Becoming Limitless

With JV Crum III, JD, MBA, known as the “World’s #1 Limitless Mindset Expert”, the Founder of Conscious, 34 X #1 international best-selling author, creator of the Mindset to Millions Event, keynote speaker, investor, certified business coach, licensed attorney, serial entrepreneur, Huffington Post Columnist, and the host of the #1 Ranked “Conscious Millionaire Show” for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs who want to Get Rich Changing The World. JV helps entrepreneurs multiply what they think and achieve what is possible.

JV devotes himself to helping others find their dream by growing a business that combines making profits with creating an important difference for their customers and our world. His goal is to help you to create a business that affords you true financial freedom and a life that provides you the deep fulfillment you seek.

Join this fabulous conversation (round 2 with JV on the podcast!) as JV talks shares on the relative importance of mindset vs business strategies, the difference between big leaps vs limitless expansion, and how to have a constant growth business, you have to have a constant growth mindset.

You will enjoy hearing JV’s definition of an entrepreneur, as well as what it takes to become a “conscious millionaire”. Join us for this fun and insightful conversation to explode the growth in your business!

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Biggest takeaways (or quotes) you don’t want to miss:

  • What is an entrepreneur?
  • Entrepreneurs have the same skill as psychotic people.
  • “Until you change your thinking, you’re going to get the same results.”
  • Why safety will never get you big dreams.
  • “You have to let go of all the control… and you have to allow yourself to surrender.”
  • The importance of having a constant growth mindset in your business.

“To have a constant growth business, you’ve got to have a constant growth mindset going on and a culture that supports people taking risks.”

-JV Crum III

Check out these highlights:

  • 10:16 Difference between people who are doing the work to make some big leaps and the people who are truly seeking limitless expansion.
  • 16:10 Why is making a decision so important when it comes to mindset?
  • 28:49 JV shares his vision of his businesses.
  • 15:31 How Linsi does her meditation.
  • 30:01 Three kinds of problems according to JV.
  • 40:13 The most expansive energy in the universe is this…
  • 46:48 Where do people usually take missteps that need to be corrected?

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GGGB Intro  00:00

Coming up today on Guts, Grit and Great Business®…

JV Crum  00:04

It is time to make the decision to come on down to the altar and make that decision that you are going to be a Conscious Millionaire. And I assure you of one thing with absolute honesty, if you make that decision, you could do it. Because the decision is the biggest part of all this, because it changes your view of possibility. It starts changing your identity. And if you just start identifying, I’m a Conscious Millionaire and I know I’m going to get there, I guarantee you that if you stay on that path and you persist, you will get there. But you have to make the decision.

GGGB Intro  00:41

The adventure of entrepreneurship and building a life and business you love, preferably at the same time is not for the faint of heart. That’s why Heather Pearce Campbell is bringing you a dose of guts, grit and great business stories that will inspire and motivate you to create what you want in your business and life. Welcome to the Guts, Grit and Great Business® podcast where endurance is required. Now, here’s your host, The Legal Website Warrior®, Heather Pearce Campbell.

JV Crum  01:14

Oh my god, it’s so scary.

Heather Pearce Campbell  01:16

Oh, hilarious. Alrighty, welcome. I am Heather Pearce Campbell, The Legal Website Warrior®. I’m an attorney and legal coach based here in Seattle, Washington, serving online information entrepreneurs throughout the US and the world. Welcome to another episode of Guts, Grit and Great Business®. We are back today with our guest JV Crum III. Welcome JV.

JV Crum  01:44

Hey, Heather and listen, a big hello to everybody out there because I am so excited to be here. And you know, I love podcasting because it connects with so many people and it provides great information for free, right? Yeah, I plant so many seeds and help so many people and I’m all about impact. So it’s a wonderful thing you know, to have a podcast to be on your podcast, so I’m just grateful to be here.

Heather Pearce Campbell  02:12

Oh so fun. We’ll JV if you did not hear my first conversation with JV, go back and visit the podcast page at I can’t remember I’ll have to look up what episode number you were JV but we had a fabulous conversation and at the end of that conversation, I remember thinking we’ve got another conversation, too. So here we are, take a little bit of finagling…

JV Crum  02:40

And folks, I just want to say in case you’re listening, you know audio we were not drinking I want to confirm that. Absolutely. And I think we probably get along so well because we should tell everybody I’m also a licensed attorney you know and that’s attorney seeking certain ways.

Heather Pearce Campbell  02:58

They do. They do. Many of us do we’re guilty of it, guilty as charged, but… 

JV Crum  03:04

We’re gonna analyze it. There we go.

Heather Pearce Campbell  03:08

Right we had like a 40 minute conversation even before going live so just so you know, the backstory.

JV Crum  03:13

Yeah. Get prepped up. Well, we had to put more gas in.

Heather Pearce Campbell  03:19

We did have to put more gas in. Yes. Oh my goodness. So true. So

JV Crum  03:24

But it’s clean energy gas. That’s what I want to point out. Yeah. Clean energy gas creates electricity.

Heather Pearce Campbell  03:33

That’s true for both of us. And here we are coming at you again today. For those of you that don’t know JV. is the Founder of Conscious The World’s #1 Identity Multiplier Expert. He helps entrepreneurs multiple what they think and achieve is possible! He is a speaker, coach, futurist, and investor. JV is a 34 X #1 international best-selling author and creator of the Mindset to Millions Event. He hosts the Conscious Millionaire Show for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs who want to Get Rich Changing The World! It’s I think almost ninth season, right? 

JV Crum  04:17

We’re rounding into the ninth season 3500 episodes on our 10 shows and we’ve been heard by over 17 million listeners in 190 countries but…

Heather Pearce Campbell  04:29

That is amazing. Well, welcome to JV Crum III. Welcome JV,

JV Crum  04:36

Thank you so much. I’m really happy to be here.

Heather Pearce Campbell  04:39

Well you and I have connected several times actually between our first conversation and now and so I’ve had the chance to get to know you a little better. Super grateful you’re here today. I know that recently like you had a fall you’ve been in recovery mode so I’m.

JV Crum  04:54

I was hiking two weeks ago and had a bad I’d fall, pad fall. And yes, stitches. Still healing from that I’ve got a concussion.

Heather Pearce Campbell  05:08

Right you have some angels sweep in and drive you to the hospital.

JV Crum  05:13

Woman gave me her shirt to sop up the blood and there’s no other way to call it. And her husband drove my jeep to the emergency room, which is amazing. I mean, my level of gratitude the first week, really, I canceled everything because it was couldn’t even do any work. Now I’m doing at halftime where he’ll, but I just was in a state of deep gratitude that these people helped me and I It wasn’t until two days later laying in bed that I realized, because I do a lot of hikes alone. Because I’m kind of like the quintessential, you know, individualist.

Heather Pearce Campbell  05:54

When you live in a beautiful area, right, Colorado?

JV Crum  05:59

Colorado, but I realized, had I been alone, I probably would have just passed and bled out. Because they took care of me, because I don’t think I would have made it if I’d been alone. And I’ve done some really treacherous hikes by myself and never thought well, I mean, this was just something, I came around a corner and I’d been in this hike where I was having to go over to foot trees that had fallen. And it was just a slightly off balance. And I think what happened is my foot hit a root. And I’m Gumball cash up and up some pretty switchback trails that would have been easy for rock to slide underneath my foot, and my head go down in bash it. And I’m going, Wow, that’s something to consider for the next hiking is maybe you shouldn’t go hiking alone like that.

Heather Pearce Campbell  06:56

Oh, my gosh, well, I know, hindsight is 2020. You look back at these all these other times, right that you were hiking, things I could have. I know well, so grateful that people were somewhere along on a hiking path with you. Yes, that’s huge. And so grateful that you’re here today. I know that when we first connected, we had a lot of interesting topics that we covered. And I was particularly interested at the time because you are a futurist. And I think we’ve dug into that a little bit in our first conversation. But I wanted to hear more because you work in a space like I do with a lot of entrepreneurs that are growing and building their businesses. And in particular, you’ve got a body of expertise around mindset.

JV Crum  07:43

Yes. Yes. In fact, I’m working on my next book, Conscious Millionaire, your seven money mindsets. When it’s really about creating a Limitless Mindset, that’s what I work with a lot is how to create a Limitless Mindset, where you never reach the definition destination, sorry, have limitless. It’s limitless milestones, so you reach a level. And that’s the kind of client I love working with. It’s like somebody who says like, oh, I want to get to five, no, no, I want to get to 10 million or 50 million. But then that’s it. Like, oh, I’m lost. Like, why would you keep expanding because the more you expand, because as much as it’s Conscious Millionaire, but it starts with conscious, it starts with impacting the world, impacting other people, uplifting the consciousness of the planet. You know, it’s the kind of people that I work with, they really want to make a difference in the world like go well, the financial results in that kind of business. If you look at business, from that standpoint, it’s really about impact creates the money, not you’re focused on money. If you wake up in the morning, and you’re really focused just on the money. I think you’re making a mistake. If you wake up in the morning, and you go, who is it I can make this kind of impact with and that impact is the program that you want to sell, that’s fine, you know, because you’re going to get this great result, where what you’re going to get paid will be even greater when you’re focused on creating a greater impact. And then, you know, one of the things that at some stage of every entrepreneur, and it’s one of the things we’re doing this year is massively up leveling, who we work with, because you actually have an opportunity to make a bigger level, the more someone wants to create a big vision and result. 

Heather Pearce Campbell  09:46

Yeah, well, I’m gonna say there. I’d be so curious on your thoughts between folks that have quite an expansive vision like you know, they’re geared towards growth, they want to have an impact all of these things, but what is the difference between, you know, folks that are kind of on the path doing the work to make some big leaps versus those that are truly seeking limitless expansion? How do you describe what the difference is?

JV Crum  10:16

Well, I think you first have to start with a foundation of who’s an entrepreneur. And I think an entrepreneur is a person who’s innovative and creative and resourceful, and really likes organizing things. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve got to love systems, putting groups together, you know, finding the right people to be on the team that has to excite you, or you really are not going to be successful. And here’s the factor. That because it’s Conscious Millionaire people, you know, sometimes are really just focused on the conscious part. And they actually aren’t entrepreneurs. And so there’s a way for everyone to find their place in life. But if you really aren’t focused on money at all, you weren’t focused on building an organization. If those don’t excite you, then then guess what, you’re actually not an entrepreneur. Now, maybe you belong in some particular position, and it might be in a nonprofit. Or it might be in an impact driven business. But you don’t actually want to own it. Yeah. Right. And that’s fine. I think it’s about you finding your path. I work with entrepreneurs, because those are the people I resonate with, because I think I was an entrepreneur at age four, when I was putting up a pumpkin, and squeezing tangerine juice into egg cartons because we were really poor. So we just saved the eight cartons. And I charged a dime, which was actually a lot of money. And I put my pumpkin up where I was going to be able to encounter I somehow at age four had figured out that the people in high school had chops. And therefore they had money. And they could pay me my dime. And I sold my ken train shoes for $1. I was the only kid in the little town I grew up with, who went around, I saw candles I called cards I called so boy peanuts. By nine I had the only there was no adults who had a lawn mowing business. I had no competition. And I went around to everybody’s house and asked them if I could mow their lawn. Right? Yeah. And I think I was an entrepreneur from the beginning. Yeah. At school, I would make little things and take them to school and sell them at recess.

Heather Pearce Campbell  12:48

Oh, it’s so interesting, because, you know, I feel like they’re definitely multiple pathways into entrepreneurship. But I love hearing from people where it was just a part of them, right? It was just part of who they were how they thought. 

JV Crum  13:04

So that’s a mindset. And so let’s talk a bit about mindset. And I’ll tell you, my story. So I grew up in this little town to 300 people, nobody had any money. When we went to the grocery store, I was an only child. So I didn’t have any siblings. My mom had to drag me along. I’m five. And she gave me a lecture, not to ask for a candy bar. And she explained to me like I was an adult, she goes, now you’re not going to ask for a candy bar because we don’t have any money. Right? So by the time I was five, I was clear, we didn’t have any money. Right? So there was a reason I didn’t have all kinds of stuff because we didn’t have any money. And one day I asked myself, what’s the solution to this? Bang, into my mind comes, I know, I grew up and be a millionaire. And I ran in the house and I told my parents and my mother shook her finger at me. And she says, Don’t you tell anybody. And of course, I was one of those aggressive little kids. So I went around knocking on doors to announce to people I was going to be a millionaire when I was going to grow up. Right. And I don’t think anybody believed me. But it didn’t bother me because I had already made my decision. So there’s a lot of things in that story. First of all, I made a decision that there was more possibility than I was experiencing. And not only was there more possibility, because I got that idea because I’d watch television. And you know, and they had sitcoms about rich people or dramas about rich people. And they were living in like these big houses and had chauffeured limousines and I’ve gone we don’t live like that at all, is not we’re in the wrong. I used to think the stork had taken me to the wrong house. I’m God. I know I’m supposed to be rich and I do not know what I’m doing in this house with people who don’t have any money. But I made it. And not only did I decide it was possible to do that. But without any evidence whatsoever. I decided it was possible for me. And so the moment I did that, and I’m talking about the different mindsets who have, I started to change identity. I never once between that moment, and when I became a millionaire at 25, I never once questioned that it would happen, not once. I knew it was coming. I didn’t know how. And I think that’s a very important part of the story. If you have not made a decision, I’m an evangelist. I’m an evangelist for, for Conscious Millionaire and for building your business and making your difference and getting wealthy. If you have not made this decision before today, you are listening for one reason, it is time to make the decision to come on down to the altar, and make that decision that you are going to be a Conscious Millionaire. And I assure you of one thing with absolute honesty, if you make that decision, you can do it. Because the decisions the biggest part of all this, because it changes your view of possibility it starts changing your identity. You know, and if you just start identifying, I’m a Conscious Millionaire. And I know I’m going to get there, I guarantee you that if you stay on that path, and you persist, you will get there. But you have to make the decision. First piece.

Heather Pearce Campbell  16:36

Yeah, right? No actions, change. If you haven’t decided right, nothing in the follow up action is going to change if you have not yet made that decision.

JV Crum  16:45

At eight, I was drawing floor plans on little pieces of paper. I’ve never been in a mansion folks have a mansion. Now it’s fun, because I still remember I wish I had those. And I remember the floor plans because from the eyes of an eight year old life looks different. There were no bedrooms because I didn’t like to go to bed. And folks at eight I did not know there were other things to do in a bedroom. So I’m thinking those are useless with real how many bedrooms. We had three dining rooms, one for breakfast, lunch and dinner because I knew I like to eat. And in a traditional mansion, you’d call it a ballroom but we had this huge playroom because I wanted a bunch of toys to play with. And what’s funny is we grew up on a lake four or five, four by five mile lake, beautiful place where I grew up. But I coded since everyone was poor, that poor people lived on lakes and rich people had swimming pools. Though in my mansion, there was this huge swimming pool with cabanas and everything. So we had a kitchen, three dining rooms playroom. And we had a big pool because that would prove that I was rich. And didn’t have to live on a lake like poor people.

Heather Pearce Campbell  18:11

Didn’t have to live on a lake. Oh my gosh, that’s the favorite part. My favorite part of this story, you would get along well with my children. So of course, like so many other little kids child like a child like and because they’re doing right now, what you did at a later. So and my son, you know, and I have no idea what the future holds for these kiddos. I hope it’s something awesome. But they have really big ideas. And I’ve never quashed them, I don’t want them to think for one second, that whatever they want is not possible. Because it is possible. And I know that it is and you know, and I want them to live from the experience of it’s possible. And I’m just gonna hold that in. And so the funny part of the story is we’re walking through Restoration Hardware, there’s a shopping center close to us. And sometimes on rainy days, we’re in Seattle, I have to get my kids out of the house to get wiggles out. And I need a place I can go where little feet can be busy and we’re not necessarily getting stopped and so we’ll go sometimes walk around this big outdoor kind of shopping area and then we were going in Restoration Hardware. They’ve got stairs like four flights of stairs, right? I’m thinking this will be perfect will poop little kids out on walking the stairs. And you know what my kids say to each other because they talk like this all the time. Aiden says to Henley, Henley we’re gonna have stairs like this in our house when we grow up, you know and there’s like these amazing chandeliers and Henley’s like yeah, and we’re gonna, we’re gonna have that light, you know, and they talk about their Pomeranians like they have this whole visual and every time we go kind of extravagant, extraordinary places. We’re gonna have this in our house when we grow up, you know, they’re mapping out. 

JV Crum  20:03

Here’s a great story. So we didn’t have any money, but my dad became governor of Florida corners, which was a big deal. And so we got all these trips paid for. And one of them because there was a international clients convention in New York, when I was eight, and it was when they had the World’s Fair there. So I got to go to Radio City Hall, I got to go to the world sphere changed my view. But here’s what really is interesting. We stayed in what was called the Americana, it’s now gone. But it was like one of the top hotels. And we had a phone in the bedroom and a phone in the bathroom. Now, to give you a perspective, out in lieu Ocklawaha, we had what was called an eight line party party line. Folks, you probably don’t know what that means. Eight houses shared the same phone line, you had one phone in each house. And if you wanted to make a phone call, you have to pick it up and ask somebody to stop the call. So you could make a call. You had to negotiate to even be able to make a call. And so when I got my beautiful four storey home, I had eight phones, three of them were in bathrooms, including the powder room, right? And people would come over as if I did not know. And they go into fancy wallpaper and all this. And here’s a phone. No, it’s not one line. It’s two lines. Oh, yeah, I wanted to be able to make two calls at the same time. And so people would come out and they go, TV, do you know they’re there? We’re on the wall and everything. So they go TV? Do you know that there’s a phone in your powder room? And I’m going yeah, I paid for it before I even had a phone out by the hot tub. I’m going I’m not. But this is like right before, we all have iPhones now. But we didn’t have those. When I did the house. I had an office phone system put into my house. Because of staying in that hotel. And having a phone in the bathroom. I was so impressed with it. I remember saying to myself, just like you’re shooting, I’m gonna have one of these when I grew up, because that showed me I had I kind of made something. Because had all these phones. And now it’s kind of funny because nobody has a landline.

Heather Pearce Campbell  22:31

Oh, it’s so much fun to hear what sticks out in children’s minds, right? 

Heather Pearce Campbell  22:38

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JV Crum  24:28

But it’s all about transformation. And it’s owning a future that’s different than today. And that’s exactly what entrepreneurs do. Entrepreneurs have a same skill I worked I always have a double Master’s in clinical and testing sites. So I worked in a closed unit with severely psychotic patients for a year. And there’s something very similar between entrepreneurs and psychotic people. And here’s what it is. Both of them have these images. Using visions of the future, there’s only one difference here. The psychotic has a grandiose delusion that never comes true. The entrepreneur has this vision of something that most people don’t think is possible. Maybe it’s never been invented before? Are they’re going to do it on a scale or in a way different from other people. Or they’re just going to do it at such a high level that most people would think, well, nobody normal could do that. So this person can’t do that. You know, they don’t, they don’t seem to have angelic wings or something. But we do entrepreneurs, dream dreams that don’t yet exist. And we bring them into reality. That’s what entrepreneurs do. Yeah. And nothing could be more exciting to me than to help people do that.

Heather Pearce Campbell  25:51

All right, especially when that energy and focus is funneled in the right direction.

JV Crum  25:59

Yes, yes. Because there is a qualification to work for me, with me. And you have to want to create a big vision that makes a difference in the world. Yeah, you have to want to change the world in a positive way. I think that’s what we’re all on the planet to do. And, and when each of us does our part, we’re uplifting the world in a way that benefits everybody else. And then when other people are doing that part, they’re uplifting the world in a way that benefits us. That’s how we get a better world, we all have to play our part. And in the next 20 to 30 years, which is the time period that I’ll be working with entrepreneurs and making this kind of difference. I think that’s going to usher in a whole different world, that’s much more positive energy, where people are building services, creating products that truly make a positive impact on people’s lives. And we move from how do we market something that nobody needs? To how do we market something that changes someone’s life? And that’s the commerce that I support. Right? That, to me is the new way of building businesses?

Heather Pearce Campbell  27:13

Oh, absolutely. And I mean, I think for so many of us that work with conscious entrepreneurs committed to a path of really improving the lives of everybody that interacts with their business, right? Themselves, their employees, their support people who, however, they run their business, they’re their clients. They’re anybody that conscious business touches, like it can be a win win win. And I think for so long, people were sold this idea that not everybody can win.

JV Crum  27:50

Yes. Well, and you know, we’re sold that from playing this little game called Musical Chairs, right? So musical chairs is based on there’s not enough, there’s not enough based on scarcity, not limitless abundance, it’s at the other end, of course, what you learn is that only one person gets to win in the end. limitless abundance, which is what I teach in a very practical, how do you build a business this way? Everybody wins. And by everybody winning, you, others, all the stakeholders, this here, shareholders, but the people who are your suppliers, your employees are your clients, and then the world in turn is winning. And when everyone’s winning, everyone wins bigger because there’s something called synergy. And yeah, and so one win one win influences another win influences another win. And now it’s just moving out, not like a ripple, but like a tidal wave. That’s my vision of businesses that I help is how do I help them become a tidal wave? That’s exponential. So it’s not linear growth, it’s like, in the six months out, you’re going to be growing more than you did three months out and 12 months out, you’re going to be growing faster than you did six months out. Because there’s an exponential curve going on here. And that comes from starting with a mindset of possibility. Right? The right beliefs, a mindset in which you change your identity about who you are. And when you change your identity about who you are. Really, anything is possible.

Heather Pearce Campbell  29:25

When you’re doing your work with your clients around mindset, right? And we talked even before we went live that that although you connect the inner work to the outer work, right, the real nuts and bolts of like how you apply this stuff in business, most of the work that needs to be done is the inner works.

JV Crum  29:43

Exactly, because what I’m an essentialist so I have, you know, I don’t care what size company you have, I think there are only three kinds of problems and therefore there are only three kinds of solutions. It’s a mindset, and oftentimes it involves two or three given three of these, it’s a mindset problem. It’s a strategy problem, or it’s an execution problem. The problem is most business books are only talking about the external. So they only have two places to work strategy, they may or may not call it that an execution, which also can be called systems. Those are the externals. And as I say to people, you may need to redo your sales funnel, that may be true. But until you redo your interior, you’re not going to build the next level of sales funnel, because you’re still going to see things the way you see them. And therefore you’re going to construct your business, even if you change, what a lot of people do is they go to somebody who’s the business coach about the external. And they’ll build a new funnel, let’s say, and they change the words, but it’s the same level, it’s no higher functioning than it was before, they just changed the words, because they’re still seeing it the same way. They were seeing it before. But when you do mindset work, you’re changing the way people think. And think about themselves. Think about possibilities, think about what their company can do. Think about what their team can do. And all of a sudden, they start seeing things totally differently. But until you change your thinking, you’re gonna, you’re gonna essentially get the same results. And that’s why people will make maybe get a half million or million or 5 million, but they stay there forever. You know, I’ll have people come to me and say, Oh, well, you know, we’re having 10 to 20% growth, and I’m, I’m going, why would you be happy with that? Why don’t you want to have 50%, or 100%, because all of that’s possible. You just have to reorganize yourself and reorganize your business for hyper growth. And if you decide that’s the only thing, I had a die, worse, worse, personally ever worked for me. So I won’t mention his name. But he worked for me early on in Conscious Millionaire. And I didn’t know anything about creating landing pages, just creating landing pages. And, you know, he was quoting, quoting to me, he goes, Well, you know, if we get 20% conversion, we’ve done really well. And I looked at him and I said, Perish the thought, we’re gonna get 50% or better. Do you know whether every landing page that I create, and I use LeadPages for it? And even they tell me, I can’t do this, I always get more than 50% conversion for my giveaways. More than 50%, why do I do that? It is not because I am the best headline or copywriter, although I’m decent. I do that because I’ve decided that’s what’s possible, and I won’t accept anything less. So if I get less, I go, Oh, gotta change a color or something. Because we’re supposed to be at 50%. So that’s normal for me. Now, if you change your mind about all that kind of stuff, about all the different elements of how you’re going to build your business, as opposed to listening to people tell you, Well, statistically, that’s what he told me, this is what you should expect to go by. And so what I want, right, so I’m not, I’m not willing to settle. Because that’s what people are really doing. Let’s call it what it is. If you’re not achieving at your highest and your highest and your highest and your highest, your more limitless self, so that every six months, you’re in a new place, you’re actually settling for less than who you really are. And I help people stop settling. That’s what I help them do. And I help them dream big, and get the big dreams in a simple way, that’s what I do for a living is I help them so decide that they’re going to dream big, and that nothing less than that big dream is acceptable. So if you’re getting less, we got to change some variables. And most of those variables are how we’re thinking inside or how we’re identifying or what we think is possible. And what we’re looking at in terms of the opportunities because if you have a small lens about possibility, you will only attract and notice you will only become aware of small opportunities, because that’s what you’re looking for. When right next to the small opportunity might be the biggest opportunity of your lifetime but you literally won’t see it because it’s not part of your field of vision. That’s how powerful changing the internal is. You can 10 times your business you can 100 times it. It all starts inside and then you build the right systems then you are you might find that you have to Your team’s the wrong team, because you are looking through a different lens when you hire them. But maybe they don’t have the ability to go higher because they’re wanting to settle. Because it’s safer. It feels emotionally safe, not to go out there on a limb, so to say, and maybe you’ve hired people that are so entrenched in emotional safety, that it’s just easier to go hire somebody else and farm them to spin to I get to I went through this. I when I was growing a company, and I was at the helm, I wasted two years, I tried to change the team that I had to play bigger. They did not want to play bigger. At the end of that two years, I had one by one fired every person who was on the original team and hired new people who wanted to play bigger, because I realized I couldn’t make them want to play big. But if you don’t have people on your team that want to play big, you are not going to play big.

Heather Pearce Campbell  36:05

Hmm, that’s yeah, I’m sure that’s hitting a few people in the gut right now. Right?

JV Crum  36:10

Yeah, that reality, you know what, it’s okay? That they leave, because they’re on a path that will not go where you want your path to go. And they will I assure you go find another position someplace else, it’s not like they’re gonna be left out in the cold, they will find another job someplace else. And you will attract into the people that are on fire, to build your company 10 times bigger, and then you’ll go do it. But you can’t do it with a team that doesn’t want to do it.

Heather Pearce Campbell  36:39

Now, so true. And it sounds like there’s two parts that there’s having the group vision, the company vision, but also hiring people that have the capability of their own vision within that path.

JV Crum  36:52

Right. Yeah, they have to want to take the journey. You know, and I’m doing more work with people that are VC backed, and startups. And those are people who, if if you have the right people on your team, you can grow very, very rapidly. Yeah, but if you have the wrong team, it’s not going to work at all. The team is very critical. Oh, that team also has a mindset. So there’s an individual mindset of the founder or the entrepreneur, but then the team also has a mindset. And you have to be certain that you’re constantly doing things that you have a constant growth business. And to have a constant growth business, you’ve got to have a constant growth mindset going on and a culture that supports people taking risks. Because one of the things about growing at a fast fee, if you have you have to be willing to have plenty of failures happen. Right? You go do something, you do a marketing campaign, and not ever I’m doing that with a client right now next week and the following week, and I told him, I wanted them to know that they asked me when we finish this two weeks, what comes next, we’re going to evaluate what worked and what didn’t, and we’re going to do it all over again next month using what we learned. Because that’s the only way forward, you have to be willing to do that. So people who want to live in safety, I’m just telling you right now, safety will never get you big dreams. You have to be willing to go out there. And it’s okay. If you fall, it’s okay. If you go for a hike and you get a concussion, you know, and you just go okay, I’m going to use the concussion to think of big dreams while I’m sleeping. Which is what I’m doing I actually tell myself to, you know, think certain things while I sleep because when I when I go to bed at night, and and to find answers. Why waste eight hours, when your mind is gonna be doing something? So you might get your mind used to the fact you’re gonna tell it what you want it to do. You’re in charge here.

Heather Pearce Campbell  39:03

Oh, so true. Couple I mean, so much comes to mind, you’ve covered a lot in that short sequence. But where do you start with people on mindset, right? Even for folks that have done some amount of mindset work, they’re usually functioning within still some existing limitations. Where do you start with people?

JV Crum  39:24

Well, when my book comes out, it’s gonna be different because they’re going to be 49 factors each. There are seven mindsets and each one interact with all the other six so you end up with 41 mindset so but the deal is, I start where most mindset books only journey and that’s on the I don’t call it abundance mindset. I call it limitless abundance. Because I really want to make it clear. Every one at any moment is either we’re living in lack and scarcity as a primary place, or they’re living in limited abundance, and lack and scarcity is based on fear. But limitless abundance is expansive. And I think the most expansive energy in the universe is love. So you’re really living in a world of love, and love for yourself, for others, and the world. And when you get into that place, all of a sudden, you start thinking differently, because that’s the world where there’s positive thoughts. And that’s the world where you see different visions. That’s the world where everything is different. And the first chapter, my book begins with me telling people I’m going to tell you right now, throughout thought through the whole history of civilization, and throughout the history of civilization, we’ve all been told a lie. We’ve all been told there’s not enough. We’ve all been told it’s a world of lack. Some people can get the big house, other people can’t, some people can eat other people can’t. It’s all about lack and scarcity. That’s the myth that we’ve been told. And I believe that we’re moving into a different conscious era, a higher conscious era, where the truth is now becoming known that the truth is that we’re living in a world of limitless abundance. And when you wake up in the morning, and you think it’s a world of limitless abundance, it’s like right now I’m looking for high end clients, but I’m paying big referral fees. Why? Because the only one a few. And it’s better for us to all win together. And that’s a quicker way to get there. Right. And I know from many people come to me, and they want me to do affiliate marketing and everything. And I have to be honest, I look at the energy I’m going to use up in terms of going out to might, because it can only go out to my list so many times, right? And then they don’t want me to make much money. Or they’re selling something that’s so inexpensive. So, oh, we’re gonna sell $249 profit, and we’ll give you 40% I’m gonna, it’s 100 bucks. I want to know, how do I get 5000 as my part, that’s what I want to know. Because I give that kind of money to people. And so generosity is just smart. And because you’re living in a place of limitless abundance, and you’re growing. Yeah, there’s plenty. There’s no lock. You know, I think, and I noticed that walking down the street, there’ll be two restaurants. And one restaurants thriving, and has plenty of staff and the next restaurant says, Only I’m not joking, only open these hours, because we don’t have enough staff. And I’m going, what’s the difference here? In my way of looking at light? It’s mindset. No one’s living in limitless abundance. And so they’re full, and all their tables have people sitting in them, it’s literally true. And the other one has two people, you know, at tables, and they’re living in scarcity. So guess what they have scarcity, about the people who are coming in as well. Yeah, if you’re living in scarcity, it should not shock you, you have no customers. Because you don’t actually believe there are any. Or you’d have to put all your business. This is the old way of thinking, you know, marketing programs that I would see 10-20 years ago, you know, destroy your competition? No, I’m curious. You know, it’s a lot of a lot of this, you know, 10-20 years ago, you don’t have to store your competition, why don’t you see, you know, if maybe you could work together on something.

Heather Pearce Campbell  43:52

Right? Are the signs you see these so often, or I did for quite a long time during the pandemic, right, being short staffed, like we just can’t hire anybody. Nobody wants jobs. And while they understand, like, when certain locations were subject to lock downs, but even coming out of that, it’s like, no, people want jobs, they just don’t want to be shortchanged. They don’t want to be paid less than a living wage and no health care, but like that’s not workable. And so, I think a lot of people are facing choices around, do I believe in my business enough to believe that it can be set up in a way where everybody wins? Right back to this question. I love the way you put it. Generosity is just smart.

JV Crum 44:38

Well, you know, it’s interesting, and I’m just gonna bring up a name because it’s actually what I saw yesterday in an article, it was about Burger King. So somehow, Burger King didn’t do very well during the pandemic. So they’re in financial problems, it appears and so they’ve decided they’re going to allocate $400 million to trying to get the brand revived. But this is how they’re going to use the money. I’m quoting from what I read. Now, I can’t know if it’s true because I’m a lawyer, I don’t want to get sued. But this is what I read today, and 50 million was going to be used, I believe, for marketing, and 150 million to spruce up the locations. There was no money allocated for oh, maybe we would pay people more. So they’d be in boozy athletic. And I’m just saying, maybe we’d make better food. Right, nothing was allocated for any of that is like, well, hopefully we can get a marketing message that people like, and we’ll make our place look nicer. And things are working, I’m going somehow, I don’t think that’s the path to an abundant future. Because nobody gets to win. You know, nobody really gets to win in this deal. Didn’t say, Oh, we’re gonna have lower prices are going to have better food employees are all get paid better, they’ll be happier. None, none. Nothing was allocated to that. And I think that would make the most difference.

Heather Pearce Campbell  46:18

It’s, you know, it’s so interesting when you start looking at what shows up on the outside of something as a reflection of a mindset issue on the inside. Right?

JV Crum  46:29

Right. Yeah. 

Heather Pearce Campbell  46:32

Where do you see clients as you’re working with them? Right, because you do long term work with clients, where do you see them taking missteps and needing to make corrections as they kind of explore this new territory?

JV Crum  46:46

Yeah, I think that’s a fantastic question. And I think it usually comes when they’re trying to focus on how quickly they can get to a result. And I like people to scale fast, but how quickly you can get to a result by not doing the real work. Other words, I call it looking in the Zen mirror. Now I’ve lived at a Buddhist monastery. So that’s kind of where that kind of comes from, although is Tibetan Buddhist monastery, they’re not willing to look at the truth. They don’t want to do the real work and the real work is on them. So if you try to just focus on the externals, then that’s where you’re going to fail over the long term. So you might get a short term exponential curve. But it’s very hard to get a long term exponential curve when you haven’t done your own work. And so it is real work. It’s hard work. It’s being truthful with yourself. Because if you’re having a problem with your teeth, it may not be your teeth, it may be you and how you interact with them, because you’re the one having the problem with them. But if you’re not willing to look at that, you don’t have the chance to change whatever it is you’re doing. And a lot of people don’t want to do that level of work. But that level of work is what really creates greatness. Yeah. Because that’s real growth.

Heather Pearce Campbell  48:20

Right? Well, and I think it can take a lot of effort to do the real work, right. And I think for some people, it’s just easier to stay busy doing the things that are the strategies and the tactics and the outside stuff.

JV Crum  48:35

Which are, let’s put a label on it. Because I think it’s important, which are emotionally safe. It’s whether you’re willing to become emotionally unsafe, whether you’re willing to be in a place of the unknown. So if you’re always trying to control everything, and you’re always trying to know, with precision, what’s going to happen, the truth is, you’re not on a path that is going to nourish you or anyone else. And it’s kind of like my concussion. The day after I was coming back from hiking, which was on a Saturday, I was going to shoot videos. And these were videos for a new funnel. Well, needless to say, the next day, I was not shooting videos, nor what I’ve looked very good shooting those videos. So now this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday, because it’s time to get the funnel out. So we’re, “conventionally” three weeks behind, but maybe we’re on time because my personal motto is trust perfect timing. So we’ve decided, well, I still don’t look quite good to do these face videos. So what I’m going to do is scripted out in a wave easier to do them. We’ve created a new slides, we made it look really good, got that done this week. So we wanted to update our slide background. And we’re going to put these on slides, and I’m going to read it. And not only is that going to be different, so it’s going to appeal to people differently. But what I had planned to do the three videos on is shifting. So now, the topics are going to be different than they would have been three weeks before, right? And I trust that what we’re coming to is the topics that we’re supposed to come to, that are in the highest and best interest to everybody who even hears them. And also will connect with them on a deeper level. So they go Oh, yeah, I want to click the button under the video and get a 20 minute call with JV which is our outcome of those so that we can begin a conversation. And all of that is going to be different than it would have been. I think it’s going to be what it’s supposed to be. Because the concussion allowed it to rearrange, huh. 

Heather Pearce Campbell  51:09

Yeah, I mean, even in that one story, there’s so much around just allowing and something that my brain kept going back to is how because I know entrepreneurs, I work with the same bunch, right? And I think, in general, we can be very impatient. Right when you’re working with people, and I love your phrase trust perfect timing, right? How do you move people off of kind of the rigor that sometimes we approach things with when we’re impatient, and we’re really trying to get results, because that I think that’s a big challenge this timing piece.

JV Crum 51:45

Well, one of my seven mindsets, and it’s actually my favorite topic I’ve been creating my own version of flow for over 30 years, and it’s a whole chapter in my original book of Conscious Millionaire grow your business by making a difference. And I teach him how to live in flow. And the first step of living in flow is being present. And as I tell people, when I start to teach him to live in flow, Here’s the deal. I can teach you how to be in control of your entire life. Sounds enticing? And then here’s the follow up line. The paradox is you have to let go of all the control.

Heather Pearce Campbell  52:30

People screaming,

JV Crum  52:33

And you have to allow yourself to surrender. But when you do that synchronicity abounds all around you. Yeah. And everything unfolds in a higher level than it would have in the way that’s right for you and other people. You see the billboard, literally. And that billboard might be in a magazine, it might be in a book, it might be on a website, but you see the billboard? Yeah, you see the opportunities. You’re walking down a street, and you have an urge to turn left, and you meet somebody. And that person may have the clue to your next step. Just in a conversation you have. You know, I have traveled to 40 countries and in five continents, and most of that traveled has been alone. And I’m adventuresome. So I’m out at midnight in big cities. I don’t know. I have not never once had probably never once been accosted, never once been mugged. None of that ever happens because I just listen inside and I feel and when I come up to an intersection, I’ll go right. Or I’m coming down the street and people like maybe three guys are coming toward me. And I’m going, No, this is dangerous. And I’ve just crossed the street. Right? This is the same way to run your business flow. Money mindsets, one of the one of the money mindsets flow. And to me, it’s the foundation is the core how I live. Yeah, synchronicity happens. Yeah, when you’re in flow, and it starts by being present.

Heather Pearce Campbell  54:19

So important and being present, allowing you to listen to that inner voice so often, even when I have clients that come to me with some big problem, right? I’ll ask them. Where did you see the red flag and skip it? They know, right? Where the early warning signs are in almost every instance. They can go back and say, oh, yeah, this this was the issue or this was the early red flag and I ignored it. Right? I think, so often we talk ourselves out of paying attention to those things, or we just get so busy that we miss them to begin with.

JV Crum  54:55

Yep, yeah. So those are some of just some of the sheet grits of how you can grow a company, you know, scale fast. It’s, it’s starting on the internal and working to the external. Yeah, not the other way around. So it’s mindset leading to strategy and execution. Yeah.

Heather Pearce Campbell  55:17

It’s so I mean, it’s just such a profound shift. And I agree, I think so many people start with the tactics and strategies for folks, and I want to be respectful of your time today, JV because I know people are like, Ah, I’ve got some initial, some additional work to do around this topic, right. And, I mean, you’ve been teaching mindset for years, I know that you are not a newcomer to this space, because I know a bit more about your journey. And for folks that are listening, go back and listen to the first episode with JV because you hear a little bit more there as well, about JVs journey and how you came to the decision of helping people specifically in the conscious entrepreneur space, you know, and wanting to focus on impact for folks that want to connect with you, where do you like to connect online.

JV Crum  56:11

So I’d like to give you a gift. And I have nine years of NLP training and Ericksonian hypnosis, so I create hypnotic empowerment audios. And this is a short audio, but it’s very, very powerful. It’s one of the most, one of the ones that people just love the most. And it’s called Born to Make millions. Now I have to warn you, I like to warn people, because I want you to know, if you’re wanting to stay poor, or you’re not poor, but just want to stay at the same level, this will be a complete waste of your time, in fact, and worse, it might change your mind and you start being more financially successful. And then you’d probably hate that. Because as one person I met when I was living in Pebble Beach in Pacific Grove, there was a person a woman who was working in, you know, in a in a store a gifts kind of store, right? And I told her what I was doing. And I was just amazed because I still can remember this and it was quite a while ago. She goes, Oh, I wouldn’t want to be a millionaire. And I’m thinking, why are you working? Where all these people are millionaires. And she goes, it would be such a burden to have to figure out what to do with it. 

Heather Pearce Campbell  57:28

Oh, my heavens, right? 

JV Crum  57:30

Yes. I had that thought. I have to say I’d never occurred to me that anyone would have such a thought. Because I was thinking and she told me this and I was just polite. I didn’t say anything. I was thinking not having any money. Sounds like a bird. Yeah, that’s a worse bird. To figure out which bill to pay. But okay. All right. You know, that’s fine. So so all joking aside, this is what I would suggest you do get the audio, it’s a

Heather Pearce Campbell  58:03

I actually make millions.

JV Crum  58:10

Yep, It’s my own audio. Thank God, it’s already recorded. Right. So listen to it in the morning, listen to it in the evening for 30 days, and, and then take five minutes, and journal. And this is what I want you to journal. Every sentence should begin with this. And I like to journal in five minute increments, gratitudes sort of statements. And I take my cell phone, and I set the timer for five minutes. So I don’t have to pay any attention to that. And whenever it rings, and when I finished the next sentence, I’m done. Here it is. I was born to make millions because whatever comes up, because I like butter pecan ice cream. You know, I was born to make millions because I like to sail on yachts. Whatever comes up, I was born to make millions. Because I want to start a massive nonprofit and change the lives of children. Right? Whatever it is, you don’t even have to be concerned things will come up. Some of them will maybe seem a little silly. But here’s what will be true at the end of 30 days. You’ll have a lot of because statements about why you were born to become a millionaire. Right and born to make millions because they’ll all be there. And you’re not going to have to necessarily review them because every day you’re building a stronger muscle that tells your mind I was born to make millions. And here’s what happens when we get inside ourselves a new belief system or a new identity or new possibility statement. The only way to resolve the conflict Now with the fact that our external doesn’t match it. You got it. That’s right, change the external, the external starts to feel wrong. It’s like, wait a minute, this isn’t who I am.

Heather Pearce Campbell  1:00:14

How did I end up with these people living this life with no money?

JV Crum 1:00:19

I’m sitting on a sofa that’s 10 years old. What am I doing? You know, I’m going to a fast food restaurant and calling a dinner rather than going to a nice restaurant. What sounds wrong with this picture? And you’re right, there is something wrong with that picture. And when you change the inside, you will start changing the outside. I really appreciate you having me today.

Heather Pearce Campbell  1:00:41

Oh, JV such a pleasure always to connect with you. I’m so grateful to see you on the healing path and that you were willing to show up and have a round two of our conversation. Yeah, really wishing you the very best in the coming weeks and months and look forward to listening. I’ll also put a plug in because you have got a couple of mindset shows. Right? I think one you said is a seven minute weekly mindset show. So if you’re interested, we will share the links to those as well. In the show notes. Yeah, absolutely. You can pop over and check those out at our show notes page, Look for JV’s episode, we would love to see you there. JV, any final thoughts or takeaways for folks that are listening?

JV Crum  1:01:30

Yeah, make a decision today. This is the evangelicals in me, the evangelical person me about making a decision today. And if you’ve already made a decision to become a Conscious Millionaire, a millionaire who’s making their money making a difference in the world. That’s what that is, right? If you already made that decision, or you already are at that first million or more, make a decision for what your next big dream will be. And go for it. Because I know that if you really want that, and you have a big why for it, and you’re persistent, I know that you can get it. You have to decide you have to start with the decision. What’s most important to you? What are your priorities? And t you know your priorities? You can’t act on them?

Heather Pearce Campbell  1:02:23

Yep, I love that perfect, perfect ending to this conversation. JV, so appreciate you. I’m sure we’re gonna have another one at some point. So in the meantime, be well.

JV Crum  1:02:35

Thank you. 

GGGB Outro  1:02:39

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