I bet you see that all day long,

Jane Powers  31:34

Oh, all day long, all day long, or they don’t even want to talk about money isn’t like, I don’t think behind my stuff. Well, here’s the thing. It’s a disservice to your audience or to your individual, if you do not offer them a means by which they can solve their problem. If you’re like, Oh, my God, I’m awesome. I’m so awesome. You’re screwed. Okay, we got to go see a letter. Yeah. It’s basically says, I don’t really care about you. But what you’ve really done is made a judgement. And I love this. I was just doing a video for our October event. And one of the lines in there in the live stream that I did said, and I say this over and over again. And I love this. This is a writer downer. This is like a pack your bag, I’m done moment, you will never overcome an objection you agree with, you will never overcome an objection you agree with. So if you’re getting a bunch of people that are like, Oh, I’m broke, I’m broke and broken like, no, because you’re broke. Now you are, you’re like, oh, I don’t want to really make them uncomfortable. But it’s a projection of where you are. So be aware. If you are getting a ton of the same objections, the same what I call excuses. They really are, you know, people be like, No, you know, I can’t afford, okay. Is that the real reason? Or is it a really good reason? Because it sounds like it’s a really good reason. But let’s get to the bottom of it. And most people won’t keep going into that. But that’s, that’s when the coaching begins. The coaching begins when you start talking about money. Because if someone is not willing to have a conversation about buying or not buying, then they are screwing up their own sales. I promise you, right, right. If someone can’t have a down and dirty conversation about here’s what it looks like, here’s what I’d love to see. Here’s how I overcome my own objection. If you can’t do that, you will not do that with your own people.

Heather Pearce Campbell  33:28

Yeah, that’s absolutely right. Why? I mean, I know I think I know why people have such a hard time with a money conversation. But in your experience, what is the biggest roadblock for people when it comes to sales?

Jane Powers  33:40

Biggest roadblock? Well, there’s a lot but the biggest one is their self, their sense of worth? Like, I got I’m not I haven’t made a million, how can I coach someone who’s made prior to me making a million in this business? I was coaching seven figure individuals. And I felt like the biggest shit, I’d be like, Oh my God, they’re gonna find out that I am not. I just started. So but I’ll tell you, I would I would write their talk. And they’d look at me and go, where have you been? They’re like, You just made me another 3 million bucks. And I’m like, well then your invoice because you’re

Heather Pearce Campbell  34:17

too big.

Jane Powers  34:21

We are adjusting it accordingly. But it is it’s truly about worth and and how they feel the value of themselves. And then sometimes what I tell people, the easiest way to fix that, don’t go out and get therapy don’t go out and you know, be like, I am worth it. You have to do that. But the easiest thing to do take two bonuses, put them into your package. beef up the quality and the I mean, just the value so that people are leaning in but your own family will buy that package or you’ll buy your own package, but a lot of times that’s the problem. They’re like, now you know, it’s not really that great of a package isn’t why that Are you selling it? Yes.

Heather Pearce Campbell  35:03

That’s right. 

Jane Powers  35:03

That’s that’s the number one thing is people are pant. And this is the other number one issue they sell. And you know, we have our core communication system, our coding system, they sell from their own personality trait they sell from the default. So for example, Cor stands for Catalyst optimizer. relator. Expert. So catalyst is always fast moving, that’d be me. If I were to sell to an optimizer, who loves details, systems, formulas, all the information laid out in front of them with a budget, if I were to default to my sales system be like, Alright, let’s get this going. I’m gonna put you in a cannon, we’re gonna let it we’re gonna shoot you out of it. It’s gonna happen yesterday, the day before now, are you ready? And you’re like, I don’t even know what it entails. So a lot of times people are selling from their default system. And they are not speaking the language of the buyer. Now what I’m not saying is don’t get remember how, remember the URL when someone if someone does this, mirror them, that will show connection. So I remember being like, you see people all the time. So then when I see people, I’d be like, Oh, my God, you know what I’m doing and like? Like, you know what I’m doing. But it’s it’s a genuine understanding. Like, last night I was the the event that I actually got to go out in publican speak, was an Hispanic group. And my wow factor was I said, Look, Joe’s mucho Gracias, poquito. Okay, that’s truly all I know. But it was like, that was another wow factor. They were all like just going nuts. But what was interesting is each one of them, I had to communicate effectively, in a genuine way that said, I care about who you are. So there’s a lot of factors that go into the conversation. It’s not, it’s not pick up your script. And I’m going to Okay, Oh, you didn’t answer as I’ve wanted you. Because now I don’t know where to fit you into my script. Right. And it’s ineffective, but genuine, authentic connection of who the individual is, is, that’s, that’s one of our bigger issues around sales.

Heather Pearce Campbell  37:22

Well, I love that, I think, a parallel for anybody that’s like read, I think there’s a book out there, the four love languages or something, right? It’s a little bit like trying to love your spouse or your partner in your own love language, which totally is not being received in the way that you want it like it. Not that it doesn’t do any good, but it doesn’t have the impact that you want. You’re not really serving them, right. And so the importance of speaking somebody’s language, I mean, it just, it’s huge. It’s really huge. I love I mean, I remember sitting in your audience and going through that this bead exercise of evaluating like 100 I think it was maybe 10 that we got to other people, but you’re really, really valuable to force yourself through the paces of like, okay, who is this person? Do they seem to be an optimizer? Are they a relator? Are they an expert, right? And really trying to figure that out? Because it’s, it’s time that is well spent? For sure.

Jane Powers  38:19

And and here’s the other beautiful thing about when I teach the system, obviously, we have the scripts, we have the question, we have everything, but what is so cool, and people miss this. People miss this all the time. For example, I go into the event last night prior to it, I went on LinkedIn. And I looked up the individuals that I knew were going to be there. And what I’m able to do just by looking at the words, looking at what they do, looking at how they dress, looking at and Facebook will tell you everything. You look at who they are, then you go and you have them coded already. I just took on a VIP client. And I didn’t know him from Adam. I know. I know. Thank god, okay, people I couldn’t eat. And I went on to Facebook, and I saw he was doing this crazy mountain biking. Well, immediately I go okay, he’s a catalyst. That’s right. I know exactly who he is. And when I have the conversation we are it shortcuts, the conversation. I don’t have to be like, Whoa, so DF family, like we are we’re right moving in now with a relator you must say that, so family animals, what do you love? Like, oh, like so glad you asked. Like it’s a whole different world. So, um, but that’s, uh, you know, the truth of the matter is, the better you know, the individual, the greater the connection and the higher the conversion. Yeah, with the right clients,

Heather Pearce Campbell  39:50

Right. Well, the thing I loved about your system is the kind of the high level highlights of each personality type right or each Each of the four labels like you, you start to be able to more quickly spot them. It’s not some really deep, like you can do a pretty quick analysis and be at least relatively close, if not spot on. That’s what makes it so fun. 

Jane Powers  40:15

You can even when you’re pulling up into the parking lot, you can identify people by what vehicle they drive. Right the gal last night, one of the girls grew up in a Maserati. I’m like, Yeah, got it. Toys

Heather Pearce Campbell  40:28

I remember a woman in the audience was like flowy clothing and you know, like all of that it was really fun to go through that. So we’ve talked about the the personal self worth interfering with people we’ve talked about, you know, what gets in the way of sales and the the importance of speaking the other person’s language, any other major barriers that you see in the space of people that you serve, like, what else? Are people doing wrong that are some of the highlights?

Jane Powers  40:56

How long do we have it?

Heather Pearce Campbell  40:58

Right? I know, I just that people need to hear this.

Jane Powers  41:02

Yeah, the biggest thing is I and I say this, in my infomercial, I make it very clear, people are boring, confusing and inconsistent. Not saying might be fine, they might be fine. They have either a great product that I can name some extraordinarily boring speakers that are making, I mean, double digit in the millions. And I have sat through about a half a half a day, and I’m like, oh my god, there wasn’t, there was no sharp objects that I could just poke my eye out with. But if you have a great product, sometimes it’s just or a great reputation, whatever it is, but the biggest thing is when people become inconsistent, they try to cater to, oh, I hope this audience is gonna, you know, I’ll deliver a specific message to each audience, I deliver the same message with some adjustments, but the same message, the same foundational message to every audience, and it’s delivered differently. But what happens is people keep trying to be a chameleon, as they used to say, they try to morph to the audience, rather than I walk into any room, I will own that room. Because I’m just that confident in what I do. And what I have to say. And that’s what people are not doing. They’re mixing up the messages that are not delivering an effective statement. Like my infomercial literally, is 17.5 seconds. People get an infomercial, it’s usually 30 seconds, and then we test it whittle it down, then it becomes 17.5 seconds.

Heather Pearce Campbell  42:39

I’ve been working on mine for like two years. Just clear. Right?

Jane Powers  42:43

On target. Do we know why? Yes, but the key about it, we know this about one of the brightest, most incredible woman on the planet, I would expect your infomercial to be accurate with I mean with exactness because people the worksheet does in the world is it has to be accurate, Mike, we can almost hit the mark with Heather it has hit the mark. That’s just the bottom line. But what I have done 17.5 seconds I was an admin at an event Karen Miller Weiss was there and she just introduced yourself and I’m like, I get to talk to her. So but overnight said Hi, I’m JD Powers, entrepreneurs hire me to speak with confidence and sell with authority because most are boring, confusing and inconsistent. So I help them connect capture and closer ideal audience. I would love to talk to you because number one, you’re an entrepreneur number two, you need to speak with confidence and sell with authority. Here’s my information. Let me have yours. Again, around the phone that 17.5 seconds plus the invitation. Maybe 25 seconds. We get on the phone. 20 minutes later, she writes, it has a contract for $24,000 Believe it 20 minutes and 20 seconds. 20. That’s not a bad payday.

Heather Pearce Campbell  44:01

I mean, is it worth it? I know hard to tell.

Jane Powers  44:04

I know. We got to get out of your sweatpants but me truly it I remember I did. I just started this years and years ago and I had met a number of people Jay was one of them and Jays a good friend of both of ours, but Jim is idle. So what’s your work in the world this before? You know we’ve been to each other and he told me I go off? That is really lightly like, Okay, how about if I write you an intro Marshall? And you know, Jay, he looks good. He goes, my dear. You just made me six figures. And it’s true that it makes a huge difference. So let me give a pointer to everyone. The elevator pitch is a thing of the past. Like Gone are the days of I help businesses I help entrepreneurs. Sounds like you’re a volunteer. If you learn anything from this podcast, I want you to say entrepreneurs hire me. Families hire me moms hire me Kids, whomever hires you, it says you have a viable business way, I mean that they will convert far greater than I help.

Heather Pearce Campbell  45:09

So different. So different. No, I love even that small distinction. So, Jane, I am just such a fan. And I really feel like we’ve only like to touch the tip of the iceberg with you like you have this deep, very interesting story. I mean, your career is fascinating. What? What do you have to share with people? You know, tying this in actually to the theme of the podcast, one of the things I really want people to take away, you know, part of my reason for launching the podcast guts, grit and great business is to help people remember business is a marathon, not a sprint, right? It is not a get rich quick scheme. It is not a sprint. How, what do you have to say? Because I know you’ve got a phenomenal mindset, and you have a really, really powerful story. What do you have to share with people around that piece of it around endurance around mindset? I’d love to know your thoughts.

Jane Powers  46:04

No, I did the most important thing. And I love that Heather says, even nice mindset. I don’t know. If you stepped inside this head of mine, you would be like, Oh my God, be like George Jetson on that the little treadmill get me off of here. Like seriously, some days. It’s like a sit and spin. I’m not kidding you. Entrepreneurship is not an easy if you want to grow and evolve, become an entrepreneur, because it will push and stretch you beyond recognition. But if you resist that, and you get focused on AI obsessed with I met Wayne Dyer many, many years ago. But I thought, Wait, you are the most incredibly boring speaker. But he’s a really wonderful, he was a wonderful man. And now I’m addicted to him again, because of his message. And he talks about it, whatever you believe in, I don’t even care. But he talks about ego is extracting God out. If we run our business without an understanding of the difference between what we desire and what we think we should be doing, we will fail miserably. I probably for the last 16 months have been running at 832,000 miles an hour, we have created millions of dollars. And quite frankly, I was doing it because I was competitive. I wanted to be one of the biggies out in the industry. I was doing it because of the outside effect. And what I found is I lost the inside of that. And I even had a scientific hands analysis and I’m like, I’m going to be in the School of money. I promise you school. I’m in the school love. I’m in the School of Love. And what I found was, I wasn’t loving my life and taking advantage of it. I was going too fast. And I allowed my industry to hijack my agenda. So if anybody has any, any idea of where you want to go, please do not here, okay, this is a great analogy. I am a biker, I do mountain biking and road biking. But when I was doing a lot of road biking, do you know the draft lines? It’s the line where you have all the bikers in a row. Do you know who the smartest person is in that draft line? The very last person very less person. Because the first one is working. Do you know I have been in draft lines where we have been going up a slight incline going 55 miles an hour. And I am not pedaling 55 miles an hour and I’m like this and they’re all working pulling me along. So the smartest entrepreneur is in the back of the draft. So find the best way do not get guru I guess and be like oh my god, you’re the answer you the magic bullet. You’re everything I need. No, you are everything you need. And if you are allowing someone to hijack how you do business, how you engage in your business and your life, you will be absolutely miserable. I have watched some of the greats in this industry, working with different coaches Driving driving to make a million and once they hit that million you know what happened? They crashed and burned. They crashed and a number of them were my friends and I talked to them one got cancer wanted and discouraged one game 150 pounds one man nervous breakdown, that one had something else and it’s and they said to me, it is not worth it. I will go a quarter of the pace, make 250,000 and be quite happy. People don’t understand, though, like you don’t have to sacrifice anything to be a millionaire. i You might just say it, I had to and I’ve done it three times. And so I think the biggest thing I could tell people Don’t let anybody hijack your agenda hijack who you are and who you’re striving to be Don’t, don’t let anybody tell you, Oh, you’re not charging up, just add another zero. That makes zero sense. It makes zero and you know, or charge what you’re worth. We don’t know what we’re worth nobody, it’s charged the value that you bring. And stay in your lane. Don’t Don’t copycat, don’t try to be someone else. Because you are uniquely you. And your work in the world is uniquely yours.

Heather Pearce Campbell  50:28

Yeah. Oh, I love that so much. I mean, there’s so much juicy stuff in there. But I think remembering and I was talking with a friend about this the other day, how easy it is when we’re going along in normal life for things to pile on, pile on pile on, and we start to have like these tolerations. And just this way of being that until, like, you know, like you’re saying, You’re finally, I don’t know, if you were forced to or just COVID gave you a new opportunity, like seeing what it feels like to relax to not be just going like this machine, right. And I think people it’s really easy to forget that, especially if you’re in an industry, if you’re in a line of work that really pushes in one direction, or for a really assimilated business model, because that’s just how people do it to get to the top.

Jane Powers  51:14

And I am ridiculously competitive that that is a curse. And I grew up in a complicated chat, and I get a complicated childhood. So we’re always fighting our way to the top of the mountain, and it becomes your normal operating system, like a survival mechanism. It is fight or flight and I am I am, I was in fight for most of my life. And realizing that I’ve just fighting my own doubt and fear inside. And you know, the work I do the work I do solely is based on Find your voice. And you find your power and your power. You do anything. It’s your absence of your voice, you will have become hostage to someone else’s agenda, someone else’s vision for you, or someone else’s doubt indeed, we’re not what happened to us. We’re not what was told to us, we are who we decide to be. And I am that has been my my mission. My whole life. But more now, even more now.

Heather Pearce Campbell  52:15

Yeah, I mean, you’re living proof proof of that. Absolutely. Well, my goodness, I feel like we’ll have to schedule a whole separate conversation about like, you know, all the stuff in the background story, that I’m so grateful that you’re I mean, you’re just a powerhouse, the the help that you bring to people that really the gift that you are to their clarity, to their messaging to their ability to convert. I mean, it’s just, there’s no scale for it. So I’m going to remind people that if you want links, Jane has a couple gifts. She already mentioned one. But there’s another one that I think is your intro mercial template. You want to talk about that for a minute?

Jane Powers  52:54

Yeah, infomercial script. So what’s an infomercial? It’s an elevator pitch on steroids. So basically, it’s how do you articulate your message within 17.5 seconds, so it sells. And what I’ve done is I have the entire script, all you need to do is fill in the blanks. And then I have a webinar that goes with it. Do not miss the webinar, I’ll walk you through everything that you need. And I work with individuals on the webinar. So it’s not live, I’m not on there. But we are doing a number of different events. So once you plug in to what we’ve got to offer, we’ve got a infomercial training, coming up core training, live events and a speaker bootcamp. So I am I am lonely people. I am lonely, so calm.

Heather Pearce Campbell  53:40

Through this, like I can personally attest to the fact that once you go through it once you’re like, oh my gosh, you look at what you had before. And like you could have filled up a page with script right trying to just introduce yourself and getting it down like the clarity that comes with it and observing Jane and being able to work with people on theirs. It’s such a such a powerful experience to go through. So anybody listening should absolutely hop over. You can find the show notes including Jane’s gifts at Legal website warrior.com forward slash podcast. Jane, I am just so happy to see you again. I know for podcast listeners, they don’t get to see you but I do. So happy to have you sharing your brilliance here with our listeners. Any final thoughts before we sign off?

Jane Powers  54:25

You know what it just stand in your power? Just stand in your power, find your competence. Don’t let the world intimidate you or tell you that you are not enough to do what you’re doing because if not you who?

Heather Pearce Campbell  54:39

That’s right, well and you are the perfect person to help people resolve that. So if you’re not standing in your power, you know who to connect with.

Jane Powers  54:49

Exactly, you know, I admire and adore you beyond belief Heather you know you’re like my favorite person on the planet.

Heather Pearce Campbell  54:56

Oh my gosh, Jade. I don’t know how I got so lucky but I I mean, I will pay you later for that.

Jane Powers  55:04

That was our agreement. Totally not cracker.

Heather Pearce Campbell  55:11

Ting it off to edit that out. Thank you so good to see you. All right. Talk soon. Take care.

GGGB Outro  55:22

Thank you for joining us today on the Guts, Grit and Great Business podcast. We hope that we’ve added a little fuel to your tank, some coffee to your cup and pep in your step to keep you moving forward in your own great adventures. Four key takeaways links to any resources mentioned in today’s show and more see the show notes which can be found at legalwebsitewarrior.com/podcast. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and if you enjoyed today’s conversation, please give us some stars and a review on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcast so others will find us to keep up the great work you are doing in the world and we’ll see you next week.