With Natasha Nurse, creator and co-host of the WokeNFree podcast, coach and podcast consultant. In this very important conversation, Natasha and I discuss her podcast that she shares as a black, liberal woman with her black, conservative husband and their willingness to tackle tough conversations on their podcast, their commitment to demonstrating dialogue on important topics and from different viewpoints, and what it means to be WokeNFree.

We also discuss what it takes to examine our paradigms, to unpack bias, and to take steps in our lives to contribute to equality and support the Black Lives Matter movement. Natasha brings her dynamic personality to this conversation where we also have some fun, learning more about her obsession with elephants, her desire to go to veterinary school, her pivot to law school (!), and how Natasha has folded her unique experiences involving law and sales into her current work and skill set to serve others. I can’t wait for you to get to know Natasha better and hear about her mission and work in the world!

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Biggest takeaways (or quotes) you don’t want to miss:

  • The power of creating content and using it as an agent of change.
  • “We wanna be the change we want to see in the world.”
  • “To be Woke and Free is to be educated.” 
  • “What we are doing today is going to impact the youth.” 

Check out these highlights:

2:30 What is the WokeNFree podcast? 

10:40 How Natasha has had to pivot in her career and business. 

12:00 Why anything you do in this world involves sales. 

13:15 “You never regret an education whether or not you end up working in that field or not.” 

15:40 What does it mean to be Woke and Free?

19:40 You don’t have to do everything, as long as you do something. 

20:30 Why it’s important to discuss taboo topics. 

23:50 “People have to be heard.”

34:40 What are the conversations that we should be having?

36:50 “I would love for everyone to take a look in the mirror and ask ‘what can I do today?’”

37:55 “Action that is planned and strategic now will have lasting effect.”

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