With Petra Contrada, “The Queen of Change” and Founder of Thrive and Win, who coaches clients and inspires audiences around the world to be the change and create what they really want in life. Join us for this fun and inspiring conversation where Petra shares with us her own transformational journey that required massive change to get out of overwhelm and illness and create a life of health, vibrant energy and intention.

Petra became the change, prioritized her health and lost over 100 pounds, and went on to create success in numerous other areas in her life. She helps her clients create transformation in their lives by taking full ownership of their situation and adopting self-management strategies. She shares with us how she trains her clients to train their minds and stop self-sabotaging behavior and reduce overwhelm. We discuss magnetic mindset, pacing, and the role of our environment.

We also talk about small behavioral changes that help us to recapture time, eliminate the non-essential and get out of overwhelm and habits that are not serving us, including chronic distraction that keeps us from connecting with our inner sage.

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Biggest takeaways (or quotes) you don’t want to miss:

  • “You want to create a life for yourself and your family that you do not need a vacation from.”

Check out these highlights:

5:00 What changed in Petra’s life to put her on the journey she is on now.

9:40 “We are bombarded by temptations, starting with social media, starting with the news, starting with the advertising.”

11:70 What is the Magnetic Mindset?

23:50 “So it is when you decide and commit to yourself and take the courage and overcome your laziness.”

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Meet Petra Contrada, the founder of Thrive and Win in life and business. Internationally renowned speaker, spiritual Entrepreneur and Rebel, and also known as “The Queen of Change”. She inspires audiences on stages around the globe, life and online. Today, female Entrepreneurs/ Leaders/ Business Owners hire Petra to Be The Change because most overthink, under feel, and are forever missing key opportunities in life and business. She is a guide for those who are ready to BE THE CHANGE to thrive and win. Change is her passion and her mission is to inspire a million women to live their true life and fulfillment, and to be the change to make this happen.

Learn more about Petra here.

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GGGB Intro 0:00
Here’s what you get on today’s episode of Guts, Grit, and Great Business.

Petra Contrada 0:05
You do not have as personal life and business life it is mingled. And most of the time of your waking awake time is when you are working. Now, your work time should be a time that you enjoy and that you love. You want to create a life for yourself and your family that you do not need a vacation from your work because your work, you lived it basically a vacation constantly and you can pace your time.

GGGB Intro 0:38
The adventure of entrepreneurship and building a life and business you love, preferably at the same time is not for the faint of heart. That’s why Heather Pearce Campbell is bringing you a dose of guts, grit, and great business stories that will inspire and motivate you to create what you want in your business and life. Welcome to the Guts, Grit and Great Business podcast where endurance is required. Now, here’s your host, The Legal Website Warrior®, Heather Pearce Campbell.

Heather Pearce Campbell 1:10
All right. Hello and welcome. Hello and welcome. I am Heather Pearce Campbell, The Legal Website Warrior®. I am an attorney and legal coach based here in Seattle, Washington. Welcome to another episode of Guts, Grit, and Great Business. Today, I am so thrilled to be bringing you my friend, Petra Contrada, and Petra Oh, she is a fascinating woman. I cannot wait for you to learn more about Petra and her brilliant message. She is the founder of thrive and win in life and business, an internationally renowned speaker, spiritual entrepreneur, and rebel, and also known as the queen of change. She inspires audiences on stage on stages around the globe, life, and online. Today, female entrepreneur leaders, business owners hire Petra to be the change because most overthink under feel, and are forever missing key opportunities in life and business. She is a guide for those who are ready to be the change to thrive and when changes her passion and her mission is to inspire a million women to live their true life and fulfillment and to be the change to make this happen. Now Petra and I met it would have been the spring over

Petra Contrada 2:28
2015 No. October 2019.

Heather Pearce Campbell 2:34
I thought it was at Jane’s event.

Petra Contrada 2:36
Ya. And I saw you again.

Heather Pearce Campbell 2:42
That’s right. So we’ve overlapped at several events.

Petra Contrada 2:45
In October I signed up for your program.

Heather Pearce Campbell 2:48
Yes. And that was the JVology, right. Yeah. But Petra is just a light. She’s magnetic. I have loved her since the moment I first talked with her. So Petra, I am so happy to have you here today.

Petra Contrada 3:01
I’m happy to be here with you.

Heather Pearce Campbell 3:03
Well, and you’ve got a lot to share. There’s a lot going on for you right now.

Petra Contrada 3:07
Yes. Yeah. So..

Heather Pearce Campbell 3:09
Petra is getting ready to move. Petra, where do you live? Currently? Are you in New York?

Petra Contrada 3:13
I live in New York. Yes. And I’m expanding my business. I’m lifting 20 years in the United States and have fun business here. But I am opening up a subsidiary in Europe. And we will be heading over to Germany soon. I’m a native German. So that’s natural that I go to back to Germany.

Heather Pearce Campbell 3:32
Yes. Well, and we were talking right before I hit record, you found the perfect spot. Things are literally being like, boxed up as we speak. It’s craziness for you. But so exciting. Yes,

Petra Contrada 3:43
The universe is telling me. You know, I’ll ask my husband and I have you know that I’m married to an amazing man and we are married happily for 25 years. And we are boxed up and we are looking forward to, you know, expand and go to Europe and conquer Europe and the United States conquers the world. Let’s say.

Heather Pearce Campbell 4:05
That’s right. Well, I love it. So take us back for people that don’t know you. And I just love your title, the queen of change. Tell talk to us about how that relationship to change got started.

Petra Contrada 4:19
In my life all is triggered by change. And I am very adventurous. And in my early ages, like in my early 20s you know, I fell in love like went to Egypt. My first husband was Egyptian I had the Egyptian experience the ups and downs because it was quite an experience over there. And from there, I went to Paris. My sister lived in Paris at the time and so the change was always in my life. So I never got stuck somehow. And I always felt I go when I change. So, um, this is also when I met my husband, you know, I saw him fell in love with him. Six months later, we were married, and we are now 25 years married. You know, it’s like, we are jumping off the cliff together. So change is very valuable. But in 2014, I was stuck. I have a real estate, I had a real estate business in 17 years, when we came back to the United States, which was in 2001, was right in September when 911. You know, changes my life, everything was changing rapidly. I had a great job, I came here a second time does United States was a great job and then lost it because of 911. And then I went into real estate and had a successful real estate business. But in 2014, I found myself dying. I got stuck, I got in the lot overwhelmed, overwhelmed, overweight, nobody could find what I had what happened with me, I, you know, started with pneumonia and got very, very sick. And we seriously, I did not know how to come up the stairs. And I was sitting in my recliner upstairs. And I said, God, this cannot be all I thought, you know, it’s like, what do I do that it’s nothing but you know, nothing is working, nobody can help me. And then I hear this voice, you be the change. Only you can change and do what you want to want to want to be and what you want to change. And it was so startling that, wow, I still have chills running down my back.

Heather Pearce Campbell 6:40
I have chills now just here I got up.

Petra Contrada 6:44
I said okay, I change within. This was August 2014. I made a plan. I said I want to, first of all, take care of my house, change my house. And I want to do what I really meant to do. And what I love to do, because I came into that was because I was doing real estate is fine. And I’m good. You know, I have a great real estate team and an agent and but it’s not, it keeps you in that hamster wheel, you know, yeah, the clients and this and that and you get stuck. And that’s why I got so overweight. Not because I forgot to take care of myself, it did not even do the basics. And my husband always say you stop meditating, again, stop meditating again. So what I did, then finally I said, Okay, I’ll be the change. I listen to my husband, I started meditating again, and started to track myself. And January 1 2015, I started with a regimen that I developed myself was an exercise regimen, meditation, affirmation, and some other things, I call them multi-dimensional strategies, because I also do energy work. And within eight months, I dropped 100 pounds, wow, I changed my whole lifestyle. People could not recognize me anymore, because I cut myself in half. And I am pursuing my passion, what I really love to do. And this is where I am now. I transformed my life. And I help other people to transform their life. Because what I’m realizing is, again, thrive and when to be the change, and you have to be the change to thrive and win. So we have to start with ourselves. And it is all about self-management. Yes, self-management and get us, you know, put us up by the neck and say, and you do it anyway.

Heather Pearce Campbell 8:46
Mm hmm. Absolutely. Well, I mean, what a story, what an origin story and a place to start from when you talk about the amount of effort the amount of intention that it takes to make like it sounds like the numerous changes that you made in your life at that time. How did you know because you went from a place of being stuck clearly then through you know, that moment understanding it was on you to make the change. How did you know what to do next? Talk to us about that gap between understanding it was on you and then creating the map.

Petra Contrada 9:26
Yes. So basically, I found ways to get clarity. And the first thing is I discovered the passion test. I don’t know if you heard about it was developed by Janet. Edward. It’s a very simple test. I took the test and I got it helped me to get my first intense clarity. I knew what I really wanted to do. Before you think you use it. You think you know what you do, but you really don’t until you really get out of your head and into your heart. What is your true heart’s desire, and then I developed that process of getting there getting the passion, so and it takes time? And it takes effort. And you have to overcome laziness, and we humans are lazy, everybody is lazy, we are born lazy. When basically what we have to do, we have to get our mind in grip, in order to self manage, because you know, the temptations are easy. We are bombarded by temptations, starting with social media, starting with the news, starting with the advertising. A lot of people and so I was I was stuck in my wheel, because, oh my god, I have to pay the mortgage, I have to feed my family, I have to do this. And I have to do that. And, and, and oh, my God, what’s going on in the world, it was a politics and this and so and all this is too overwhelming for people. And people have to learn to make cuts, and say, Okay, if I want to have a different life, I need to sit back and develop a plan for me. So what I do is I help and inspire people to do exactly that. And I have proven methods. I did it. I have clients who followed my lead, I’m see myself really as a mentor and guide to freedom to sell freedom. And the sell freedom only comes when you work on yourself.

Heather Pearce Campbell 11:37
Well, I love that. And it’s you know, and I’ve long said, which is actually I think about the conversations I’ve had on this podcast, there’s a really heavy overlap between business and personal life, right, I see them as you know, intertwined pieces of the same rope.

Petra Contrada 11:54
Right, you date, nothing days, if you do not have a personal life and a business life It is revealed. And most of the time of your waking awake time is when you are working. So your work time should be a time that you enjoy, and that you love. You want to create a life for yourself and your family, that you do not need a vacation from your work because your work, you lifted basically a vacation constantly, and you can pace your tires, and then find the time, you know for for for endeavors that you truly love live the life that you truly love. And many people think it’s not possible. And when they think that it’s probably not possible for them. But if you can change your mindset, and this is what I call create a magnetic mindset, because it’s not only what you have in your mind, also the energy that you distributing and putting out what you send out what you put your focus on what you send out, we’ll come back to you. So they are wonderful ways to do that. And it is proven and I pulled it for myself and my clients who work with me prove it, that it is possible.

Heather Pearce Campbell 13:15
Well, I love that. And one of the things you mentioned that I think is a struggle. And I think probably for people right now it’s a really big struggle, the pacing, how do you pace yourself? Because, you know, even when you’re working like especially for me right now, I’ve got kids in the background that could bust through this door anytime. Right? And I talked to you right before we started juggling schedules with a co-parent right with it with their dad and his schedule about when he’s going to be home and what happens in his work. And the pacing feels to me personally like a big challenge. There’s not enough time in the day to do everything that I you know, feel like I should be doing want to be doing right everything coming in the door from a work standpoint. How How do you talk to people about pacing, right, because I think a lot of people you described being caught in the kind of the rat race right yourself for a while. I think a lot of people are there and it’s easy to fall into that trap.

Petra Contrada 14:16
Oh, yes. It is so easy. And you know, the our whole environment pushes us into that. I mean, you know, first of all, I think a lot of people, if they look and focus and see what is what are they doing in that day? There are a lot of things that what they can eliminate studying social media studying was watching the news, starting with cutting out TV time. It is not time management. It is the self-management.

Heather Pearce Campbell 14:50
No, I love that. You mentioned it.

Petra Contrada 14:52
Yes. Yes.

Heather Pearce Campbell 14:54
So you mentioned the importance of cutting things out right which you’ve come back to and I think this is Really important like what do we cut out that also helps us in our pacing?

Petra Contrada 15:06
So basically you cut out what is and what is not serving, not serving you. And you know the waste of time. You look at the time you’re you’re you’re doing for example, you on social media, how many hours is set? When how many hours? Are you sitting on email how, you know, how many hours in between what is there, what you could put out and for everyone is different, different? But I discovered that I had all the time a telephone in the hand, I was always with even when I went to the, you know, the addiction with the telephone, you know, can’t can wait checking in between, do I have new emails, do I have new messages, this is valuable time that is taken away from what you really, you know, should be doing.

Heather Pearce Campbell 15:58
Understood where you want your priorities really to be.

Petra Contrada 16:03
Because I tell you, I come back to the 8020 rule from the 100% what you think you should be doing 20% are important. Yes, the other 80% you can take a look at what you can cut out what you can eliminate, what you can delegate, or what you can what is not the priority right now. So you can really and this is, of course individual for everybody. But the main thing that I find and people, they start to do time management and schedule time, and they do not keep to the time and put it up. And then because they are constantly distracted. And until we learn to manage our brain, we will constantly be distracted. And it’s a process but it is it is well worth it to do that. Like we have in our brain, we have three elements, I say. And I learned that from Darren Hardy, who is the publisher of Success Magazine, I love him, we have 95% of our mind is managed by because the whole bundle is you know everything what you do automatically, you know, when you when you were born, you learn things and you quickly you learn to do things very automatic, it’s we you know, you drive your car, you drive the bicycle, you do this, and you know, it’s all these things that are automatic, all but is constantly on autopilot. And it’s working. So the robot does the things that we function, then it is 95% then we have the monkey. And the monkey is our emotion. And the monkey likes to take over and is excited and distracted. And just oh my god, this is nice. Oh, I know, I need to see this. And that, Oh, I got a notification there that oh my god yes, on my computer, turn off all your notifications, turn off all the apps on your on your cell phone, because these are this constant destruction and the monkey is hopping onto it constantly. I mean, you are you’re laughing.

Heather Pearce Campbell 18:27
I’m laughing because it’s so it’s so for anybody who’s been trapped in that experience. And for me, I feel partly trapped there because of COVID Let’s be clear that when you have to work and have two small children home at the same time, like whether it’s the monkey or something else, but that context switching that like oh, I was focused on this and now I have to be doing this right, which the monkey sounds like plays a role in if we let it is so damaging to our productivity.

Petra Contrada 18:58
Absolutely. And you know, when you’re always switching, you know, people are there people that are powered to be multitasking. multitasking is perfect, because most determine you multitask, not one task to do you do, right? You only do things properly when you concentrate and focus on things and do and not distracted. So number one, you know, turn off all the distractions and you have then you need to find a way for your kids that they do not distract you. And release reserve the time. And during that time focus on on on the task on hand and then really sort out by ABC. And but the main thing is management because coming back, we have the robot we have the monkey and we have the sage, the sage is and we want to encourage our Sage to come out more and more because the sage is the person who guides us in the right direction. The sage is the one who makes us It keeps us sane, the sage is the one who wants us to survive in a way that we are growing that we are evolving, that we are learning. So if you go for example, for a seminar, you are your Sage is telling you to be there, you plan your time and you manage yourself, that is when the sage is coming out. So we want to learn to encourage and manage our three, the robot, the monkey and the sage, and calm the monkey down and bring the sage out. And that helps us and also to manage our day better, because we are clear, we are more focused. And then we also can pays the time to become because most people do not put in the time to recover. And I said I said I was one of my, what helped me I’m getting up very early in the morning because I am determined. And I am dedicated and I’m committed to first of all to myself to my health because if I’m not well, I cannot serve my clients and my family and, and humanity like I want to. So I keep myself in check as get up early. But I also pace and plan the time to have my nap. And I’m not doing just any nap. I am what when I met I do a half an hour and I have a guided meditation. Yeah, but you know, different kinds of meditation. And I’m using that time and that covers me in a way that a normal not nap would not recover me. So planning these times in consciously is very important. And then also the value of time with your kids. And if your husband is a busy as well find a babysitter delegate what you need to delegate, and really what I do when I plan my time I have certain things that I plan first, first, I plan my free time, my me time, my spiritual time where I connect with with with God. And I plan first God family, me and then I plan the 20% that are important to do. And then I see the 80% which is you know, what can I do later and that I then plan on days where I do not have so much.

Heather Pearce Campbell 22:41
I love that well and I think like you know where most people get that wrong and I can speak for myself is that the mean time right some of the really planned recovery time comes last for doesn’t get planned at all.

Petra Contrada 22:56
It would be one of the things right

Heather Pearce Campbell 22:57
Right. Well and I love the concept of you know the robot, the monkey and the sage i mean, i think that everybody can relate to those really really well. So talk to us about the way like who you work with through your business and what you focus on it sounds like you can help people with really a wide variety of things right? And I love the title of you know your work your business thrive and when do you work with anybody is it across all areas talk to us about what you do and who you do it with.

Petra Contrada 23:36
My main clientele are females over a female entrepreneur leaders and business owners over 45 that I have certain experience. Most of them you know already also empty nesters or soon empty nesters. And they found themselves like I did in a space where I knew I need to change. So they hire me to be the change because they realize nobody can help them. There’s not much out that can help them and they realize they have to start with themselves and do not know where to start really and they need some guidance and some support. So and then I come in because I walk the talk and I know I’ve been through it. I’ve mastered it. And I love it. And I’m the example how you can change your life and I’m 62 now I feel younger than in my 40s I’ve looked better than physically I again 100 pounds I lost 100 pounds. Change my health I have not taken most people in my age. They have a whole bunch of medications pop in every day. I don’t. I don’t take medications because I don’t need them. I need neither. I live a happy, healthy lifestyle and of course Also things of my husband who is a naturopathic doctor, and wonderful healer. And I, I encourage everybody to explore naturopathic possibilities for food for health, we do not need the here, especially in America, so many drug addicts, and they’re just popping in the pills. pills are no solution. There are so many alternative solutions that do the same thing on a healthy way. Most pills have so many side effects and affect also the way you live and might remember we were talking about yesterday, my husband he had, he’s now at 67. And when he was 52, he had and he had to make sense, oh my god, I probably I’m gonna be widow, so on and so on. So, but thanks, God, it was not so traumatic. But he was taking for several years, he was taking the normal, you know, medication until he said, You know, I’m a naturopathic doctor. And he explored a Vedic medicine, and he is a Chico master and so on. And he, he developed for himself a regiment out of Herbes that wonderfully for his heart, so ever, but person who has heart problems, does not need to pop in the pills. There are other solutions. He said, yesterday, we will not we will, sometimes we watch the news. And then you know, we say, Aha, it’s a time for the seniors, you know, because all these pharmaceutical ads, because, you know, they are posting them. And we are always laughing when we hear this, you know, when they have this little side effects. But you can die, you can do this, you can move it, so it’s not necessary. And they’re also affecting us on many different levels. Um, so there is also a way to change that. And so my husband and his a joke was he said, yes, you remember that a smell for a couple of years, like, like a farmer. Because it’s, it’s coming out for your pores or poisoned stuff. So now it is, um, it is a decision to one side to be the change is it it needs some effort. And we have to overcome the laziness, but it is so worth it. When I look back and my life then and my my life now. It’s like day and night. I wake up in the morning, and I’m so happy to be alive. And I’m so happy to move on and do what I love to do. Today speaking with you and I had this morning, I had already two wonderful conversation with two JV partners. And we were so much on the same wavelength. And we want to cooperate and communicate and, and change the world and make the make the world a better place and help people to be happier. So it is when you decide and commit to yourself and take the courage and overcome your laziness. And I have the tools to help the people that I love.

Heather Pearce Campbell 28:08
I can tell I mean, clearly I can tell you love what you do and that you live it as well. Going back to the place of overwhelming people are feeling pulled in at 90 different directions. I mean, I can speak for myself on that. But it sounds like one of the things that could be most powerful is actually observing taking the time to first observe where you’re spending time how you’re leaking portions of your day. Like that. Sounds like it could be a real missed opportunity.

Petra Contrada 28:48
But yes, it’s a it’s a good start. Where do you what time could you cut out? And from except for me, I started you know, I don’t need to be the my telephone does not need to be glued on to me.

Heather Pearce Campbell 29:02
Well, but if people are not observing where that’s going, right, if they’re just being pulled in all the directions, and they’re not sitting down and taking the time to observe, they’re not going to know how to cut it out. Right?

Petra Contrada 29:14
No, they go until they got the heart attack, oh, whatever. that pulls them down. Because you know, at one point, the point our body says no, it’s a great indication and he started listening to your body to your thoughts to your mind and cut out the negative crap hearing all day. I mean there are people that are watching the first thing in the morning they wake up and he has a nose and then the head I can’t another net. And then they have the news app and all you know they are feeding us with so much negative bullshit that is affecting us. They are not reporting about good things and beauty because this is also in The nature of the beast, the human beast, that we still have that reptilian brain, the fight-flight and fight, reaction, and always are looking out to protect, to protect, protect, and that’s why they are also we are, you know, we are, you know, always looking into the negative news because we think we need to, subconsciously we need to protect us. So that is also very destructive, but when you eliminate the negative, that, you know, that comes from outside also, marketing, marketing companies know that I play on that tactic, always, oh my god, oh my god, they install fear and then you want to protect yourself and then start with these things. And then we can go beyond it’s, it’s, it’s a process, but it is a process that when you keep to it, and there are also ways how you can control that you will keep it doesn’t matter, you know, we all humans and you know, we all have lapses. Just pull yourself up. It’s like, like watching you even going on a diet. Don’t go on a diet. Change Your Life. Yes. You know, that’s why people going in January they start Oh, now I have to lose weight. Now I’m going on a diet. And then in January, end of January, the beginning of January the gyms are full end of January there, again, because people cannot keep up willpower does not work. Yeah, that’s not it is always it’s when you when you want to install willpower. It fails. It’s it’s a small changes in time by

Heather Pearce Campbell 31:38
Time that yeah, it’s habit. You have to develop totally new habits,

Petra Contrada 31:42
Habits, belief systems, and get yourself into God. That’s what I call it be the change and manage to some.

Heather Pearce Campbell 31:51
Well, I, you know, there’s so I feel like we’re just like the tip of the iceberg of things that we could be talking about. But I love it. You’ve given us lots to think about for people a couple questions before we sign off one, do you have a gift or something for people that want to connect more learn about your work where and for anybody listening, go to the show notes, you can find them at legal website warrior.com forward slash podcast, but talk to us a little bit about your gift.

Petra Contrada 32:18
Yes, absolutely. So you can get I have a little ebook, the five elements of change, you can start with you know, I have five, five elements, when we incorporate them in our life. We already go far ahead. So step by step. So you can download that at my website. This is my, my button. I love it. Here you can download the PDF and also have an opportunity to schedule a 20 minute clarity to change call with us. So when you are ready and say I want it I want to change I want to know more about it. How can you help me hop on a call? Yes, we can be I can explore with you how you can what is important right now for you to get started to get rolling into a direction that you really want rolling into a direction that you live that life that you’re dreaming of it is you don’t need to stay where you are.

Heather Pearce Campbell 33:30
You don’t need to wait for crisis.

Petra Contrada 33:33
Right. I mean Oh yes. So but
you know, because again, we are humans we are lazy and people you know life to like often likes the status quo. I am challenging the status quo everything and keeps you young.

Heather Pearce Campbell 33:52
I love it better. I love you. I love your message. Oh,

Petra Contrada 33:57
I changed that life there. You can download it load the freebie. Schedule an appointment with me a 20 minute clarity to change course. Right now my schedule is very busy but if you do not find some time on my calendar, just email me at Petra, Petra contado.com say you know your schedule is your phone. Do you have something in between because right now was moving and a lot of stuff going on. I will find some time with you if you are really, really ready to change really ready to move on and have a wonderful life and you want to talk to me email me Petra, kind of contado.com and I will be there.

Heather Pearce Campbell 34:37
Oh, I love that and I will share your email. I’ll share any other links that you have for me so that people can connect with you online. If you’re listening Petra is just brilliant. She radiates from the inside out. I know you’re not watching the video if you’re listening to my podcast but I highly highly recommend you connect with Petra Petra. So great to see you again today and connect with you. I get all excited for everything. Good luck with your move.

Petra Contrada 35:05
Thank you. Thank you for the wonderful day. Well, we

Heather Pearce Campbell 35:08
We’ll l connect soon. Thank you so much for joining us.

Petra Contrada 35:11
Thank you.

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