With Tandy Pryor, Feng Shui expert and Business Success Consultant for more than a decade, who helps her entrepreneur clients and audiences transform their lives, live more joyfully, and make more money.

She empowers them to use their home or office space as a vehicle for making radical shifts in their lives and increasing wealth, productivity and peace of mind. Her intuitive advice and insights on how to set clearer boundaries, rediscover personal power, and heal past experiences and fears that stop people from making progress have been called “raw, transformative, hilarious, honest, refreshing, innovative, spot-on, and spookily accurate.”

Join us for this fun and insightful conversation on Feng Shui, boundaries, and how our relationship to our space relates to and reflects back other issues in our lives. Tandy share powerful stories illustrating how clients have changed their lives by changing their home or office space, decluttering, and establishing a “command position” using the principles of Feng Shui to help in taking their power back.

You will hear Tandy share the five steps that you can take to day to make a powerful transition in your work life by addressing your work space. With so many people now working from home, and facing the challenges of balancing work from a home-based location, this conversation is super relevant and will help you re-think or recreate your space. You will learn about power-positioning, why sometimes it is important to change up your space, and the importance of focusing on alignment between your space, intentions, and work.

Tandy also shares a powerful story of her spiritual awakening following a near death experience in her thirties, how that led to her divorce in her forties, and how she began the work that she loves and is here to do in her fifties! We discuss how Tandy brings her intuition, powerful business sense, and knowledge of Feng Shui to her client work, and her insights on the idea that your physical space is a reflection of your inner landscape.

You don’t want to miss this fun and insightful conversation!

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Biggest takeaways (or quotes) you don’t want to miss:

  • You deserve to have your own space.
  • Your space shows if you are having money issues, boundary issues … it is a metaphor for your life, and will also guide how to heal that and move through it.
  • The personal breakthroughs equal the business breakthroughs almost 100% of the time.
  • When you take full responsibility for everything in your life, including in your space, the results show up.
  • The bedside tables will tell me everything I need to know about a relationship.

Check out these highlights:

  • 3:58 How Tandy discovered her knowledge and background of Feng Shui was the key to her coaching business.
  • 5:57 Why your environment, including your office, impacts your business and your energy.
  • 24:25 Why you should have a solid wall behind you and be able to see your door.
  • 33:29 What Tandy says to people who don’t really know what to do to make their office feel the way they would like it to feel.
  • 49:00 The gift in claiming and understanding your physical space.

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GGGB Intro 0:00
Here’s what you get on today’s episode of Guts, Grit & Great Business™.

Tandy Pryor 0:05
If people listening wanted to create the space, you know, create a space like let’s do top four or five, whatever. First of all, is claiming the space. Right in claiming the that your own value and your own power within the in within your home and within your family. Sometimes that is harder than what we think. Right? And that comes out in your work wise, if you were deferring at home. You’re less powerful in your sales conversations and less powerful at the table that you worked your tail off to get to the table, and then you you know aren’t as powerful when you get to work because you defer. So that would be first and then so claim it set your intention. And third is clean, clear and decluttered. You don’t start any function way without clean clear the clutter. There’s no point.

GGGB Intro 1:00
The adventure of entrepreneurship and building a life and business you love, preferably at the same time is not for the faint of heart. That’s why Heather Pearce Campbell is bringing you a dose of guts, grit and great business stories that will inspire and motivate you to create what you want in your business hand life. Welcome to the Guts, Grit & Great Business™ podcast where endurance is required. Now, here’s your host, The Legal Website Warrior®, Heather Pearce Campbell.

Heather Pearce Campbell 1:33
Alrighty, welcome. I am Heather Pearce Campbell, The Legal Website Warrior®. I’m an attorney and legal coach based here in Seattle, Washington, helping entrepreneurs throughout the US and around the world. Welcome to another episode of Guts, Grit & Great Business™ today. I am so thrilled to introduce my friend Tandy Pryor today welcome, Tandy.

Tandy Pryor 1:59
I’m so glad to be here.

Heather Pearce Campbell 2:01
So happy to have you here. So, if you don’t know Tandy for more than a decade, Tandy Pryor has helped her clients and audiences transform their lives live more joyfully, and make more money, she empowers them to use their home or office space as a vehicle for making radical shifts in their lives. And increasing wealth, productivity and peace of mind. Her intuitive advice and insights on how to set clear boundaries, rediscover personal power and heal past experiences and fears that have stopped you have been called raw, transformative, hilarious, honest, refreshing, innovative spot on and spookily accurate. I love that I love that description. And Tammy, I’m so thrilled. This is the first time we have talked about this topic on the podcast, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Tandy Pryor 3:00
Oh, that’s awesome. I’m glad that I get to be the one.

Heather Pearce Campbell 3:03
Yeah. Yeah. So tell us you know, because people are like, oh, live, you know, increase wealth, increased productivity, peace of mind. And doing that through our relationship to space, personal boundaries, power healing, talk to me, because that sounds like a really big broad bucket, right? How do you do like, give us a little more insight into what it is specifically that you do and how you work with your clients?

Tandy Pryor 3:35
About 10 years ago, it’s actually 10 years in November, I just turned 60. I wrapped up all of my life’s work, and began this coaching business. So and I didn’t say hey, I’m gonna coach entrepreneurs, but one by one, they kept showing up the entrepreneur after entrepreneur, and,

Heather Pearce Campbell 3:55
We’re a glutton for punishment. Right? Right.

Tandy Pryor 3:58
Right. I was coaching who I was, that’s what came out of it. So what I found was, I had been a real estate agent and using Fung Shui and studying coaching for well over 10 years. And I found that by blending coaching with the instinctive Fung Shui way and my strategy and intuition, my clients got better results faster, quicker, and absolute with more ease. It didn’t seem to be as hard because after the first couple of people because you know, when you start It’s never easy I to me, personally, I think the hardest thing is to make this decision to go out on your own and that space in between that and your first couple of clients that can be hellish.

Heather Pearce Campbell 4:51
Well, I love that you make that point because there really is something there is a difference between deciding and Doing right? So yeah, that you’re talking about that space and time between making the decision and then actually moving into action and doing it. And I think the universe can test us when we’re in that space. Like, are you really committed? Are you really going to do this? Right?

Tandy Pryor 5:16
And it doesn’t stop there, you know, every new level new devil, it is. It’ll try again, it will try again. So it did but what it was showed me with my very first clients, she was a high, you know, top sales exact, and she wasn’t an entrepreneur right then. But actually, if you’re if you’re responsible for sales, I still look at that, like you have a you have skin in the game, you got to figure it out. Nobody’s bringing you leads to you. You’ve got to drive yourself.

Heather Pearce Campbell 5:49
You have to be entrepreneurial. My sister who’s in sales very much considers herself an entrepreneur in the way that she handles her job.

Tandy Pryor 5:57
Yeah. So in real quickly with that story, it to me is, it wraps up the perfect scenario, which is what I talked about is your physical space is a metaphor for your life. So she had the three kids in the Land Rover and was working full time and the 10,000 square foot house and a husband that didn’t work. And she did it all. Everything that’s on her. And but that’s the way her people did it. You know, that’s, that’s what, that’s what they did. Oh, I call it the I’ve got that. clients, I’ve got that. I’ve got that. And so when I got to her house, because she worked out of her house, so I went to her house, the first time very first client. And I went in and the first floor was gorgeous. And I looked in and the first floor office was cherry line desk was in what I call, which we could talk about later the command position. It’s the way that I help people make the most money that was already in place. And I said, whose office is this? And she said her husband and he didn’t work. And so there it was, right. They’re in perfect. Everything you know. And so I said, Okay, So show me your office. So we went down to the base of beautiful finished basement, but it still was the basement. And we got to her office. And every thing in that office almost was not hers. It was half wrapped presents for the kids that had everything they didn’t want. Everything that was a gorgeous and new and beautiful in the upstairs office was this stuff down there. So it literally was a metaphor for what was going on in her life. And she was still doing really well. with everybody stuff in there.

Heather Pearce Campbell 7:49
So many people listening right now can especially with home offices can relate to this, right? Like Yeah, the room playing double duty or overflow or you know, it’s the place where you can close the door. Yeah. Well, and what that was was double duty really was getting to zero boundaries.

Tandy Pryor 8:09
So if it’s true how you do anything is how you do everything. No Boundaries was showing up at work. It was showing up at home and she was literally exhausted. That’s why she had come to me. She was the walking. I mean, no vim, no vigor, no. And she was super healthy, like looking but she had no energy because she had given and given and given and never put herself first. So using her office, she moved everything else that day out that day after I left I don’t clear people’s stuff out or anything right. But right tell them but yeah, she made baskets for everybody. We did tell her that and they were lined up outside in the hallway. And she said you have three days or they’re being they’re gone. She had a painter in there within two days and painted this beautiful, buttery yellow, her favorite color. We repositioned her desk and put all of her accolades out and and put her what I call like, again, the command position which is a solid wall behind you, facing the door, but not necessarily in direct line with the door using the principles of Fung Shui. That’s what I use with all of this. So and she framed her kids art. So while she was working the wall that she was looking at, supported her and inspired her to continue to do well and make money. And so within that office, everything that we talked about in business was there, she literally doubled our money. She learned to say no, you don’t just all of a sudden most people think oh, I can’t say no. They’re gonna think I’m a bitch. You know, it’s no, you you really do it’s like flexing a muscle. So this was the beginning of All of those things, earning more learning to taking your power back in her life and in her business. And that’s an example of how using the physical space, and I’ve got a do 15 stories like that. Right, right. Right. Different things. Yeah.

Heather Pearce Campbell 10:17
Well, I have a question for you because I really love your description of how you brought all of this to bear in your work, right? So your your knowledge and expertise and function weigh in, you know, your intuitive sense that you bring to your coaching. I know there were a couple of other elements there. But how did you decide to because I think a lot of people in their work, kind of sever certain parts of themselves, or certain talents that they have, right? They don’t incorporate everything into their work. But it sounds like you do that in a really fun and interesting way. Was that by accident, was it intentional?

Tandy Pryor 11:00
That’s a really good question. It wasn’t by accident I had just real quick, I feel like my whole life has been training me for this. And I pulled it together at 50. I had a near death experience in my 30s. I was adopted at birth. So to say that I searched for the truth and I’m good at it would be an understatement. Because I was part of what the closed adoption I’d really great parents. But I needed to know. So that was the first step with that. I had a near death experience in my 30s that really woke up during the childbirth during childbirth with my, with my older son. And after that, I had what you would call me it was a full on spiritual awakening. I knew things I could see things, I could understand things. And I had some of that growing up. But I think I had shut it down. And that was a full on kick in the pants. And I ended up divorced, you know, several years after that experience. So from the 40 to 50. I think it was gearing me up to do this. And at 50 I brought the Fung Shui, the lifelong entrepreneur and search for truth. And I’d been my first landmark education did Are you familiar with landmark?

Heather Pearce Campbell 12:24
I’ve heard of landmark. I’ve never participated. I have heard people talk about it.

Tandy Pryor 12:28
Yeah. So that was my first intro was in my 30s. But all 40s I took coaching training, and I kept thinking new do I think I am? I can’t do that. I’m a single mom with three kids. And I had a coach that literally asked me when I was a free session. And it was the second session, she asked me what are you going to quit hiding. And I was literally in the basement with all three kids upstairs. And I was hiding in the basement to have this call. And I’m like, I guess I’m not hiding anymore. Without the next week, and I got my first client. And it really was a heart connection. I could feel it. And I knew that I was destined to do this work. And it’s evolved and grown. And you know, since then my kids have left the nest. And I’ve had a bout of breast cancer and my business is still moving along and thriving.

Heather Pearce Campbell 13:24
Yeah, that’s amazing. Well, I love the description of like, really feel like feeling like you were finally doing the work that you’re here to do. Right?

Tandy Pryor 13:35
Yeah, that’s, there’s nothing that equals that feeling. I don’t think Yeah. And I still know that I’m here to do it. It’s, it’s shifting and changing these times are really odd. And I can feel that it’s shifting and changing and probably deepening.

Heather Pearce Campbell 13:51
Yeah, well and i think you know, when we were chatting briefly before we went live I think that can happen to us all in a variety of ways in life but especially in times of compression or challenge or you know, constraint of any kind we get to look at things with a new lens of like, what is essential? What do I really want to be doing? What do I really need to be doing with my time Is this it? Tell us about design. I’d love for people that are listening at like myself like I feel like I’ve read a few basics over the years but I do not know much at all about Fung Shui. Walk us through some of the components like when you’re working with clients and teaching them about some basics that could really, especially right now with people working from home so much and I’m sure you know I’ve I’ve struggled with this over the years, how do you create a space at home that you love that feels clear that empowers you to do your work and doesn’t get in the way of you doing your work?

Tandy Pryor 14:56
Yeah, well, I think if you look at The physical space as a metaphor for how you’re living and what you want to bring in. I mean, your physical space is a collection of who you are, where you’ve been. And it helps me see where you want to go and the work that I do. But first and foremost, when you said that, I could said everything’s changing and deepening, with people working at home still or having kids at home. So the first thing that came to mind, and I wouldn’t necessarily have started with this is to have real clear boundaries about your own value. It’s very important. No matter whether you are the main breadwinner or not as much, you still deserve to have your own space. And hopefully, you can have a door to shut, you know, to that space. But if you don’t, then you still designated with plants or rock, but you create your your own space. And I think that’s one of the most empowering things about working at home in the last year, I’ve helped a lot of people create amazing spaces. It really is getting your own value and your own worth and speaking up for what you need. So you can create. Never in the world, have we ever had a bigger calling for everybody with your own talent. And yes, everybody has their own unique talent to bring it out into the world. So to have a physical space that supports you in doing that is insurmountable.

Heather Pearce Campbell 16:37
Yeah. Oh, it’s so essential. And having a place where you feel good showing up to do work, right I, for a time I was in a back bedroom, because because of COVID we kind of refund angle the house a bit and we have a room upstairs that had been previously my my office, it was a larger space, you know, access to light all of that. But we realized, with COVID and kids being here full time, we needed a space outside of the normal living space where we could shut toys away, they could go play do all of that. So we moved my office down into the basement and the front of the house has pretty good access to light the back of the house does not. And so I was in a small bedroom that became my office. It became really challenging for me to even want to go down there to do work. Right?

Tandy Pryor 17:31
So we didn’t have light is what you’re saying was it in the not lit area? Yes.

Heather Pearce Campbell 17:36
Even though I had light in the room, there wasn’t natural light and I took me a while to sort it out. The finally one day I said to my husband, I can’t go down there and work I just don’t want like it. Like I just have this like oh, this feeling about it, you know and so when I

Tandy Pryor 17:53
Teach right there and it’s trusting your gut, if you’re not if you don’t love where you are, you’re not going to go down you’re gonna find reasons to spread out on the kitchen table and be interrupted and you’re not going to be as effective and if you’re you know, if you’re generating income and you want or sharing your gifts in the world and you know doing both things, having an office to support you and environment to support you is it’s it’s so important.

Heather Pearce Campbell 18:23
Yeah, well and I think I thought I could make it work like because we painted I got a new desk like there were things about it that I really loved but I didn’t realize that that absence of natural light was going to impact me so dramatically so quickly. and bless my husband’s heart you know right away he was like Okay, well let’s get this sorted and we just moved all the rooms in the basement again and we moved my office to the front of the house where I’ve got natural light and night and day okay, so you want to be I could cut Yes, I could come in here any time of day if it feels good it feels oh but like it’s it it made all the difference right but it took a bit to kind of figure out that that was really getting me down

Tandy Pryor 19:07
Yeah, it’s and you asked me to kind of go through that would be the first thing is to really but you just demonstrated exactly what I’m talking about. Keep demanding until you get a space that inspires you and you want to be in I’m literally in the middle of moving mine I changed mine during this because I was like I don’t love that room anymore. So I’m switching them around and looking for I’m using this I use this backdrop a lot but you know I’m working on on having a designer come in and actually have a beautiful background behind me with an and just invest in that and do it right. So if you once you claim a space you if your intention is really important to your intention about what you want for your business, what do you want for your life and let that anchor you in in your space. That you’d love. Love that attention is everything around it coaching and Fung Shui and you know blending all of these amazing ways of helping helping people get success and get through whatever stopping them. It’s amazing what I seen in physical spaces like in the next thing is power positioning the desk. You don’t want your back to the door.

Heather Pearce Campbell 20:29                                                                                                                      That’s actually closet door. Yeah, to my left, but this desk is like a large, it kind of like goes in the corner or needs to be in a really large room. So even even still, even though I like this setup, like, I’m like whom I’m going to learn a thing or two about where it probably really should be,

Tandy Pryor 20:50
Oh my gosh, the power and positioning is everything. I mean, the most money that somebody made in within a week, actually, there’s a testimonial on my website, or it’s on LinkedIn, I think what you mean 30k in the first week, and she’s amazing. And she did everything I said, but you know, even people that kind of understand it, even the slightest little thing that’s off. Funny, people will say they want stuff. And I’ll help them position. And it still may be one more little tweak that they may not be willing to do they’ll be resistance. It’s like I get a lot about well, it’s built in. I have one of my best friend’s I adore her. She wrote She goes, I finally finally pulled that desk out. And now I’m power positioning, I’m ready to talk again. Because she just wouldn’t. And I know that when she when you have a solid wall behind you which the walls right behind me here you are thinking about as a support you are it’s first of all, you never have to think about anything coming up behind you. That’s ancient, ancient, ancient old way of thinking, but it happens. People that literally have their back to whether they realize it or not, you are kind of wondering what’s coming up behind you. So it does cause it does cause a lack of productivity. But in a way it’s I see on trade intuition. Everybody’s situation is different. But if you’ve got a business, it’s not having the success you want. I look at it like it’s lining up. It’s it’s putting things in alignment. It’s like what you want here and you’re over here and it’s like doing that. Mm hmm. off kilter. Yeah, yeah, it’s just a little bit of it’s, I would call it out of alignment really, because once it’s aligned, money, success, new clients, all of that comes in.

Heather Pearce Campbell 22:45
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Tandy Pryor 24:25
Right you want a solid wall behind you and you want to be able to see the door. Okay, so even though nobody’s coming to see you because a lot of people will say nobody comes to see me it doesn’t matter it’s still the door is the entry point for wealth for whatever it is that you want.

Heather Pearce Campbell 24:46
What do you say to people because in the online space right so many people are like but the lighting I need to face the window or I need to write I need to do nothing matter.

Tandy Pryor 24:56
Yeah you win. I mean, like, I give people that pay me argue with me and I’ll be like, No, you understand it makes a difference. It really makes a difference windows or not. And partly why I switched was because of the window. I didn’t like the way the light came from the side and it wasn’t great. But, you know, that’s, that’s another really that’s another big one, you know, you don’t want to necessarily be the door straight in front of us not great either. If it is like fast energy coming at you, it’s not getting better me off to the side. And that’s why each situation is so different. Sometimes I kind of have to feel my way through it. Right? Yeah. And there’s, you know, there’s five, eight schools of function way Plus, there’s new and I’m, I’m taught in what’s called instinctive function way. So it’s a more westernized version. So it really at the base of it is that honors the fact that you know, intuitively what’s best for your space. And then we work with that teaching moving, shifting. And, yeah, so

Heather Pearce Campbell 26:02
But I think the importance of this really cannot be overstated, because for anybody listening who, like me, has had your house in disarray for any period of time, right? We’re in the middle of COVID my kids actually, today was the first day that my daughter who turned four this summer, went to school, she’s never been to school before because she and her brother were home last year during COVID so there’s some big changes, you know, I’m still a little bit nervous about all of that. But what it has meant is that for a year and a half, we’ve all been doing everything at home. And that has also met feeling really discombobulated at times because of having to it’s like I tell people that puzzle where you have one piece to move around at a time right to get the whole puzzle right? That’s that’s how it can feel like being in your home and trying to like move things and get things situated so that it feels right and it’s interesting because even just what was it a month or two ago my daughter finally finally she just turned fourth actually a few months ago now started sleeping through the night on her own she’s been a terrible sleeper. So she’s sleeping through the night and we put her in her own little bedroom got it all set up and painted and it meant refund exiling the bedrooms around and so our our bedroom like is actually back in the master bedroom space where it’s supposed to be that one change has changed the way our entire house fields the the amount of peace that we have in the house like it is it has been dramatic I cannot say it enough how dramatic it has been to make that change.

Tandy Pryor 27:48
I so get that and your languaging is exactly how I talk it’s how it feels but it’s also how it works and it’s not everybody is that in tune but most people can feel a big shift like that. It’s interesting you brought that up about your daughter because oftentimes kids won’t sleep when the when the room is not set up Fung Shui wise I’ve helped an awful lot of little kids yeah through the years that are sleeping it doesn’t maybe it doesn’t have to do with business but tell me that doesn’t affect your business if you’re tired and he’s crawling into your room.

Heather Pearce Campbell 28:27
Oh my goodness well and it’s been a shock to our system because our number one Mr. Aiden great sleeper always been a great sleeper like you could put him in bed and like you know you’re not gonna see him until the next morning and it’s great so this little one who we she’s given us a run for our money when it comes to sleep and I don’t know if you know she was we talked a little bit before going live she was a Nikki baby she came into this world with some trauma and my pregnancy had a lot of trauma and so I don’t know if there’s something bigger there I’ve always thought that there’s something else going on aside from just you know, being a not very good sleeper but finally we’re in a phase where she’s sleeping she’s in her own little room. It’s got a great setup. She’s happy she’s happy to go to bed at night so it yeah, it has changed everything and making a few You know what, what seemed like relatively small changes in the house but super important. I mean, even my husband is just like, Man, it’s a it’s like a world of difference. And so the you know, translate that to your workspace where you’re spending hours and hours of your day. Right. I really think our relationship to space our stuff is is really important and for me personally I can say that visually. I love visual inspiration. I love to feel inspired by spaces I love for it to feel beautiful for it to feel comfortable to people me but Visitors as well, I want somebody to come into my house and feel comfortable, not like they can’t touch anything, or sit down and enjoy themselves, right. And when something’s just off with that, or there’s, you know, something out of alignment it, I don’t know, I, to me, it’s just really important that a space feel the way that I want it to feel, which is also then made, getting office spaces or home spaces a struggle when they don’t feel that way, right. It’s a struggle to really like settle in and get your work done and enjoy home life and all of the above.

Tandy Pryor 30:36
I cannot, everything you’re saying is you It’s like I’m you’re taking it right out. I mean, it’s so important. And some people don’t really understand that your space shows, if you’re having money issues, if you have boundary issues, if you and I’m not saying issues because those show up in work, it’s not just home, it is a metaphor for your life. And so it will show up and also guide the way to heal that and move through it. And I think what’s so important like with what you’re saying, for anybody listening, when you get into your space, and you decide to embrace it, and embrace it in a way so you can be empowered by it. It’s not always easy, but some coaching is really hard. But this is, this is deep work that works from the inside out. So it’s like an internal shift. I’m not saying it’s easy, but there is ease involved with it view, like what you’re saying how things start to work, how things when you start to take full responsibility for everything in your life, including your physical space, it comes out in different amazing results.

Heather Pearce Campbell 32:01
I love that when you take full responsibility for everything in your life, including in your space. And I think, you know, you layer on the dynamics of living with other humans, right, I felt like I had just enough skill to take care of my own space, keep things generally organized, I typically tend to be a pretty organized person. But I also have a very busy brain, I want to be doing very specific things. And I don’t want to be spending my life cleaning and reorganizing. And so I can get highly irritated if I just have to spend my entire day picking up after people. So but you you layer on family dynamics and other people in a space, it can really be a challenge, you know, and I imagine there’s a certain percentage of people listening like for me, I love design. I’m not a designer, but I really love home projects. I love painting. I love building I love, you know, art and fashion and style. And I’m not fashionable, but I feel like I have a pretty good eye for things that go together. And, and yet there are certain people that I know just feel like they don’t, right. Like, I’ve had friends that have bought new houses and are like, I have no idea what to do with this. Like, I don’t know what color to paint. I don’t know what tile to pick, you know, they just feel really at a loss for making those decisions. What do you say to people like that, that, that really just feel like, Oh, I don’t really know what to do to make this feel the way that I want it to feel?

Tandy Pryor 33:29
That’s a really good question. Nobody’s asked me that in that in that way. So it’s really interesting. I’m not a designer, you do not want to be picking out colors I have, I have nice taste. But there are designers for a reason. What I do is, is work that energy of the space. So there’s different layering, you have people I have people that I refer to that will pull us face together. Design wise, design wise, right? And it’s all layered on I get that you’re totally not a designer, but even like, where should the furniture go or what feels right as far as locations in the room, right? A lot of fun. Shay is a really good design. A lot of Fung Shui is really good design. And I can help in offices and that type of thing. But like I’m hiring somebody to help me pull it together to have the look that I want. That’s not my jam. I help people make money by shifting their office around and shifted their space around and teaching them through that. That’s just one of the things I do. I mean, I do strategy and sales coaching. But this is one way to do it. It I feel like a lot of times people are been looking in the wrong place. Really. So if you asked me that, like what do you do with people first of all, what’s your intention? What do you want for the space do you want? Do you want a really hot rockin relationship? Do you already have that you been married 10 years and you need to get it going, then we would work. Let me show you this. And this is also something that somebody wants. But here’s a map. I like the Bagua map and the way I was taught, I call it the empowerment map. And so there’s nine areas of your life. So you get your intention, like what do you want? Do you want this to be a house of family? Do you want a house for money? intuition, there’s all these different things. So it has to do with your intention. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then then you build from there. But I don’t think in our culture, I feel like we’ve lost a lot of their traditions around claiming that, like, you know, bigger isn’t always better. You know, it’s smaller, bigger, small, doesn’t matter. You can make it an amazing space, right? But it’s bringing yourself to it and knowing when to hire experts, like how does that work for your life? How does what do you want in your life and in your work, are important?

Heather Pearce Campbell 36:03
Totally, and being able to recognize like, Oh, this is the point where I need help, because I keep getting stuck here, or I’m not making this shift that I want to make. And I think, you know, one of the things is we talk that I realize about space about our stuff, anybody who’s ever like struggled with even just clearing out clutter. And I know, this is not a conversation about clutter. But I feel like one of the fastest ways to make a dramatic shift, even internally in the way that you feel, is by making adjustments to our space, right?

Tandy Pryor 36:37
Absolutely. Absolutely. And the clutter is huge. Like if, let’s say, and we’ve kind of gone around this, we’ve talked about it, but if you wanted like, if people listening wanted to create the space, you know, create a space, like, let’s do top four or five, whatever. First of all, is claiming the space, right in claiming the that your own value in your own power within the in within your home and within your family. Sometimes that is harder than what we think. Right? Yes. Especially to negotiate for the right. And that comes out in your work wise, if you were deferring at home, you are you less powerful in your sales conversations and less powerful at the table that you worked your tail off to get to the table, and then you you know, aren’t as powerful when you get to work because you differ. So that would be first and then. So claim it set your intention. And third is clean, clear. And decluttered. You don’t start any function way without clean, clear the clutter. There’s no point. Yeah, I love it. And then the power positioning. So those are like the top tips like what I would do today. But you know, there’s there’s two things there’s, there’s a personal function way. And then there’s the business function, because if it’s personal fluctuate, you were like, Where’s one room that you would go in? It would be the master bedroom every time? I need to write a book about right. Right, the bedside tables will tell me every time what’s going on in the relationship. So not is that yeah, it’s amazing,

Heather Pearce Campbell 38:23
I bet. Well, and I love that as a starting point. I do want to segue into the other areas that you focus on with clients. And I know you and I were talking about this before we went live that what shows up in our business life and our limits. And our success has entirely to do with our personal growth in our personal capacity for learning more growing bigger, expanding our skills or our boundaries or beliefs or whatever, right?

Tandy Pryor 38:51
For sure. Through the over the last 10 years. When I look at the people that were the most successful that I’ve worked with, they were willing to go there. They were willing to look at the personal issues that were holding them back either from the past, or the current situation that was brought on by not making peace with the past and shifting it up. And then it doesn’t mean everything has to end. But a lot of times you need to retrain people around you. It doesn’t mean you get divorced doesn’t mean you know, but I see often times of Yeah, it’s the it’s the business is personal. The personal breakthroughs equal the business breakthroughs with my clients almost 100% at the time. Right. And it continues on.

Heather Pearce Campbell 39:47
Yeah, and I think you know, I mean, people have said this in other ways, right? I think Oprah has described it as like the brick in the face or the two by four in the face right? What is usually happening? I think, because of issues or stagnant growth in our personal lives, right? It translates into other ways into various parts of our life could be career as well. But it is so interesting when you start digging into an I, I really enjoy talking with people about business, right? I do it all the time on this podcast off the podcast, with my sister, with my hubby with everybody in my immediate life that is in a career or business of some kind. And it’s so fascinating how many plateaus in our growth in our career advancement in our business, really have to do with one of these lessons that you’re talking about. Establishing boundaries, claiming your space, if you’re a woman, and you’re in sales, and you’re not able to quit, like you’re not going anywhere, you can’t claim your space and have difficult conversations with people, including your supervisor or your boss or your micromanager.

Tandy Pryor 40:57
And I’ve seen people Hustle, Hustle, Hustle, grind, grind, grind, get to the table, and then that energy doesn’t work anymore. Because oftentimes, they’re oftentimes there’s bosses or co workers that treat them exactly like their father, father, that they didn’t have a great relationship or their brother that was putting them down all the time. I cannot after 10 years, I have seen that so many times, they’ll always have one person that keeps them small, either at home or at work. And until that you get the boundaries, you get the inner power to say you’re there, but we’re not going to interact in that old way.

Heather Pearce Campbell 41:41
Right, the pattern, it’s, you know, what I say is the pattern keeps showing up until you deal with the pattern, right? And it’s going to show up in different ways and with different people, but you have to deal with the pattern because it’s a life lesson. It’s a life lesson in beautiful

Tandy Pryor 41:55
That’s another thing we didn’t talk about that super important though, in your office or in your workspace, I have people take stock of what’s around that. You would not believe the things that from the past that they don’t like to be, you know, an art piece of art or something or piece of furniture from someone who wasn’t nice to them or because they’ve passed on they inherited it. They didn’t even want it. That is not intentional. So tensional surround yourself with intentional things for an intentional life. And then these these business breakthroughs by the personal growth it happens. It happens every single time.

Heather Pearce Campbell 42:37
Yeah. So on the people, places and things right. We’ve talked a little bit about people just now a lot about things. Talk to me about places are you talking about like immediate placement? Is that what we’re talking about, like office home? Or is it bigger than that? What’s the conversation around people, places and things? That’s it? That’s

Tandy Pryor 42:54
a good question. Because it can be all of that. Sometimes you need to move. Yeah, sometimes you don’t need to move because everywhere you go, there you are. But I do believe that sometimes if you feel the need to move, you need to move. Yeah, need to you need to move. But yeah, places it. When I say places, it’s like what we talked about earlier, it means claiming your space, claiming your physical space. Having boundaries. I hear it all the time where people one cup, one part of the couple is a clutter bug and the other one isn’t that’s a boundary, you have to have areas that are off limits to the clutter bugs. Yeah, I’m a pile maker. I’m never ever, ever not going to make piles. It’s just I’ve accepted it. I just look at where the pile is. There’s not tons of them. But I have a tendency to have piles I always have.

Heather Pearce Campbell 43:53
I’m with you. I’m not laughing at you. I’m with you. Because it’s it’s funny. I’ve joked like I deal so much with other people’s paperwork, I don’t really want to deal with my own, and it will sit in a pile until I’m ready to look at it and nobody’s gonna force me to do it on a schedule. That’s not.

Tandy Pryor 44:13
But then when you get this, then you start to look at where are these piles all the time? Because the amazing thing about that map is usually clutter in a house or an office will be on all same levels in one area. Hmm, does that make sense? Oh, interest. So you me if you really have money issues, it’ll be a money. If you haven’t relationship issues, and you’re trying to block that then there’ll be stuff there and it’ll be in the basement, mid floor, third floor. It’s kind of wild how that works out. And sometimes I hear myself and I’m like, I’ve lost it. But I’ve seen it work for so long. It’s longer than it’s 15 years for fun sway with me. Yeah, but I could I could tell stories about this and how it’s worked and it’s sometimes I’m even like, it’s crazy.

Heather Pearce Campbell 45:03
Love it. I bet there are so many stories to tell. Well, I have loved this. I know there’s so much more we can dig into. For folks that are listening with us today candy and whose interest has been piqued? You know, I think that here’s what I think in regards to this topic. I think people can ignore it for a while until they can’t, until they’re like, Oh my gosh, maybe this is the issue or in a massive way is contributing to the issue. I know you’ve got some amazing resources. Where do you show up online? Where would you like folks to connect with you?

Tandy Pryor 45:37
I think the best place to connect is LinkedIn. Okay, awesome. Yeah, it is where you and I connected. Yeah, that’s where we connected. Yeah. And I’m, I’m playing there a lot more now. I love it. Yeah. Yeah, that’s a great. Hey, yeah, they connect with me there. I’ve got that free gift five ways you’re blocking your power.

Heather Pearce Campbell 45:56
Yeah. Tell us about that gift. Five Ways you’re blocking your power. And I will for folks that are listening, go to the show notes page, which you can find legal website warrior comm forward slash podcast, we are going to have all of Candy’s connection links or website but a link to that free gift as well. Tell us about that? Well, yes,

Tandy Pryor 46:15
It’s a lot of the things we’ve talked about. It’s talking about not speaking up. For what you need. It’s about procrastinating sales in your business. That might be one of the ways you’re losing your power to which talks about things clutter. Yeah, that’s another thing. So they’re, they’re all all of those things are addressed in there. And also, if they want one of these, all they have to do is send a message. I love that.

Heather Pearce Campbell 46:40
Yeah, folks that are that are not watching this. If you’re listening to the podcast recording, you won’t see the video she’s holding up a copy of her Bagua map.

Tandy Pryor 46:47
Yes, or I can just give it to you. And you can. Yeah, download.

Heather Pearce Campbell 46:52
Yeah. If you’ve got a link that people can go to in depth on it. That would be really Yeah, I’d like to check that out. Okay, good. Yeah. Awesome. Well, Tandy, I love First of all, that you are bringing all of these areas of expertise to the folks that you’re working with. I mean, everything from your knowledge of Fung Shui, which sounds like it goes deep to, you know, intuitive coaching, sales, business entrepreneur, everything that it takes to be an entrepreneur. It’s a lot.

Tandy Pryor 47:20
Yeah, but it really is a lot. And it takes some I love the Navy, I told you, it has grit in the word. I love grit. We all know the business, you’ve got to have grit.

Heather Pearce Campbell 47:30
Totally. It’s, you know, it’s interesting, because I connected the other day with a woman who has quite a story, actually, her her podcast episode went live today. But she was a single mom on welfare with three kids and you know, was working really hard behind the scenes to try to build an online business and felt like to the outside world came out of nowhere, right, launched a business and made over a million dollars in the first year, year and a half of her business. Wow. And yeah, she’s phenomenal. And she’d been added learning Pinterest learning, Facebook, advertising, learning these little things that all helped her connect the dots and creating and slowly stepping out, you know, this online business. But, you know, she joked, like the the Dodge, or the however you say that phrase, the adage that we all hear around, you know, it takes 10 years to become an overnight success. I mean, in some instances, way longer than that. But she’s like, I’ve been at it for at least 10 years. And you know, the idea that anything can be done, I think, you know, overnight and have results. There are some things but when it comes to business, that’s generally not one of them. It takes really a commitment to your path to build something that’s worth having around for a while.

Tandy Pryor 48:50
Sure, though, in my case, it’s for sure. I’m at the 10 year mark in November turned 60 and 10 years in business.

Heather Pearce Campbell 48:56
Oh, that’s so exciting. Congrats on that on the upcoming 10 years. That’s amazing.

Tandy Pryor 49:01
I love that name. I love the name of your podcast. It’s awesome. Oh, thank you.

Heather Pearce Campbell 49:08
Yeah, it I have fun with words. And so even choosing my initial branding, the legal website where you’re just like just clicked for me and that’s great and great business was it was another one. Yeah, Tandy, what final takeaways like you could it could be action steps takeaways for folks that are listening. What do you want them to either go do or think about right now based on this conversation?

Tandy Pryor 49:33
I think that there are so many gifts in claiming and understanding your physical space and understanding that it is a physical manifestation of your inner world. And when you get that and you begin to use your attention and take action, to have it work with you And for you, it can be life changing.

Heather Pearce Campbell 50:04
Yeah, well, even just thinking that, for me, I’m like, oh, everything in my house is is a physical manifestation of what’s in my inner world. I better go clean this up, right? But it really powerful to think of it that way really, really powerful. Tandy is such a joy to connect with you. Thanks for popping on here for a conversation about your work about this really important and interesting topic, especially for all of all of us right now who are doing any work from home. It’s really, really important.

Tandy Pryor 50:37
Thank you and thank you for having me and for holding the space for us to get together and I can’t wait to listen to the one that came out today. I’m gonna go listen to it tonight. Oh, y’all

Heather Pearce Campbell 50:46
enjoy Yeah, absolutely. Great. Yeah, you Tandy. Thank you again. Thank you.

GGGB Outro 50:55
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