With Stephan Spencer, an internationally recognized SEO expert, bestselling author, and sought-after keynote speaker. Join us for this insightful conversation where Stephan shares a bit about his journey from bio-chemistry to SEO, building a game-changing SaaS tool to support his clients, selling his business, and then taking a deep dive into personal development and spirituality.

Stephan shares with us the importance of paying attention to serendipity and synchronicity in our lives (and businesses), how painful lessons can be our biggest teachers, and shares examples of turning points that resulted because of major challenges.

You will Stephan share about his spiritual awakening, his introduction to personal development, and some of the insights he’s gained along the way which has led to all kinds of transformation in his life. We discuss manifestation, the willing suspension of disbelief, how he has aged backwards in recent years (!!), and more.

This is such an enjoyable and insightful conversation. You won’t want to miss Stephan’s thought on intuition, “without a doubt” signs, and how we can learn our life lessons with less struggle and more ease. Stephan drops gems throughout this conversation on business, personal growth, and spirituality. My favorite kind of conversation!

His clients have included Zappos, Chanel, Quiksilver, Bed Bath & Beyond, Volvo, Sony, and many others. He is the co-author of The Art of SEO, author of Google Power Search, and co-author of Social eCommerce, all published by O’Reilly. Stephan founded Netconcepts in 1995 and grew it into a multi-national SEO agency before selling it to Covario. Stephan is a frequent TV guest, appearing on various ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and the CW affiliates. He’s a contributor to Harvard Business Review, AdWeek, Foundr magazine, and Search Engine Land. He hosts two popular podcasts, Get Yourself Optimized and Marketing Speak.

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Biggest takeaways (or quotes) you don’t want to miss:

  • “Temporary people teach permanent lessons.”
  • There’s something to be said for being empathic and balanced instead of bulletproof and one-sided in your contracts and business dealings.
  • Be precise in what you ask for.
  • Co-creating and manifestation is based in the belief that anything is possible: this Universe is for you.
  • Everything happens for a reason. Nothing is random. And that still blows my mind.
  • The final send-off, and Stephan’s thoughts on how to tell if you have had an “intuitive hit.”

Check out these highlights:

  • 10:00 Listen to Stephan’s take on serendipity and synchronicity.
  • 14:35 Stephan shares details from his “SEO BS Detector” – you don’t want to miss this!
  • 20:40 Sometimes hiring the wrong person is the right thing to do. (Listen to this pivotal lesson in Stephen’s life.)
  • 31:15 Hear Stephen share about the importance of being empathic and balanced in your business dealings.
  • 50:20 Skepticism and cynicism are two sides of the same coin. If you are skeptic and a cynic, that’s an old crank, and nobody wants to be around that.
  • 1:04:40 We are so much more powerful than we can possibly imagine. But we relegate this gift, and go through our lives on autopilot.

How to get in touch with Stephan:

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/sspencer

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephanspencer/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephanspencerseo

Find out more about Stephan:

At his personal website here: https://www.stephanspencer.com/

His agency website: https://www.netconcepts.com/

At his podcast, Get Yourself Optimized.

At his other podcast, Marketing Speak.

And while you’re at it, check out Stephan’s wife’s podcast Stellar Life here.

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GGGB Intro  00:00

Here’s what to expect today…

Stephan Spencer  00:02

If you’re operating from this place of the willing suspension of disbelief, anything is possible, and when you take this seriously of being a pilot of your own airship, I’m director of your movie, then you can have things manifest for you instantly.

GGGB Intro  00:27

The adventure of entrepreneurship and building a life and business you love, preferably at the same time is not for the faint of heart. That’s why Heather Pearce Campbell is bringing you a dose of guts, grit and great business stories that will inspire and motivate you to create what you want in your business and life. Welcome to the Guts, Grit & Great Business podcast where endurance is required. Now here’s your host, The Legal Website Warrior®, Heather Pearce Campbell.

Heather Pearce Campbell  00:59

All righty, welcome. I am Heather Pearce Campbell, The Legal Website Warrior®. I’m an attorney and legal coach based here in Seattle, Washington and working with online entrepreneurs throughout the US and the world. Welcome to another episode of Guts, Grit & Great Business. I am so excited to introduce you today to Stephan Spencer. Welcome, Stephan.

Stephan Spencer  01:26

Hey, thanks for having me here.

Heather Pearce Campbell  01:27

Yeah, I’m so excited about the conversation we’re gonna have because I know it’s gonna be like unlike anything else I’ve had on the podcast to date. And you are the guy to talk to about SEO and I think a few other things based on my, my listening of your podcast, so I’m excited to introduce you to folks who are going to be with us here today, or whenever they hear this. So for those of you that don’t know Stephan Spencer Stephan is an internationally recognized SEO expert, best selling author and sought after keynote speaker. His clients have included Zappos Chanel, Quicksilver Bed Bath and Beyond Volvo, Sony and many others. He is the co author of The Art of SEO, author of Google power search and co author of social ecommerce, all published by O’Reilly. Stephan founded net concepts in 1995, and grew it into a multinational SEO agency, before selling it to co barrio. stuffin is a frequent TV guest appearing on various ABC, CBS, NBC Fox and the CW affiliate. He’s a contributor to Harvard Business Review, ad week, founder magazine and Search Engine Land. He hosts two popular podcasts, get yourself optimized and marketing speak. Seven, I don’t have anybody else with this bio.

Stephan Spencer  02:57

That would be unique to me. Well,

Heather Pearce Campbell  02:59

it’s a good one. There’s so much in there. I feel like we could dig into but I’m just so happy to have you here today. Thanks a lot for joining.

Stephan Spencer  03:08

It’s a pleasure. And I’ve been looking forward to this.

Heather Pearce Campbell  03:11

Good Yeah, it’s taken us a little bit to get this scheduled. And one of the other reasons that Stephan and I connected is because we’re in a mastermind group together. And they’re just been some phenomenal folks in that group. It’s been such a joy to connect with people and really around the world and hear what people are up to. So I’ve been looking forward to this as well.

Stephan Spencer  03:30

Yes. And I’m a I’m a connoisseur of fine masterminds. I’m in five at the moment.

Heather Pearce Campbell  03:37

Are you’re like,

Stephan Spencer  03:38

I don’t know how I find the time for it. But it’s fun.

Heather Pearce Campbell  03:41

Yeah, I don’t know either. That’s hilarious. You’re like “remind me which one we’re in again.” I know.

Stephan Spencer  03:46

Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Genius Network JVM. Strategic Coach. Silver circle. Metal.

Heather Pearce Campbell  03:55

That’s hilarious. I think you need to add “connoisseur of fine masterminds” on your bio, I think it really needs to be in there. Well, Stephan, talk to us. So I’m just going to admit, flat out like I know very little and a lot less than I should about SEO. So tell me, I’m really curious how you got started in the world of SEO?

Stephan Spencer  04:23

Yeah. Well, I was studying for a PhD in biochemistry back in the 90s. And I decided after meeting First of all, I heard Tim berners Lee speak at this conference, called the second international world wide web conference. And he of course, is the inventor of the World Wide Web. So I was quite inspired by that. But then I met one of the guys from Netscape. This was prior to everybody hearing about Netscape and then using it. It was when everyone was still using the mosaic browser. So this is very early on in the evolution of the web 1994 And I was very inspired. I just wanted to start an internet company. So I dropped out of my PhD and started an internet agency. And yeah, started at 1995. And grew it that this crazy idea that I could move to New Zealand. And I did, I applied for residency and got in this was four years into running the business on 1999. And, yeah, it was beautiful, amazing country loved it. And my kids got an incredible experience growing up there. It’s just magical. And we came back to the states in 2007. And I ended up selling the agency in 2010. And then I started another SEO company. But getting into SEO specifically happened in I’d say about 1996, maybe it was, it was early days of my agency, we were building websites, and we needed to figure out how to get them to rank higher in search engines. And Google wasn’t around at that point. And, yeah, there’s tools out there that created these landing pages for each search engine, because each one had its own algorithms. And so it was just ridiculous. But I wanted to reverse engineer how search engines worked. And specifically, when Google showed up, then I really wanted to double down on figuring that algorithm out because Google was lightyears ahead of everything else at the time, and continues to be so there’s really no other competitor to Google. And yeah, just kind of reverse engineering that black box, and figuring out what works and what doesn’t work, very empirical, empirically and scientifically, using the scientific method. Because I had that science background, I was studying, as I said, for a PhD in biochemistry, and I had a master’s in it, I had a Bachelor’s in cellular, molecular biology, and it was all about doing experiments, lab work, bench work, figuring this stuff out, and being able to do it reproducibly. And that’s, that’s how I started to really focus on SEO. And one thing that really ended up being a boon to the business was moving to New Zealand for personal reasons, because I just had this intuitive hit that it would be an incredible place to live. And it was, and turns out that I was able to hire really top shelf talents for a fraction of the price of what it would cost in the US. And that was because of the very favorable exchange rate at the time. And also the kinds of clients that we had were really appealing international brand names like bird’s eye that folks in New Zealand never heard of, and they wanted to work on those kinds of accounts. Not just a little small business in New Zealand. So we got really, really phenomenal people working for us. And we were able to compete really well with top top agencies as SEO agencies in the States. And at No, it was it was really a great experience. But then something happened in 2003. That was a game changer. And I was frustrated by a particular client, a well known brand I won’t mention, but begins with a K. And people shop there for clothes. So you can check that one out. And that client was just so sure that we were going to destroy their SEO or destroy their site. brand, I should say, by injecting SEO into the website. And of course, that’s not the case. That’s not

Heather Pearce Campbell  09:09

how it works. Like a virus is gonna

Stephan Spencer  09:12

spam everywhere, right? No, that’s not how it works. And they didn’t give us access to the website. So what we did, what I came up with was this idea for using a proxy server to pull their pages from their site, real time and add SEO goodness, like better title tags, and more keyword rich text links and things like that, and in the product copy and that sort of thing in to the site, real time as a demonstration, and we did that and they were impressed and we were able to proceed with the work. But then something else happened that was again, very fortuitous. You know these synchronicities and serendipities. They happen all throughout life. And we don’t give them the kind of credit that we should. Because you know, they’re divine interventions really,

Heather Pearce Campbell  10:06

right, they can change our total, like course of everything.

Stephan Spencer  10:09

Yeah. And that’s what happened. When I ran up to a code freeze deadline, with a client on different client northern tool, that client was not going to make any changes to their website after September, whatever it was, because they didn’t want to mess up the site, for the holiday season, have any risk at all, of anything breaking and losing all that revenue. So we were running up against a deadline, and they had some technical challenges with the version of the web server software they were running, it didn’t support some of the SEO changes that needed to be made technical changes. Well, the good news was, I was able to pitch them on using that technology that I come up with for showing a demo version of the SEO version of the website as a production level alternative to the roadblock that we had hit. And they said yes. And that turned into a product that a software as a service, or SaaS, that ended up generating more revenue than the consulting agency side of the business. And that’s why our company, that’s a big reason why our company got acquired a few years later, now, like seven years later was because of that technology was called gravity stream. And we were charging on a cost per click basis for SEO. I don’t know anywhere else, where you pay on a cost per click, like you would with Google ads for SEO. And clients like Nordstrom and Zappos, we’re loving it. And we’re, like, paying quite a lot of money to us. Because there’s on performance, and they were willing to do that. They could compare apples to apples like, well, we’re paying this for Google ads. And we’re paying this to for gravity stream with Stephan and his company with that concept. So we’ll just keep spending the cheaper money over here at 15 cents a click. And yeah, we weren’t making a lot of money off of that. And that was, I wouldn’t call it a happy accident. It was more of just good fortune, and divine inspiration. It was really, really amazing.

Heather Pearce Campbell  12:31

Right? Yeah, right time, right place, and then building a tool, right, that was needed to respond to a specific problem. It’s a little bit like in my husband’s in biotech, building a therapeutic and then finding out like, oh, it helps with this, all this other stuff, too, right, and expanding the use of that particular therapeutic. The so it’s interesting, what you mentioned about people being able to observe the success of SEO and pay per click right? Because I think, SEO when it comes to at least, my experience in talking with a lot of people around trying to get SEO right is one, a lot of people don’t want to deal with it. They want to hire out, they want somebody to handle it for them. And yet, I think because of that, and not really understanding how it works. A lot of people end up having really frustrating experiences trying to get SEO support in place. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Stephan Spencer  13:31

Yeah, yeah. When when you try to hire somebody who’s supposedly a specialist in an area that you have no expertise and you can get snickered. Right. So I have 1000 page book on the topic of SEO? Yeah, I don’t know yet a single person who wants to who has hired me who’s read this book in its entirety. Right, most SEOs don’t even want to read that book in its entirety. And a lot of people have read a lot of it to start their career. But yeah, SEO changes, and it evolves all the time. So you need to keep up with it. And and if you don’t keep up with it, and you don’t understand all the technical nuances and the core principles of it, how can you interview an agency or consultants, or an potential employee to make sure that they’re the right hire for the job that they aren’t just blowing smoke? Yeah. That’s where I came up with this concept of an SEO bs detector. It’s just a set of questions that anybody can ask just innocently slipping those into the interview process. And it’s a cheat sheet because there’s only one right answer to each one. I just give you a quick example. I love that. Yeah. So let’s say that you asked the question of the SEO, candidate or potential agency. Tell me your process for optimizing my meta keywords. Now this is for a good SEO, obviously a ridiculous question. And the reason why is because the Meta Keywords never counted in Google ever. They were never a positive ranking signal new, not even in the beginning, in the 90s, when Google started, so if they say something like, well, they don’t, they’re not really worth as much now. And that’s the wrong answer. Because they were never worth anything. If they say something like, Well, here’s our process for doing this. Well, that’s even worse. Right? That’s just one example of the questions and you can just pick and choose whichever ones you want. Yeah.

Heather Pearce Campbell  15:54

No, that’s brilliant. And in a highly technical space, especially as a guy that has all the answers for SEO, it’s the thing I love about people that also educate in the space they’re in is like you talk about the black box of SEO or whatever, they actually use the same language in the legal space. Like all the legal information that a lot of small businesses a lot of online businesses need lives inside of a black box, it’s really hard for people to get what they need up front even in order to make some pretty basic decisions about their businesses. And so it’s why I spent a lot of time just giving you the map like here’s the map here’s what you need to know about where you’re at on the journey and what should be coming next and that way you can then make the decision from a place of being empowered because you know where you’re at on the on the map it’s not like hunting down in cherry picking your legal needs in the dark, which is what it feels like to a lot of people and I think SEO probably would be the same way.

Stephan Spencer  16:55

Yeah, you need to know where you’re going roughly how to get there but not knowing all the details and just making sure you hire the right who for the job. Yes, that knows all the how right this I learned from Strategic Coach, it’s all about the who not the how dance Sullivan and Ben hardy have a new book out this year called who not how that’s fantastic book in order to hire that right who you need to be smart enough to know or at least schooled enough to know the right questions to ask. And like I said, I’ve got that bs detector, PDF document, I’ll make it available to your listeners for free. I’ll put it up marketing speak comm slash Heather so that they can download that and I also have a hiring blueprint, which is a seven step process that includes that weaving into the interview these trick questions, but also, there’s some prep work before you even get to the interview to know that the person or the company is legit. And yeah, like let’s say that you’re hiring a person, you can make sure that they’re attentive to detail which is very important for SEO by giving them certain instructions in the job advert yeah for example when I post job adverts or my team does for me now we always include something that’s like a riddle or a specific instruction that requires them to put something in the subject line or post a video to us instead of just a regular cover letter you know something specific like that and I do love the problem solving riddle one that one definitely weeds out a lot of the inappropriate candidates I was gonna say riffraff But no, nobody’s riffraff or or I call some people are more appropriate for the job than others. I want somebody who’s attentive to detail who follows instructions who cares enough like there’s so many people that they just want to hit a button to send up yet another resume or they don’t even read your explanation of the project scope or whatever and they just send you this boilerplate proposal it’s just awful so I have this SEO hiring blueprint that will go through those seven steps and I’ll put that on the on the free gifts page as well.

Heather Pearce Campbell  19:38

Oh I love that I’ve that that I think would really serve people and yeah, you’re right in response I even love the idea of like bearing in a simple you know, a simple step or requirement as part of a posting or job advertisement. Like the this word goes in the subject line or something because you can tell in a hurry, who’s paying Attention and like you say it’s about getting right fit versus not right fit. And I think it’s really important that when we are hiring people to help us build our business, that we are working with folks who are only the right fit otherwise, we end up with a string of, you know, engagements that I think especially for small business owners, they’re not, it’s not like Nike or Starbucks, where they have a budget they can throw away on on things, you know, not that even big, big businesses like to do that. But small businesses are so much more constrained. And I think some of these guidelines around even how to find the right people to work with are super important.

Stephan Spencer  20:39

Yeah, well, you know, sometimes even hiring the wrong person is the right thing to do. But in retrospect, because you learned a valuable lesson from it. A quick example of that, maybe not so quick, but it’s such a great one. There was a guy that I hired as a graphic designer back in the 90s. And he had this bad habit of talking about me, gossiping about me behind my back to other staff, and I caught wind of it, and I was immature at the time. And I didn’t, I was in my 20s. And so I really took offense to it. And I, I just did not like that. So I fired him. And this was the state of Wisconsin, which is a work that will state so I was totally within my rights. Well, what happened next was he filed a frivolous lawsuit against me. And that, then met depositions and all this headache, right? I would have won, but it would have cost me more to win than it would have to just settle. And so I settled, right. And the guy just disappeared off of the face of the map. We were in Madison, Wisconsin. And I spent multiple years after that in Madison, and so did he, but I’d never heard his name again seen him like he just vanished. 15 years go by. And then I had just gotten this big awakening in India, I got touched on the head by a monk zapped me like this is a it’s called a deep show on oneness blessing. And it was like an LSD trip. I Oh, everything was in Technicolor. I felt the deepest sense of connection. It was beautiful. It was it was life changing, absolutely life changing. And a few months after that, I was at a different event. This was back in the states and run by Donnie Epstein. Founder and network chiropractic. This guy’s a wizard. He’s amazing. He’s a real incredible energy healer and stuff. So I was at his event. And he does these things called energy and treatments. He did an entrainment on me. And I felt so blissed out and everything, and I decided that I’m going to do a remote Deeksha or oneness blessing on a bunch of people while I’m blissed out, and then this other like realm. And this guy who 15 years ago, Dan just was a big pain in the butt. At time, he comes to my mind, I hadn’t thought of him for years. But he came to my mind among other people. And I just gave him a remote like what’s called an intense Deeksha, oneness blessing remotely, and a bunch of other people. And guess who calls me four days later on my cell phone to apologize after 15 years?

Heather Pearce Campbell  23:43

Oh, yeah, nope, no coincidence there? I totally. I totally hear you. It’s It is amazing how, when we are intentional with our thoughts in that way, like, you know, you’re talking about coincidences that will show up and really change the course and not be given the attention that they’re due. I think it happens so often. Life is busy, people are cruising along, they’re not really paying as close attention as they could be an eye you know, really, it’s the collective we right. We all could be paying closer attention. But it is yeah. It is really interesting when you have those very poignant experiences that you know, not only teach you something, but also remind remind you how connected we all are.

Stephan Spencer  24:33

It’s amazing, and we had the most powerful conversation. I told him I just prayed for him a few days earlier and brought him to tears and we just had this really cathartic healing experience I had already long forgiven him, but it was me, telling him how appreciative I was of the experience that I learned how to read contracts to such a high level. Because I didn’t want to get caught out with another lawsuit or or unnecessary legal action and how I learned how to be a better boss and provide progressive discipline and not just fire somebody on the spot, especially out of bruised ego and and, you know feeling like butthurt you know, that wasn’t a very evolved of me at the time. I recognize that now but I didn’t recognize that then that I was just being reactive. And so I told him all this and he was so appreciative and we ended up having dinner like a month later or something, gave him some Tony Robbins DVDs. And I think it really helped him and then then I started seeing him randomly, like I saw him at a past Marius, my daughter with me and he was with his girlfriend. That was, that was really cool. So even what you think of is a bad hire is there for purpose. It’s these people are in your life, too, you know, teach you a lesson give you an opportunity to grow. There’s a great quote, I forget who came up with it, but temporary people teach permanent lessons.

Heather Pearce Campbell  26:27

Yeah, that is I have not heard that one before. Okay, let’s pause to hear from today’s sponsor. Today’s episode sponsor is both Pierce law pllc. Home to my legal practice here in Seattle, Washington, as well as the legal website warrior, and online business and brand dedicated to supporting the legal needs of information entrepreneurs. These include consultants, coaches, online experts, and educators, speakers, authors, industry leaders, influencers, transformational leaders, community builders, podcasters. People in this space go by a variety of titles. But essentially, their businesses look alike. They are building businesses based around a body of work and information that they have created. That gets delivered in a variety of ways, including generally through an online base, the home base in the online space. Thus, my branding, the legal website, warrior, I’m dedicated first and foremost to protecting online brands, helping them stay safe, helping them navigate the legal rules that exist and apply to the online world, as well as take care of and protect the offline portion of their businesses as well. There’s so much that these entrepreneurs do in the offline work and their business as well. And there regardless of what you call yourself, regardless of what your business is about, you do not get to the position of scaling and growing and creating the influence that you want in the world and becoming an industry leader without essential legal support. So if you are in the space of information entrepreneurs that I serve, I would invite you to reach out and connect with me, you are also welcome to check out a free resource that I have built you can find it at legal website warrior comm forward slash legal basics boot camp, it is my free legal basics boot camp that I have prepared just for you so that you have the map what I find and let’s be clear that the traditional legal model tremendously underserved a certain portion of the small business community. And that is why I’ve set about to create a set of resources, documentation, education, etc. that supports people in this space. My legal basics boot camp is going to walk you through a framework that I developed that helps you understand the roadmap for your legal needs. This way you can stop cherry picking your needs in the dark without the map and start making decisions that have legal ramifications for your business. From the standpoint of being empowered from the standpoint of understanding what your legal priorities are and being able to choose those intentionally and knowing what they’re going to do for you and your business. So connect with me at legal website warrior comm forward slash legal basics boot camp where you can get my free resource. You can also find me online at Pierce law services calm which is just an online space holder for Pierce law pllc my legal practice based here in Washington State. Again, congrats on your journey. I’m honored to have intersected your path and be a small part of it through hosting this podcast and if I can support you in any way out. Okay, back to today’s amazing guest. You know, this conversation can be had in so many ways because you know, even in my business, legal issues like I’m dealing with people’s legal issues in their business right all day long all week long and you know, people really want to obviously avoid pain, particularly when it comes to legal stuff. And one of the things that I have to tell people regularly is they’ll show up and say, Oh, I want a bulletproof contract. Right, probably even in your experience, reviewing plenty of contracts in your time building businesses and supporting the wide variety of clients that you have, there is no such thing as a bullet proof contract, like you can have an A really well built contract, and things can still go wrong, right. And what I tell people is like, things are gonna go wrong, it’s business. And this is how we learn so that we do it better the next time. We avoid this scenario, we spot that red flag, we don’t repeat this, and it’s, you know, this is the path to growth, even in business building. It is it is how it goes for us.

Stephan Spencer  31:17

Yeah. And there’s something to be said, for being empathic and, and balanced instead of bulletproof and one sided with your contracts and your negotiations. And, you know, just your business dealings General, like if you have a bulletproof contract, then you have a one sided contract, because you didn’t make the other side bulletproof. And you didn’t make every indemnification mutual and all yeah, it’s just, that’s not that might work in a very base level, in terms of getting you what you want, but it doesn’t serve the greater good and it doesn’t. It doesn’t help you karmically?

Heather Pearce Campbell  32:06

No, and I’m so glad you said that, because one of the other things that I will tell people flat out if they request certain things, or they want certain things drafted a certain way, I’ll tell them like, Look, I want fairness. Because I want to support good people doing good business. And that means having fair contracts in place that support the relationship. They don’t just support all the interest or the monetary side of one side or the other. That’s not what contracts are there for. That’s not, it’s not who I serve. It’s not how I do contracts. It’s never how I’ve done contracts. And so I love that you say that, because some people don’t recognize that at whatever stage they’re in, they just want something that feels like a bulletproof shell. And it’s, it really should not be the goal. Yeah, so I love that

Stephan Spencer  32:56

I’ve even reviewed a contract more than once where there were typos or mistakes in them, and let the other party know it so that they could, you know, assist, avoid the embarrassment next time. And not that it would change the intent of the clauses, but just having typos or poor grammar or whatever is is not a good reflection. And if I caught it, and then other people are going to catch it, too. So yeah, I just believe in good business karma. You know, what goes around comes around, if you’re going to be a good person in business, then you’re going to get rewards, not necessarily in that relationship. But just overall, that’s how the universe work. Looks. It’s the law of cause and effect.

Heather Pearce Campbell  33:46

Yeah. Oh, I love that. Yeah, what goes around comes around, including in business. Well, one of the things that I love that you already have brought to this conversation, Stephan is a lot of concepts. First of all, from the personal development world, right? I think that I can’t remember if we were talking before we went live. I mean, our in my personal belief is that our development in business period is maxed out and limited by our personal abilities or personal development or personal growth, our willingness to expand our ideas, our beliefs, our concepts. When when did that journey start for you? Sounds like there might have been a point in time where you weren’t really into that yet, and I could be wrong. And then obviously, you have learned a lot and you’ve done some really interesting things in your journey when it comes to personal development. Can you share a little bit with us about that? Yeah, well, sometimes

Stephan Spencer  34:45

you have to hit rock bottom in order to be shaken awake. And that kind of that’s kind of what happened with me I was going through a divorce as was in 2008 2009, and three different friends. All within a very short span of time independently told me, Stephan, you need to go to this Tony Robbins event. But you really need to, I guess I was in a pretty bad place. I know I was and it was obvious to others so I went to unleash the power within I had no idea what I was in for. I didn’t know anything about Tony Robbins. I just knew he was like an infomercial guy or something. I did not know that I was signing up to do a firewalk on 2000 degree hot coals in my bare feet. I did not know that. And that was

Heather Pearce Campbell  35:37

that was it like a big disclaimer out front? You know, no,

Stephan Spencer  35:41

my friends failed to relay that piece of information, that vital piece of information. Anyways, I did it I didn’t think I was going to, I was pretty shocked hearing about it in the first day of the seminar. So a lot of the first day was preparing us to have the mindset to be able to do this. And that was a pivotal moment in my life. walking across those coals in my bare feet. And not even getting a blister, let alone burned was a metaphor for how my life could go from that point forward, that I don’t need to be afraid of everything that I could, for example, finally go and get LASIK. I was terrified to have my eyes operated on, but I was wearing glasses and I didn’t want to be wearing glasses my whole adult life. So I went three weeks afterwards and got LASIK, no more glasses. Three months after this Tony Robbins event, I went and got a hair transplant. And six months, seven months, eight months later, after my hair grew in from the hair transplant. People didn’t recognize me. Yeah, but between that and the glasses, and I had braces to straighten my teeth I had made diet changes and started exercising, I looked very different people didn’t recognize me, I would speak at conferences, SEO conferences, and people wouldn’t know, if I wasn’t onstage that it was me. I would walk up to a group of people who I knew pretty well. And I’d like a cocktail reception. And they they wouldn’t know who I was until they saw my badge, I would sometimes hide my badge so that it was a big surprise. And they would that was fun for a while. But of course, everybody knows this guy now. But the thing I never got tired of I still don’t get tired of is like Stephan, you look younger every time I see you. That’s like music to my ears. For photos of what I used to look like in 2007 2008, I looked 15 years older than I do now. And that was 13 years ago. pretty well.

Heather Pearce Campbell  38:06

So then amazing. That is wild. It’s interesting, because I’ve heard about fire walks actually have a friend who is in the business coaching world and he went to become a trainer on how to train people at his events to do the firewalk. And there was a part of me that was always kind of like, Huh, like, I don’t really get the whole, you know, in my mind, like subjecting yourself to that level of fear or pain. But hear I mean, I’m hearing from you that it was minute like it was pivotal.

Stephan Spencer  38:41

Yeah, yeah. And at that point, I was still agnostic, and borderline atheist I, I was really disconnected. But I was able to really get more back in my body and be more present and just more self confident. That was really, really helpful. And then I joined his Tony Robbins Platinum partnership, and I was able to travel the world. It’s a very expensive program. It’s a six figure a year investment. But I also sold my company so I was able to spend this kind of money. And I had just such incredible experiences that the awakening event that happened in India was at a Tony Robbins event that was only for Platinum partners. That’s Trump Yes. So we went to NY pour to this palace and on one of the little islands and I budaya poor. We went to Varanasi and saw bodies getting burned on the on the banks of the Ganges, a Ganga River. It was incredible. And I mean we can’t put a price tag to a spiritual awakening. I didn’t You know that that’s what I was going to get. And then three months, two months later after that event, I went to date with destiny, which is an amazing event of Tony’s of it just I can’t recommend it enough. That’s where I met my wife. At the time, she wasn’t, of course, my wife, she was a stranger. But when I met her, everything like the stars were aligned the planets align, whatever you want to say it was all divinely orchestrated because I prayed for her to show up 15 minutes, 12 hours before, before we met, I wrote up on my poster board that was for the event might be this is an exercise you do where you come up with your towards values, your way from values, your mission statement, your power virtues, all the stuff in that relationship vision is the part of that posterboard where I just from my heart, poured out what I wanted from my soulmate, and who I would be for her and how the relationship would be. And then I prayed. And I prayed for her to show up right away. And wow, hours later, mutual, mutual friend introduced us, and five minutes into it, maybe 10. I knew she was the one I knew she was my soulmate. And the way I did was because two months earlier in India, I learned how to give those oneness. DEEK shows the blessings. And everybody in the event pretty much gets Deeksha on the last night, but not everybody. Some people you know, this was kind of chaotic, and not super organized, and it’s dark and music and everything. So she didn’t get touched. She didn’t get a deep shot. And so I’m like, Oh, I can give you one. And so when I put my hands on her head and I, I connected to the divine and to the creator to pass divine grace through me to her. The more you pray for the person, the more you want it for them, the more divine grace passes to the person and I was praying for her like she was my soulmate. And I knew I knew so I was like, straightaway, organizing a ring and everything. And I proposed to her. Nine days after we met in a hot air balloon a captive audience Hydrae, right above the Las Vegas desert. There’s no more around. And we are

Heather Pearce Campbell  42:48

not going back down unless you write me the right answer.

Stephan Spencer  42:53

Well, the pilot told me he’s he’s never had a failed proposal. He had 100% hit rate. So I’m like, okay, we’re gonna do this. And Yep, I was this first failure because she said no. She said no. She said, Well, no, not yet. And it only been nine days after all right? So she made some sense about her and now is just so impetuous, because I just knew so you know, it was very awkward. Did teary 20 minutes to set back down to earth? Literally, but it’s actually brought us closer together. We were inseparable. And then nine months after I read proposed to her and that time she said yes. And that I proposed to her at the spot where she had prayed for me to show up 48 hours prior to us meeting. There’s also a little waterfall at on the resorts. And she didn’t figure it out. We went to the resort to stay the same one where Tony had had the event. And I arranged for her to have a Mani pedi beforehand because I know that’s important for women to have their nails done. And she didn’t figure it out. There was a complete surprise purchase. Yeah, so she said yes. And we have a little baby not so little anymore. He just turned to and very blessed. Very, very blessed. And this was all divinely orchestrated. So be precise with what you ask for what you pray for. I use those words right away. And you know some dad like to have the house of my dreams someday I’d like to wait Okay, well you just push that out into the future.

Heather Pearce Campbell  44:47

I love ya. I love the comment around specificity. And even in regards to timing, it’s interesting because in like in my life, when I remember writing list down, like, this is what I want, you know, in a partner in my person. And that was in college that was back in college that I wrote that list down. I think we don’t always get the choice in timing. Right? Sometimes we have really strong preferences about what we want. And really quick, I’m just going to pause, can you hear any English Enos on your end? No, it’s good. Okay. I think sometimes we don’t always get our choice in timing, because I do know that there is such thing as divine timing, right. And sometimes we maybe just have other lessons to learn. But it was interesting, because my husband and I had a very similar, like, fast, falling in love experience. And we both knew really early on, like 910 day kind of a window. And it still took us a few months before we got engaged, like September to December, but it, you know, by a lot of standards, that was still pretty short. But I found after we got married, and we’re into our relationship, I actually found that list that I wrote back in college, which I hadn’t seen in for ever. And I did not realize like I was specific down to like physical attributes and certain things where I was like, why, like, I was laughing at myself even that I wrote the list, but it was very accurate. Like, it creeped me out a little bit. I was like, Oh, my gosh. And so I jumped. Because between those time periods, I’ve learned a lot about life and a lot about how things work. And like you, I’ve come to trust that, you know, what we ask for shows up, and that being clear really helps. And then we still don’t always get the choice on exactly how it presents itself, because we are also just designed to learn certain things while we’re here. Yeah, yeah, that generally includes some amount of hardship.

Stephan Spencer  46:59

Yeah, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to learn it, the easy way, which is without pain and suffering. You just have to be proactive and pre emptive right. So the universe drops these little feathers that gently land on your shoulder to nudge you to do something that are very easy to to ignore. But then the bricks calm if you ignore them, right. And when those fall on you that that hurts, and some people just burn it, they’re gonna ignore those bricks. I’m sure you know, you know what I’m talking about. There are people yeah, you wonder why why are they doing that? Why are they ignoring those bricks? I ignored bricks. I’m sure everyone listening has had those experiences of ignoring the bricks, and then the Mack truck and the Mack truck is devastating. And that could be disastrous. falling out in a marriage could be a potentially terminal illness, it could be financial ruin bankruptcy, you know, any number of different things that shake us awake. Mind that, we might need it, but hopefully, we get it early. And you know, Tony has this Tony Robbins has this expression that I don’t know if he got it from somewhere, but life happens for you, not to you. And, and I learned recently from a friend in another mastermind, I’m in an metal neocon. And he told me that life not just happens for you, but also by you. Another level, right? So if life happens by you, that means that we take responsibility as essentially directors of our own movie, or the pilot of our own ship, or our captain of our own ship pilot of our own airplane, right. And that’s how it works. I did not know this, I didn’t know about the concept. Conceptually, I knew about the multiverse, that there are parallel universes and you know, but the way this shows up from a very pragmatic standpoint is we are the director of our own universe, our own little slice of the multiverse. And that doesn’t encompass simply our little suppose that sphere of influence of our family or friends, or neighborhood or community, it’s the entire world. Now, I did not know this until recently, and this isn’t some epiphany that happened. After going to India. Shortly afterwards, it took until this year until I had a big awakening that happened in January on January 22. And then I was like, able to see the matrix. But until then, I I was still pretty clueless, and like I didn’t I didn’t really buy into the whole psychic thing. I didn’t think that I was psychic or anybody I knew was psychic or that that was even a thing I had zero interest in ever getting a reading or so there were aspects of me that was where I was still a skeptic. And skepticism and cynicism are really two sides of the same coin. If you’re going to go through life as a cynic, as an old crank, nobody wants to be around that person. So I don’t recommend it. But if you’re, if you’re operating from this place of the willing suspension of disbelief, and anything is possible. And when you take this, seriously of being a pilot of your own airship, I’m director of your movie, then you can have things manifest for you instantly. And just a quick example, something that happened a month ago, I wanted to drop off, or I wanted to, to send a package via FedEx. And I didn’t want to have to look for the drop off locations go out of my way. And I was only going a half mile away, I was dropping my mother in law for her Tai Chi Class. It was a half mile away. And I just decided, Okay, I’m going to try this co creating thing, because co creating manifesting is exactly that, you know, thing I described, you just decide, you’re going to have something show up. And it’s not from an arrogant standpoint, it’s from a belief that anything’s possible because this universe is for you, this particular universe of the multiverse. And not even a minute later, a FedEx truck showed up in the middle of the street, between the lanes, going in two different directions, and the guy was in the back truck open. And I didn’t have to go millimeter out of my way. I just slowed down, handed him the package. And he scanned it and off I went. That’s how everything can work for the most part. I mean, yes, you there are some lessons that you’re meant to learn that you may not enjoy. And therefore you may not order up on the menu. And they come anyways, because that was like a soul contract. That was something that was kind of pre ordained. Suppose a chance meeting that wasn’t chance, right? And it could be for good, it could be for pain, because you need that pain in order to wake up in some respect to forgive or to settle some karmic debt. Who knows, right? But yeah, everything happens for a reason. There’s nothing random. And and that blows my mind. Still, even though I learned that about eight months ago, through this, this awakening. So it’s an exciting time for all of us to be alive, because this is a moment, a momentous moment in history. Looking back, future generations, we like wow, that was a pivotal change of everything. Because I, I know that we’re going to clean up the oceans, we’re going to get ourselves in gear, and we’re going to do things that are going to shift this downward trajectory down into the abyss, we’re going to come out of this and yeah, that takes people being courageous and willing to speak the truth and to be judged and ridiculed and ostracized. But there are going to be enough people that this is going to tip that tipping point will hit and it’s going to be a beautiful world it’s going to be beautiful.

Heather Pearce Campbell  53:52

Love that well and even just a reminder, you know, I think there’s there was a thought that I was thinking about spirituality and some people go looking for it. And I think for others it comes in finds them, right this concept of like, expanding what we are truly able to see in life and it can also happen in layers like you’ve had different kind of levels of that expansion happening and then even recently one that sounds like you know, blew the lid off. And you know, for me, it’s been over the years series of losses lost my mom young lost my sister in a car accident, like things have been very specific that have shifted certain ways that I see life and see our relationship to it and but it’s it’s always been in service of a more beautiful vision of what is actually there. And, you know, even with my son Who is his special needs, and he’s about nine now. But we talked a lot about my mom being gone a lot about my sister being gone. We’ve had other deaths in the family. But we talk a lot about who’s missing because it’s been whittled down, and especially for the people that we were really connected to. And, and one day, he was like, Mom, how do you know that? They’re still connected? How do you know that? You know, how do you know that we’re all connected? And I said, well, let’s just try it. He’s like, Well, can I talk to Haley? And I said, Yeah. He said, Will she know I said, Yeah. And he just went out into the backyard and said, and I had told him about how the summer that she died, she sent me hummingbirds like literally every day to my face, like, like no joke, they’d be a foot away flying so obvious in front of my eyes, like it was just undeniable. And it was this pattern. And you know, and I’d be really deep and thought, yeah, or tears over her. And every time it was like, every day, this daily thing, and so I had described this to my son, and he said, Haley, I want you to send me a hummingbird. And I want it to come and he was in the back corner of the yard, I want it to come right above me, and go like, way up high. This was a few years ago. So he wasn’t using specifics, but Way up high, and then come back down. Like he gave it a very specific thing to do. Literally, few seconds later, here’s a hummingbird shoots up into the sky, like high as the trees comes back down. He looked at me with these huge eyes. And I said, Yeah, she’s listening, we’re gonna and he was like, that moment on, like he, he knows the power of connection, like he lived in that moment as a little tiny person, just being willing to believe that. And you know, there have been other experiences like that. But back to your point about being willing to suspend disbelief. I think as adults, we can get so locked in. And so sometimes just so worn down, like it can be really hard to shift into curiosity, you know, can be hard to get to that place

Stephan Spencer  57:22

and inadvertently, we can cut off the curiosity and the connection that our children have, right you did your boys such a service to encourage him to ask for without a doubt sign like he did and for him to receive that. He has that for his whole life. But then there are other people who do the exact opposite. They crush the little child’s sense of connection by by denying their reality. I, Daddy, Mommy, I just saw an angel. I just saw a fairy. Right? I just saw grandma. No, you didn’t hear imagining things. Who are you even talking to? You know, this is playing with imaginary friends think that’s got to stop because you’re about to go to school. You just killed their connection.

Heather Pearce Campbell  58:16

Yeah, well, my daughter at the age of one and a half we our neighbor who we used to call grandpa Ben was really close to us like family. He was like our grandpa. And he passed away when he was 9798 just a few years ago. And Henley who just turned four this summer. She was a baby when he passed so she didn’t really ever know him know him and the way that a child comes to know you know, a loved one. But she knew of him because we kept his memory alive. And at one and a half. She was very verbal. And she was standing, blubbering at the back door doing something and I couldn’t tell like what she watching a squirrel, you know what was up and I asked her, Miss Henley, what are you doing at the back door? And she turned in pointed and very clearly said, Grandpa Ben. And I was like, Oh, and I fully knew in that moment, like he’d been there chatting with her. How was it one and a half year old? Would she know to even, you know, say who he was and, and I said grandpa van I said, Where does grandpa Ben lived? And she turned and pointed right to his house like she she knew. And there’s just there’s no way to really explain that in a rational mind. Right? In a rational way if you’re trying to rationalize things from the brain of a one or one and a half year old. Yeah, so why not believe why not get curious? Right? It’s, it really does just make the world such a more beautiful place to get curious.

Stephan Spencer  59:47

And the great thing about this is it doesn’t just change you and your close loved ones. It changes the field around you and everybody who touches your field is changed. It is contagious. It’s viral, awake, and that is viral. It’s powerful. And so a quick example, one of my staff at our agency, she she knew all the amazing stuff that’s been happening and the connections I’ve been having the, without a doubt signs and everything and she was she decided to talk to her her mom while she was alone in the car, her mom and passed. And she asked for without a doubt sign, it wasn’t even seconds later, she turned the corner and there was an owl just right in in the road, blocking her path. And it stayed there for 10 minutes. So she It was a side street so she was able to stop and just park and they just had to stare down and it was just she knew without a doubt that was her mom, her mom was occupying that owls body temporarily to let her know, just like the hummingbirds. You know, and with your, your loved ones. That’s, that’s one of the ways they they leave signs. Or indicate another might be feathers just keeps showing up in your path over a period of time or pennies or what I learned Yes, yep. Yeah, so certain songs keep showing up on the radio, when you turn on the radio, like this sort of stuff is possible because you got to think of this life not like a physical reality, but more like a movie, like The Truman Show. And it can be edited in real time. So that is such a powerful example for her taking something that she learned to just ask for without a doubt sign. And then to receive it so quickly. Like that is really, really powerful. And then you can start, you know, going to the next level and saying, well, I want to be able to communicate. I don’t just want to sign that they’re hear that they’re watching over me. But I want to be able to get downloads, like in the movie The Matrix, right? I want to be able to learn Kung Fu, in five minutes. And that sort of stuff can happen too.

Heather Pearce Campbell  1:02:22

Yeah, well, it is. Once you start thinking about the possibilities, and it does kind of blow your mind I I have this fun game that I play not so much during COVID because we never go anywhere right now. But I’m pre COVID with my kids. And I call it our parking fairies and like we have parking fairies, because I get super irritated if I have to drive around and around and waste right? So I started this game a long time ago where I was like, Okay, we have parking ferries, and they are gonna help us pull right up to where we need to go and there’s gonna be a spot and I just say this out loud, and I’m talking my kids about it. And inevitably, I can literally go anywhere and get a spot right where I think it’s gonna be. I’ve told this to my husband who at first was kind of like, ah, but he’s, you know, we’ve now been together for 10 years, he has seen it in action. He like he, I think probably kind of believes that I have parking ferries and that’s probably a far stretch for him. You know, at the time that we met. One time My sister was meeting me at a place and you know, in my head, I was like, I want this very specific portion of the parking lot because there’s a area in Seattle called University Village, but it’s got crazy parking like I did not want to drive up eight levels into the parking garage there surface parking in this one spot. It’s limited. I wanted the Primo spot. So I said this turn off, pull in. It’s there. Literally I’m driving around and this guy pulls out right in front of me I pull in it was perfect. My sister’s pulling in like 30 seconds behind me she does not live in Seattle, this is a rare chance we got to meet and have dinner because she was here on business. And I just literally said out loud like I want this button next to me to open up and she’s pulling in this woman walks out pulls out of that spot. And she literally pulls right around the corner and pulls right in next to me. My sister was laughing because I’m I’m on the phone with her the entire time. And so I’m saying this and here we were and like it feels a little bit silly to say this out loud. And yet, there is a level of like fun about it that becomes this game of CO creation like Hmm, I wonder what could happen. I wonder what if like, what if I just pretended that this was possible? Right, and it’s a smaller sample

Stephan Spencer  1:04:39

more powerful than we possibly could imagine.

Heather Pearce Campbell  1:04:45

Yeah, yeah, it’s just such a fun reminder,

Stephan Spencer  1:04:49

and we relegate this responsibility. Many of us do. Have co creating, you know, it’s as important A responsibility and an A gift as freewill. We got the gift of freewill. We got the gift of CO creation, we get to co create with the Creator. And then we just kind of go through life on autopilot. I’m talking hypothetically not right, pointing any fingers, but right. Certainly that was how I lived a big portion of my life. I was asleep for the first point two years and in some respects, not completely. But yeah, I was plugged.

Heather Pearce Campbell  1:05:32

Yeah, yeah, it’s a it’s a common theme. And I think even even for those of us who have awakened to some level, it’s still we can I feel like we can still have periods where it’s easy to kind of slip back into autopilot a little bit or forget about how, how powerful and how resourceful we really can be, you know, and so this Anyways, this is not the way by any means that I expected this conversation to go and it’s been so fun and such a good reminder of what is there for us. So thank you for that.

Stephan Spencer  1:06:05

Well, thank you as well for being so open and sharing of your experiences because this is not something that is easy to put yourself out there and say hey, I’ve had without a doubt sign that there is a something beyond this physical reality. You open yourself up to judgment and so totally, I mean that if, if nobody judges you, you’re not living a very fulfilled life. You’re not standing in your truth. You’re just hiding. And yeah, I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.

Heather Pearce Campbell  1:06:43

No, no, no, no. And yet Actually, this is a perfect time because I wanted to get around to reminding people that you are the host of two different podcasts. I can hardly keep my hands around one but congrats and I’ve listened to your podcast and it’s amazing so for anybody listening I want you to get over and check out both get yourself optimized and if you’re in the business world checkout marketing speak, but I listened to your one on narcissism right with Dr. Romani. That Her name is Ronnie Durvasa Romany? So okay, I said it a little bit wrong. And she was amazing. And what it reminds me is that, you know, back to like sometimes learning life lessons the hard way or having challenging circumstances. I think part of my willingness now to be judged is because I had certain challenging experiences already, you know, in my first core family around judgment, and you learn at some point to deal with those lessons. Right? And and those are gifts, they end up being gifts in our life, even when they feel like tremendous challenges. And so yeah, I won’t get into the specifics of what Dr. Romney is a is an expert on but it’s it’s a really important thing that we face those areas in our life that feel like they’re giving us challenges, because they, they truly are a gift. And they can lead us to so much more freedom in other areas of our life. Right? As we continue.

Stephan Spencer  1:08:13

Yeah, so true. And my wife, Ryan has this great expression. That’s it, she says, sometimes the these things are all guests, but sometimes the bow is on the bottom. So you don’t recognize therefore that’s a gift and till maybe later. And by the way, she also is a podcaster. She has a show called stellar life. And it’s all about personal development and all that, you know, spirituality and everything, too. So couples who podcast together stay together

Heather Pearce Campbell  1:08:43

a very stellar live chat, let’s put a plug in for that. check that one out as well. And I love that phrase, sometimes the bow is on the bottom. But the other thing about, you know, people judging us because I think whatever we do, and whatever path we’re on, especially if it involves growth, we’re gonna be judged. And yet, there was a phrase I learned a long time ago about, you know, what people think of me. It’s really none of my business. And I remember being able to fully accept that and just be like, Oh, yeah, the truth of that is so obvious. And it just it makes it all okay. what people think of me is none of my business. It doesn’t have to be and so it’s fine, whatever they think.

Stephan Spencer  1:09:24

To I Yeah, that’s a great quote.

Heather Pearce Campbell  1:09:28

Excellent. Well, Stephan, I feel like we could go on and on. I want to be respectful of your time. For folks that are listening today. Be sure to pop over to the show notes. We’re going to have links to where stuff is out online stuff. And I want to hear from you about where you show up online where you’d like people to connect with you. I know. You’ve already mentioned a couple gifts that you’re going to make available. So we’ll put those in the links as well. Where are you online? And where would you like people to seek you out if you are on social media. You want people To connect with you there and then the last question will be you know, final takeaways that you want people to walk away with.

Stephan Spencer  1:10:07

Okay? Sure. So I am at Stephan Spencer comm that’s my personal website. I have a blog there a lot of resources and net concepts calm is the agency website where they can, you know, inquire about services, SEO, online marketing and so forth. I also have the podcast websites get yourself optimized calm and marketing speak calm. And then on social media, I’m most active on Twitter. is s Spencer is my username there my Twitter handle and yeah, I’d love to hear from anybody if they want to send me an email feel free me at stuff and Spencer calm STP h a n.

Heather Pearce Campbell  1:10:55

Love that. Stephan, thank you so much for joining me what I just love our conversation. I love where it went and your willingness to be so open and generous with your thoughts and your experience. What final takeaways Do you want people to either walk away with or action steps can be either one?

Stephan Spencer  1:11:14

Yeah, well, what comes to me is for people to pay attention and act on their intuition. Because intuition, which I did not understand until this year, is actually the angels and your spirit guides whispering into your consciousness. I thought it was like a gut thing. Like my gut knows right now. It’s actually from other realms. And the way to tell that it’s an intuitive hit, and not just your subconscious mind is to simply check for three things. One, is it coming in completely unexpected? That’s a good sign. Number two, is it charge neutral? Is it emotionally uncharged, there’s no anxiety, fear, excitement, anything attached to that thought, or that idea or whatever. And then third, it doesn’t lead anywhere. It just sits there, it simply is. Right? So your subconscious will start making stuff up. And you know, jump from one idea to the next to the next to the next. That’s how you know that is not an intuitive hit. Right? Next thing, you know, oh, yeah, I got to pick up the milk from the store, right? That’s not intuition. Whereas intuition just sits there. It doesn’t go it doesn’t jump from place to place to place. So those are the three things to think about to recognize, and then act on those intuitive hits. Because that’s where all the juices,

Heather Pearce Campbell  1:12:48

huh, I love that I’d never thought about that piece where it kind of just sits on its own right? It’s delivered boom, it’s a little bit like a like, in my mind, I pictured like a letter in your old fashioned door slit box that right through the middle like boom, there it is. Nothing else that’s I love that. That’s a really fun way to think about it. And I think for folks that pay attention to intuition, they know the truth of that when they hear it described that way.

Stephan Spencer  1:13:14

Yep. And for those who aren’t connected in this sort of way. Just try it. Just suspend disbelief and see what shows up. And you could even ask for without a doubt signs. You know what, I’m going to ask for feathers to show up in my path all week. Or I’m going to ask for a prophetic dream or like some sort of vision and you’ll be amazed what shows up if you just simply ask

Heather Pearce Campbell  1:13:46

Oh, it’s so true. The power and asking Stephan Thank you so much. Such a pleasure to have you here today. Folks. If you’re listening, be sure to pop over to legal website warrior comm forward slash podcast. so grateful to have you leave a rating and a review. While you’re there. Let people know that you’ve been listening that you like it and that Stephan’s content today was amazing, which it was. So grateful for you and we will see you next week.

GGGB Outro  1:14:17

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