With Mitchell Levy, CEO of Happy About® and THiNKaha®, thought leadership and publishing firms that help the professional expert become thought leaders in their fields. Mitchell shares his unique, creative approach to helping entrepreneurs become thought leaders and build credibility in their field. We also dig into why credibility matters (more now than ever in the internet age), what credibility is, and how entrepreneurs can more easily build their businesses and expand their brands understanding and demonstrating credibility.

Mitchell shares pointers on how we can share and spread credibility, how to do social media (the right way) in only 5 minutes per day, and the importance of understanding your “CPOP” or customer point of pain. In completing almost 500 credibility interviews, Mitchell has redefined the definition of credibility, created new words to add to the lexicon to describe credibility, created a credibility sizzle reel, and a course on adding credibility to your LinkedIn profile. If you are working to build your credibility and thought leadership in your industry, this conversation is for you!

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Biggest takeaways (or quotes) you don’t want to miss:

  • Understanding your “CPOP” is crucial for success.
  • Are you helping other people climb up the mountain as a thought leader?
  • “It should be shareable, memorable and begs the question- tell me more.”

Check out these highlights:

8:00 Learn how Mitchell does books a completely different way. 

9:06 Why a book is the best credibility piece you could possibly have. 

11:10 What is a thought leader? 

14:55 Why care about credibility? 

20:00 What is the focus of credibility? 

24:25 What is “CPOP”? 

25:00 How to avoid sounding salesy. 

27:00 Why you need to show up to improve your credibility. 

28:30 “Show up when you show up.” 

31:40 “Every interaction is a possibility to learn and grow.” 

33:00 What is credust?

35:40 How can you effectively do social media in five minutes a day?

43:00 “Pick a lane and stay in that lane.”

46:50 Credibility means that you’ve taken as little time as possible to demonstrate to someone that you are smart and good at what you do, and they want to ask you the question- tell me more.”

48:10 “Figure out where you have passion, where you’re an expert at and then figure out what is the best way to test drive if this is the business you want to be in.”

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Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy (pronounced Lee Vee) is a TEDx 
speaker and international bestselling author of over 60 books. His superpower is extracting the genius from your head in a three-hour interview so that his team can ghostwrite your book, publish it, distribute it, and make you an Amazon bestselling author in four months. He is an accomplished Entrepreneur who has created twenty businesses in Silicon Valley including four publishing companies that have published over 850 books. He’s provided strategic consulting to over one hundred companies and has been chairman of the board of a NASDAQ-listed company. Mitchell has been happily married for thirty years and regularly spends four weeks in Europe with family and friends.

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